Water Treatments

Chloraminated Water

Cities are manipulating test results for lead in water, violating federal law and putting millions of Americans at risk… Read More

Water Science

Understanding the mysterious properties of water from a scientific perspective… Read More

Water Quality: Nutrients vs Contaminants

Information about your drinking water, especially regarding minerals and trace elements… Read More

Structure of Liquid Water (pdf)

The Structure Of Liquid Water, Novel Insights From Materials Research, Potential Relevance To Homeopathy… Read More

Water Contamination Solutions

Boiling contaminated water is not very convenient. We have many other easy ways to purify your water… Read More

Tap Water Dangers

Every chemical we use eventually gets into the water we drink. There’s no new water, just recycled… Read More

Water Magnetization

Biomagnetic Hydrology: the interactive effects of two forces of natural energy… Read More

Ancient Rejuvenation Technology

Replica of ancient technology accumulates life force and transfers it to water for pain relief, more energy and clear thinking… Read More

Energized Water Interesting Features

One of the simplest and valuable change one can make is to improve water quality and hydration… Read More

Reverse Osmosis and Distilled Water

Reverse osmosis was developed primarily to desalinate seawater. Distilled water separates contaminants commonly found in ground and surface water… Read More

Vortex Water Energizing

All water naturally comes from mountains, down and around rocks, creating natural vortices that really energize it… Read More

Ionized Water vs. Bottled Water

Bottled water is not as healthy as many believe, and tons of plastic bottles end up in landfills… Read More