The Catuaba is a vigorous, medium-sized, yellow to orange, flowering tree, producing small, inedible fruits. A favorite tea is made from the bark. Like Tomato is to the Nightshade family, Catuaba is to the Erythroxylaceae clan, but unlike some of the other “less civilized” plants to which it is kin, it contains no cocaine activity. It does, however, contain a wonderfully innocent, yet highly fascinating, phytochemistry of a unique bitter substance with Aromatic Oils, plus Phytosterols, Cyclolignans, and a Brazilian-named phytonutrient named Ioimbina.

This is the one herb that has actually inspired the indigenous Amazonians to compose many songs about its wonders. Thus it has become the most popular Amazonia aphrodisia, and is used generously without any ill effects whatsoever.

This herb especially wakes up the male organs, but is also highly regarded as having a similar effect for women. In addition to these physiological effects, it also seems to reawaken the sexual visualization centers in the brain, resulting in renewal of middle-of-the-night “honeymooner” amorousness. There is thought to be a connection between the activation of this phenomenon and one’s left-brain-right-brain communication and creative potential.

Japanese scientists were amazed to discover that Catuaba effectively protected mice from lethal infections of E.coli and Staph. Further research hinted at an ability to help the body stun viruses, fortify cell walls against viruses, and enhance the potential to early – awaken immune response to viruses and opportunistic infections.

While Peruvian doctors use Catuaba clinically for skin cancer, the Brazilian doctors and researchers are keen on it for a wide variety of values. Some use it to restore and enhance sexual function. Others there use it in cases of general exhaustion and fatigue. Yet others use it against neurasthenia and for easing insomnia, or to enhance memory. It is also employed where there is hypochondria. And, most importantly, there is no evidence of side effects, thus permitting Catuaba for long-term use. Once you experience it you will discover why that is such great news.

Author: Life Enthusiast Staff