Changing our Lives Vibrationally

Are you aware that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience? Do you have the sense and knowing that you are directing the body to do what you want through your intentions?

If you are not quite sure yet, consider watching What The Bleep Do We Know? It is one the more inspirational movies out there. I have been interested in how we can change our consciousness and make our lives better through nutrition for a long time. Proper nutrition should hold the same importance in peoples lives as meditation, religion and spirituality.

One of the best products in the area of emotional clearing we found is called The Gift. The Gift is formulated with special trace minerals that can store and release vibrational information, essentially consciousness itself. The product is formatted to concern itself with two basic questions that We all ask ourselves: Am I safe? and Do I have enough?

They both affect how we interact with our world will you see the world as safe, or as hostile? Will you nurture, co-operate and collaborate with others? Will you see them as competitors? Is your glass half full, or is it half empty?

I imagine that most billionaires have big problems with these fears they must feel like they do not have enough no matter what they have achieved. What a treadmill to be on!

Author: Life Enthusiast