Chronic Pain Solutions

No Bandaids Here ~ We Help You Eliminate the CAUSE!

Chronic pain solutions don’t come from pain killers. They won’t eliminate the cause of your pain. You will probably stop feeling those pains, but there’s usually a price for the un-natural “bandaid” – sooner or later, some unwanted side effect can show up.

At Life-Enthusiast we focus on prevention of pain and disease.

If you already have them, let’s discover the source, and dig you out of that trouble.

  • Perhaps your biggest health troubles stem from lack of good-enough nutrition?
  • Maybe you don’t have a bowel movement ever day?
  • Don’t like exercise and have a sedentary life?

Most degenerative diseases take years of poor nutrition (and lifestyle) to develop. They are like the proverbial iceberg – symptoms are just the tip. Most of the problem is hidden.

When your body gets its required nutrients, it can clean, repair and maintain itself. It’s very important to find your specific Metabolic Type. This determines what foods contribute to your health. And which foods take away your well being.

We have natural solutions for every body type. Like we’ve already said – no Band-Aid solutions here – we strive to eliminate the cause of your pain.

Two Biggest Enemies of Your Health and Vitality

  1. Poor nutrient absorption
  2. Insufficient toxin elimination.

Or, the absence of nutrients and presence of toxins.

We have many Superfood Blends to amp-up your nutrients.

Degenerative disease can easily thrive if you hold onto toxic waste. Take a look at the many ways we have to Cleanse and Detoxify efficiently.

Factors that affect your toxic load:

  1. What you put in your body (food, drink, drugs)
  2. On your body (soaps, lotions, makeup, clothes)
  3. And around your body (pollution, electro-smog from all things electric, negative people).

Chronic pain solutions are well known, but since they are not patented or patentable to guarantee large profits, they receive minimal research funding. Many mainstream healthcare providers are beginning to acknowledging the many natural chronic pain solutions to prevent or cure chronic degenerative diseases.

Nutrition is certainly the most important – and often misunderstood – aspect of your health. In case you don’t know this already, you may very well be digging your grave with the food you eat – or the fresh, healthy food you DON’T eat.

When you eat food bought in your grocery store or cooked in a fast food restaurant, you are eating food stripped of nutrients AND filled with toxins. You can never eat enough to feel nourished. So you eat. You consume lots of calories, but not enough nutrients. Your body screams for more. This is the recipe for gaining weight and keeping it on!

Your body is designed to maintain homeostasis – a dynamic balance of inputs and outputs. Intake of nutrients and output of life, energy and health. This balance is strongly influenced by what you eat and drink, exercise, cleanse, rest, and also how you think and feel. If we were able to maintain the optimal balance, we would probably live 150 years and depart when we’d had enough – still remarkably healthy.

People are malnourished and toxic…
that’s how they get very sick, painful movements, and eventually die.

Many doctors’ entire belief system about health and illness – its causes and cures – is based on the wrong premise that a return to health comes from without, rather than from within. As if lack of health could be caused by lack of some concentrated pharmaceutical. Could a headache be from a lack of ibuprofen? Of course not. We evolved in the natural outdoors and that’s where our chronic pain solutions can be found.

Prevention Is Possible – We Can Show You How

At Life Enthusiast, we gather and present information, and provide effective products that bypass the pharmaceutical and medical people’s financial interests, and focus on long term results. Real Chronic Pain Solutions.

Please take a look at our website for your specific Health Concerns.
We outline and explain strategies to deal with degenerative diseases that include so many.

Degenerative diseases are largely caused by your lifestyle. We start out in life feeling indestructible – at least that’s how I remember my teens and twenties. It’s amazing – just how much abuse your body is able to withstand! Preserved food, junk food, alcohol, tobacco, artificial sweeteners, food coloring, environmental pollution, pesticides, pseudo-estrogens from petrochemicals, and so on.

Eventually this will catch up to you, and one of them becomes the proverbial “straw that broke the camel’s back”. You become one big load of toxins, sinking into degenerative diseases.

Please understand just how much control you have over your own health, and the quality of life you will be experiencing when you reach advanced age.

Just because we can live longer with drugs and their side-effects, or plugged into all kinds of machines, does not mean that we have extended our life span. Alive and living are not necessarily the same thing, are they?

Most people suffer a major health reversal sometime in their forties, and by the time they reach their fifties, the serious damage becomes readily noticeable. Are you familiar with the iceberg metaphor? The part you see above water is only 10% of its total mass.

I’d like to share my favorite parable with you…
“Think of your capacity to health repair as if it were a body of water behind a dam. As the water level starts going down because of leaks from damage to the dam, more and more of the previously covered terrain becomes exposed. Pretty soon you start seeing the tree stumps and rocks that the lake covered. And later you can see the old discarded cars, tires, and other garbage that someone left behind. If we fix the leaks in the dam, the lake will start filling up again, covering up all of the problems left on the bottom. Our little boat can float on the surface without scraping over the debris left behind.”

In much the same way, when you truly take care of yourself with a well-rounded healthy lifestyle, virtually any degenerative disease that was troubling you can be “miraculously” reversed without pharmaceutical poisons, surgery or radiation.

Just as some foods are better than others, so are some supplements. Not all supplements are created equal. We seek out “best-in-class” products, focusing on quality. We work with small companies who’s profit is not the only criteria for measuring success. Our suppliers still believe in serving their fellow man with quality products.

Let us help you return to pain free health.

Author: Ann-Louise Evanoff with Martin Pytela