Xylitol: Will our sugar cravings always hold us hostage, or is there really a way to lick the sugar habit successfully? Read More


Lecithin is valuable for optimum assimilation of enzymes and the fat soluble nutrients like A, E, D & K plus Coenzyme Q10 and the enzymatic pigments like carotene, chlorophyll and anthocyanidins (dark purple/blue pycnogenol-like phytonutrients contributory to visual purple, the chemical of night vision). Read More


Benefits of Choline and Inositol are immense Read More

CoQ10: The Other Vitamin

CoQ10: The Other Vitamin Read More

Coenzyme Q10: Who Needs It?

Congestive Heart Disease is a complex medical disease that requires the care and guidance of a competent physician. Read More

Coenzyme Q10: Malignancies, Heart and Immunity

Coenzyme Q10, a vitamin like substance is found primarily in the heart muscle. Like all muscles, the heart muscle needs adequate energy to contract, and Coenzyme Q-10 facilitates the production of that energy. Read More

Coenzyme Q-10

In blood and tissue samples taken from patients suffering from cardiomyopathy, CoQ-10 was found to be deficient in two separate independent studies. Read More

Coenzyme Q10 for Migraines

In addition to migraine prevention, CoQ10 has been found in some, though not all, studies to be effective for treating congestive heart failure. Read More

Scientific References: Plant Extracts

Listed Alphabetically for Your Convenience Read More