Compare Exsula to Other Brands

Take note of the generous levels of the assured potency antioxidant and adaptogenic herbal extracts. Can you explain to me why I should consider Exsula over some of the other products on the market? Exsula SuperFoods are the only multivitamin and mineral supplements that are also SuperFood blends. Generally, the vitamin supplements ignore enzymes and Superfoods – And all of the Superfood blends that have popped up in the shadow of Exsula ignore meaningful amounts of vitamins and minerals. This strikes me sort of as selling your car so you can buy gasoline to get to work. Don’t you agree that the best “Superfood” really should combine both vitamins and Superfoods?

Compared to Brand – X, each serving of Exsula contains 60 mg of genuine Coenzyme Q10, over 5 times the carotene from Dunaliella, 300 times the vitamin C, over 140 times the vitamin E, at least 100 times the TEA, 35 times the vitamin D, over 10 times the iron, 60 times the Germanium, 100 times the chromium, 160 times the B1, 135 times the B2, 55 times the Niacin, 75 times the B5, 300 times the B6 and 3 times the B12! -PLUS Kamut, Garlic, Alfalfa, Digestive Enzymes, Klamath Algae, low-temp bioactive Dahlia Inulin, Aloe Vera Juice, Suma, Siberian Ginseng, Milk Thistle, Echinacea, Ginkgo Biloba, Astragalus, Grapefruit Seed Extract etc., etc., that Brand – X doesn’t even have!

With hundreds of components, Exsula products contain many times more ingredients than its copies – Translated: Compare the “per serving” costs, and compare the available nutrients. Pay attention to details. Our products are supremely absorbable. All of the Exsula ingredients are 100% plant-life-sourced for use by vegetarians. They are organic and/or wildcrafted as available. These are superb plant cell concentrates that are truly natural in source. As opposed to the so-called “natural” synthesized (not food-grown or life-produced) chemical vitamin and ground-up-rock mineral preparations common on the market. As far as I am concerned, putting chemical vitamins with a pinch of acerola or a pinch of herbs doesn’t qualify the vitamins as “natural”.

In my opinion, only 100% plant-life-produced vitamins and minerals are in the fully available natural form cells will utilize to be their best. In addition to the best in life-grown nutrients, the herbs we use are not merely ground up roots and leaves. We have selected the royalty of the herbal kingdom. The character of these herbs is adaptogenic and antioxidant. They and their functional synergists are concentrated to as much as 100 times their availability from the raw plant. Adaptogens are plant-produced nutrient complexes that provide special resources cells use to adapt and meet stressful challenges in environment. Cells sacrifice antioxidants to destroy toxic free-radical molecules that would otherwise tear up cellular material and accelerate the aging process. We achieve a known level of adaptogen and antioxidant performance from every hatch.

These assured potency extracts have raw material costs of 10 to 100 times that of the raw fruit, roots, bark or leaves. We have avoided a hodge-podge of medicinal herbs, and perhaps conflicting types, from the hundreds of herbs possible. We have focused only on those demonstrated to be effective adaptogens and antioxidants. Instead of using plants like drugs to alter normal function, our philosophy is that the best medicine is your positive mind working in concert with cellular wisdom and live-food resources to simply construct the you that your Creator intended you to be. The result of our balanced support approach is a symphony orchestra of hundreds of enzymes, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients blending in perfect harmony. There simply is no finer cellular food than the original Exsula Gold and certainly there is no better value at any price.

Exsula is the best! And you do deserve the best!

Pure Coenzyme Q-10

Note that our Coenzyme Q10 content is expressed as milligrams of actual 99.97% pure coenzyme Q10 per serving. Some products express it as total milligrams of ingredients containing Q10 (including an undisclosed percentage of other material). Please understand how important this is because of how vital Q10 energy is for certain individuals. Pure Q10 is expensive. Be wary of “bargain” products claiming to contain extraordinary levels of Q10 at impossibly low prices. Pure Q10 is a brilliant fluorescent orange color like that of the heads of the people on the Exsula label.

Life-Grown Nutrients

Exsula nutrients are 100% plant-life originated. These are food concentrates – not synthetic isolates. More and more scientists are beginning to recognize the importance of life-form nutrients and their synergistic context in food concentrates. The life-produced form results in better assimilation, higher blood levels, longer nutrient retention time and most importantly, increased nutrient activity in each cell. This provides results you can see and feel.

“500 Chips For A Dollar”

Pay close attention to bottle weight and serving size. A smaller bottle with a lower price or claims of an inflated number of servings per bottle deserves close scrutiny. This is sort of like crushing one bag of potato chips and then claiming it has more chips and a lower cost per chip than the competitor’s bag of chips.

If A Little Is Good, Even Less May Be Better

It is important to make the transition to more complex formulas slowly. Exsula SuperFoods contain very powerful levels of papaya enzymes and other digestive enzymes. These give your body what it needs to remove debris from between the cells. Protein strands accumulate around cells as the result of salt, sugar and protein in the diet combined with a lack of exercise and not enough fresh raw foods. These strands can suffocate the cells like glued string wrapped around a balloon.

Then Increase To Optimize

It is wise to begin this particular type of cleansing process slowly and increase Exsula Gold consumption gradually by only a quarter teaspoonful per day while drinking plenty of distilled water. Eventually, you may work up to 2 or 3 times the daily serving level as your budget and desire for optimization may allow.

Remember, your body deserves the best – Exsula

Author: Life Enthusiast Staff