Plants: Grains, Nuts and Seeds

All About Tigernuts

Tigernuts, also known as chufa, earth almonds, or nut grass, are nutritious, and naturally gluten free (and of course soy, dairy, and grain free). Read More

Wild Oats

Wild Oats Avena Sativa is believed to free up testosterone in both men and women. Read More

Rice Bran

Tocotrienols in rice bran help in maintaining the anti-inflammatory properties inherent to Vitamin E for those suffering with any type of chronic pain disorder. Read More

Chia Seeds – Worth The Hype?

Chia seeds are very versatile in cooking, especially because they are neutral in flavor so they will not affect the taste at all. Read More

White Chia Seeds

About Chia Seeds Read More

Flax: Breakthrough Cancer Treatment

Though scientists have known for some time that the flax seed hulls have an amazing nutritional profile, they’ve been at a loss as to how to unlock those nutrients Read More

Scientific References: Plant Extracts

Listed Alphabetically for Your Convenience Read More