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Choline is Inositol’s twin and is just as important.

Without it, the fats in your body collect in unattractive and dangerously large lumps – in your liver, under your skin (hips, thighs and under your eyes) and most dangerously in your blood vessels. Stuck in limbo, these potentially useful fats start to rot chemically (not smelling too nice in the process – much to the profits of perfume and deodorant sellers) and produce overwhelming amounts of free radical toxins trying to impregnate and destroy every cell of your body with the cancer command. Ultimately, cellular antioxidant defenses are overrun in at least one of your 100 trillion cells, and just one weak cell giving-in is all it takes, and cancer is off and running.

Choline is the reinforcing component of every cell wall. Without enough of it a cell will become highly promiscuous and welcome every stray toxin and virus. Once past the gatekeepers, the virus demons freely take over the inside of the cell. Your genetic plan is unplugged and the viral programming hijacks the operation of that cell. It becomes possessed by the virus and is then used against the rest of your body – used to breed a vast army of viral invaders. Choline is the closest thing you will find to a guarantee that your cells will remain YOUR cells. Perhaps the most instantly perceivable benefit of Choline is its tremendous contribution to your thought processes. It literally is the raw material your body uses to make the chemical stuff (acetylcholine) from which thought is created.

Every thought you think uses-up Choline. A thought impulse travels electrically from one far end of a brain cell or nerve cell to the other. At that point the signal stops and has to jump aboard a disposable chemical ferry to be carried across the synapse gap to the connecting cell on the other side. There it resumes its electrical form, and so on and so on, like a complex relay race. Your electrical impulses will only get across the gap when there is a chemical ferry there to take them. It is sort of like the telegraph lines don’t cross the harbor. They have to be hand carried on these molecular boats. So if there is no boat available, the signal fades. By the time the next boat arrives, the idea has literally evaporated like light from a light bulb shut off – it doesn’t hang around the room very long.

Having an abundance of Choline in your brain feels a little like having caffeine, except you get even faster and more sustained keenness with far better concentration and without the jitters. The potential I.Q. yield from Choline/Lecithin has been measured at around two letter grades, and 10 full IQ points – the difference between someone who is merely bright and someone who is a sheer genius – or between someone who is seen as becoming a little bit senile and someone who is regarded as being remarkably as keen-minded as they were 20 years before!

Caffeine (just like cocaine) is a non-nutritional drug that contributes no natural-landscape raw materials. They both work by slave-whipping limited supplies of Choline (being held in safety-priority-reserve) into a frenzy, to be forcefully converted to acetylcholine so more thought can be carried more quickly. Eventually, you must consume more and more of the drug just to feel and function normally. By the end of the day you feel wrung out and abused. Even the quality of such thinking (though granted there is usually a lot of it) could be called into question – unless of course you are willing to take the position that thoughts generated by addictive drugs are capable of evaluating their own value. They may be fast and abundant, but may not reflect a genuine depth of wisdom.

Choline approaches the holy grail of enhanced memory, perception and intelligence from a different method. Instead of beating an exhausted horse, Choline floods the brain cells with ready resources for making a superabundance of natural little acetylcholine shuttles busy ferrying thoughts all over the place. Old memories sharpen. Dreams upgrade from black and white to color. Daytime senses develop a richer depth – particularly during sex. Anxiety is converted to strategy, and insomnia into restful sleep and a broader working vocabulary. No drug will ever replace nor surpass the potential of Choline, because Choline is at the structural core of thought itself. And by far the best way to potentiate Choline is to make sure you have plenty of it instead of going on little Viking raids to steal it from other brain uses like membrane structure. No matter how much caffeine you take, ultimately you are limited by your brain’s own available supply of Choline.

Remember, the brain cells you have now are the exact same ones you were born with. They are all you will have to carry your mind – and are the sole vehicle through which to manifest your spirit until your last moment. Is it really worth abusing them for a quick dash of thought from a coffee pot – especially when even more of an advantage is yours for the taking – safely – and nutritionally? Your body has a tremendously varied list of uses for Choline. As a component of Lecithin it forms a large percentage of semen bulk. It also is used-up in the elimination of lactic acid (muscle soreness) generated during physical activity. Your various uses compete for limited supplies.

Author: Life Enthusiast