Podcast 444: Thyrodine

With Phil Thomas. Thyrodine supports and protects your thyroid gland from radiation, balances hormones, reduces joint pain, strengthens immunity and more… Read More


A vegetable you need, it’s packed with nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and many health benefits… Read More

Potassium Iodide (SSKI)

Helps eliminate fibrocystic breast disease and ovarian cysts, in part by interaction with estrogens… Read More

Iodine Health Benefits

Decreased iodine intake intake with more competing halogens (fluoride, bromide) created epidemic iodine deficiency in America… Read More

Iodine Skin Test

The iodine disappearance rate is unrelated to thyroid disease or even iodine content of the body… Read More

Iodine Deficiency Effects

All glands (thyroid, adrenal, etc.) especially need iodine for the production of hormones. Deficiency increases risk of developing cancer of prostate, ovaries and/and breasts… Read More

Iodine Deficiency Causes

All glands (thyroid, adrenal, etc.) especially need iodine for the production of hormones… Read More

Iodine Dosage

Based on numerous studies, Iodine supplementation is highly recommended… Read More

Iodine Applications

This trace mineral is produced by your body and it’s essential for normal growth and development… Read More

Iodine: Universal Nutrient

We’re just beginning to rediscover the amazing curative powers of iodine… Read More

Iodine Basics

Iodine Basics. Iodine deficiency may lead to hypothyroidism. Plants from the sea are a great source… Read More

Iodine, How Much Do You Need?

Depends on who you ask, but it’s crucial for your thyroid, metabolism and immunity… Read More