Common Cancer Causes

There is no one single cause of any disease. We can only talk about co-factors, causative agents and life situations that like pieces of a puzzle come together and promote the disease of cancer. There are hundreds of co-factors and causative agents that each have causal relationship to poor immunity, poor health, accumulation of toxins inside the body, poor thoughts; and each one have been mistakenly called the cause of cancer. Most important cofactors are lack of knowledge, poor thoughts, lack of consciousness, lifestyle, diet, exposure to toxins, life situations…

We are only able to recognize the largest pieces of this puzzle, while some smaller pieces, that all together may cover an area as big as that area covered by the large pieces of the cancer puzzle, will often remain unrecognized. Our body, mind and spirit are one with our environment. Anything that disturbs balance inside our body, mind, spirit, or our relationship with our environment promotes cancer.

“The cause of cancer is clear: poor diet, lifestyle and poor mental attitude result in toxic buildup which overloads the self-cleansing mechanism. Cancer is the manifestation of long term nutritional and environmental irritation, resulting in cellular oxygen starvation, leading to uncontrolled cell replication. It is often triggered by psychological causes inducing immune system collapse.” ~ Saul Pressman

“Every interference or intervention which disturbs man’s biological-dynamic balance, his place in the cosmic scheme of things, in the dipolar field current of Electro-magnetic powers which surrounds the world, and its creatures, and which govern the entire cosmos, every interference with these far reaching relationships, promotes the disease of cancer.” ~ Johanna Budwig, Ph.D.

Lifestyle Choices Affect Your Health


Bad Food Choices Better Choices
margarine and other hydrogenated fats, refined light vegetable oils EFA – essential fatty acids virgin olive oil, coconut oil, butter
refined salt, industrial table salt MSG – monosodium glutamate natural salt
food additives refined sugar, starch, flour, alcohol whole foods stevia
junk foods (hamburgers, pizza, hot dog, nachos, ) fried, smoked food living foods, sprouts, salads
enzyme depleted dead “foods” enzyme supplements
mineral depleted produce mineral supplements
soft drinks, sugar, aspartame, coffee and chocolate, chlorinated water structured water
pesticides, industrial carcinogens, hormones organic foods
antibiotics colloidal silver
Author: Life Enthusiast