Eating Habits and Cleansing

Health experts say that 90% of all problems in our bodies are related to an unclean colon. Accumulated over the years, a person can store between 5 to 25 POUNDS of waste in their gut. This waste buildup can cause bacteria and toxins to spread throughout your body, and this poisonous effect will hinder nutrient absorption. “The diet of the average North American consists of food that is over processed, low in fiber, and high in refined sugar. We also consume large amounts of red meat, dairy products, and wheat. According to a 1977 Journal of American Medical Association article, this kind of diet results in fewer “friendly” bacteria in the intestinal tract. Furthermore, many of us eat too much, too often, and we mix too many different kinds of food at the same meal. These and other factors can cause a thick coat of mucus and impacted food residue, which combines to form on the walls of the large intestine.

Not only does this encrusted matter contribute to further dysfunction of the colon, but, according to Bernard Jansen, D.C., in his boldly illustrated book, “Dr. Jensen’s Guide to Better Bowel Care“, disease actually begins here because toxins are absorbed to cause malnutrition of our body cells while absorption of nutrients is prevented. Candida albicans, a normal inhabitant of a healthy colon, prefers to live in this toxic filth where it is warm, putrid, and lacking in oxygen. Consequently, this family of yeast does well in most colons. In many cases, as noted in “The Yeast Syndrome” by Trowbridge and Walker, they become so prolific that they escape the confines of the intestinal tract and cause havoc throughout the rest of the body. According to a research pioneer, C. Orian Truss, MD, in a paper published in a 1978 issue of The Journal of Orthomolecular Psychiatry, Candida albicans proliferates in the intestines because of several factors, including stress, lowered immune system, antibiotic overuse, oral contraceptives, and use of cortisone or prednisone.

It can change from the harmless noninvasive, sugar fermenting yeast like organism to the mycelial, or fungal, form with long, root like structures that can penetrate the membrane lining of the digestive tract. If an individual can restore proper colon hygiene, the Candida will, instead, retreat to their former subdued state. Dr. David Soil, a University of Iowa biologist reported in a 1985 Science magazine article that Candida albicans is capable of changing from benign to virulent and change back to benign. In many cases, when the Candida returns to the benign form, the immune system will clear Candida from the rest of the body. Without paying close attention to the restoration of proper colon cleanliness, the immune system will be forced to continually battle Candida and its toxins. So a clean colon is essential in the battle against Candida, and the accumulation of filth here can be decreased, if not eliminated, with proper dietary modifications.

First, adopt these rules:

  1. Eliminate refined sugar and refined, bleached, chemically treated flour;
  2. Eliminate meats treated with synthetic hormones or chemicals;
  3. Eliminate hydrogenated fats (such as that which exists in peanut butter, baked goods, margarine, etc.);
  4. Reduce fats (use those rich in Omega-3 -fish and olive oils);
  5. Eat fresh and raw vegetables (40% vegetables, 30% fruit, 20% complex carbohydrates, and 10% protein.
  6. Eat nothing unless it will spoil or rot, but eat it before it does so.
  7. At the grocery store, shop at the outer fringes of the building, avoiding canned, packaged products.
  8. Exercise regularly.

Next, eliminate colon toxicity. Colon Cleansing promotes Good Health. We all have only one Life, so we need to take care of ourselves and do a Colon Cleanse, and start practicing healthy habits. Get rid of all the toxins that are inside your colon that are causing your body not to perform as it should! I know this is a subject that you don’t hear much about. But, what if no one talks about it? More people have problems with their colon than most people realize. A person can store between 5 to 25 POUNDS of waste accumulated over the years in their colon. John Wayne is one example of a person who had 25 pounds of waste inside at the time of his death.

Waste build up can cause bacteria and toxins to spread throughout the body. Besides the poisonous effect this has on your body, waste build up hinders nutrient absorption your body so badly needs. Did you know that some health experts say that 90% of all problems in our bodies are related to an unclean colon? By not eating healthy foods, and not exercising on a regular basis, our system has a tough time digesting foods properly. If your digestive system is not working properly, it also makes it very hard to have a bowel movement. For a system to be “regular”, it should produce 2-3 bowel movements a day, shortly after each meal.

Internal cleansing is more important than external cleansing. The Regeneration System and Colon Cleansing System is an all natural, safe way to keep your system clean and healthy. Many people shy away from colon cleansers because they’re afraid they’ll have an inconvenient laxative effect. But this product is NOT a laxative. It’s herbal ingredients work gently together to simply aid in the digestion of your food and to cleanse the colon of stored waste. You will not have that urge to go and look frantically around for a bathroom. It is all very natural! Keeping your system clean leads to a lifetime of better health.

Author: Life Enthusiast Staff