Cellular Vitality and Magnesium Gel

Many people know about the importance of calcium to good health, but these same people when questioned probably wont be able to tell you much about magnesium. This is too bad, since magnesium is just as essential as calcium. Magnesium is one of the most important minerals for cellular health. Magnesium soothes the sympathetic nervous system, allowing for deeper, proper rest and greatly aids the body in producing amino acids which help every chemical reaction that takes place in the body.

Ensuring your body has enough magnesium also means your body’s cellular regeneration will be strengthened, allowing you to recover from injury and illness quicker than you ever thought possible. It is so important that our cells work in harmony since we are nothing more than a complex association of cells. If our cells are working harmoniously together, then we will also be vibrant and healthy. By returning to the single cell we ensure that we are not cutting corners and we can build our health from the ground up.

Since magnesium acts as a laxative when taken orally, Id like to tell you about one of our finest products that can help your cells get the magnesium they need. This product is our Magnesium Gel, designed to leave your skin hydrated and feeling great. It is a complete body and hair product and can counteract signs of aging by restoring lost minerals. The product has many uses and often can take the place of current hair or skin care product.

By adding this product to your moisturizer, shampoo, shaving cream or whatever else you will ensure your body gets the minerals it needs. We add all-natural seaweed extract to the gel to give you additional trace minerals from the sea. This extract is also great pulling radioactive toxins from the body, allowing their natural counterparts to fill in. In the end it doesn’t really matter how you use this product; there is no lack of uses. What is important is that your body is able to absorb this vital magnesium through the permeable membrane that is your skin, restoring vitality to your cells and you.

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Author: Martin Pytela