Why Experts are Silent about Vitamins and Immunity

by W. Gifford-Jones, MD. There are simple, safe, inexpensive, and natural remedies, to build up immunity and decrease the risk of developing viral diseases… Read More

Vitamin K Basics

Essential for blood clotting and bone metabolism, brain, liver and cardiovascular system… Read More

Vitamin B Explained

This group of water-soluble vitamins is essential to convert protein, carbs and fats from food into energy. It enables healthy hair, skin, nails, eyes and mucus membranes. Helps red blood cell production, good digestion, and production of hormones… Read More

Vitamin C Introduction

Necessary for collagen production, iron absorption, good immunity, wound repair, and maintenance of cartilage, bones and teeth… Read More

Vitamin B1 for Dog’s Bad Hips

Degenerative Myelopathy successfully treated with mega doses of vitamin B1 (thiamine). This stopped the myelin sheath from further deterioration. The dog now has the ability to wag his tail… Read More

Cytokine Storm

Cytokine storm has been recognized as the key pathology responsible for severe symptoms of Covid-19, other viruses and non-viral agents… Read More

All About Liposomes

Liposomes protect nutrients from harsh stomach conditions, to be delivered where they’re needed most… Read More

Get Your Vitamin C from THE Source

By Jorge Urena, Founder, President and CEO of UHTCO Corporation. This berry from a shrub is exceptionally high in Vitamin C, about fifty times more than oranges. By far more than any other fruit or vegetable. And whole food sources are always absorbed more efficiently… Read More

Water Soluble Vitamins – Part 2: Vitamin B

This family of nine different compounds are important for cellular metabolism, methylation, energy, and immunity. It’s important to consume and absorb all of the different B Vitamins because each of them is needed for a specific reason. Read More

Water Soluble Vitamins- Part 1: Vitamin C

Even though deficiencies in water soluble vitamins are less common than deficiencies in fat soluble vitamins, it is possible to not have enough of these important nutrients, which can cause all sorts of problems in your body. And you can overdose, especially when supplementing without prior research or testing. Read More

Fat Soluble Vitamins – Part 2

Vitamin E protects the body against rancid fatty acids. Vitamin K2 plays a major role in preventing metabolic diseases. Read More

Fat Soluble Vitamins – Part 1

Vitamin A and D help to regulate the immune system and are required to keep our metabolism, heart, and brain healthy. Read More