Copper, Iodine and Strontium

“Since 1945, atmospheric bomb tests have released into our atmosphere and deposited into the soil a fallout mass equivalent to that from 40,000 Hiroshima-size blasts.” – Jay M. Gould, Epidemiologist, former member of the EPA Science Advisory Board and current Head of the Nonprofit Radiation and Public Health Project. (He attributes 20 million premature deaths this century in America alone to radioactive iodine and strontium. Iodine and Strontium are extraordinarily valuable nutrients serving many essential systems of your body including protection of life-energy creating systems within your cells. Their evil twins (radioactive iodine and radioactive strontium 90) are competing with their beneficial nutrient counterpart for “parking spaces” in your body.

It is all-important that you have every available space filled with the beneficial form so the radioactive form has no place to park – so they move on through – and so you have plenty of the beneficial forms for a long and joyous life. Prior to the 1940’s, the evil twins of radioactive iodine and radioactive strontium 90 were never before found in nature. They are released into the environment by nuclear bombs and even “routine” operation of nuclear power. Countless experiments and the events at Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Chernobyl absolutely document their adverse effects on human hormonal systems and immune systems, and their interference with normal replication of human cells.


It is 1986 and the Chernobyl nuclear power plant has just blown. Medical authorities in over a dozen Northeastern European countries (a land mass and population as big as the continental USA) scramble to locate and distribute kelp tablets and iodine supplements to their entire populations. Their goal? To quickly get enough iodine distributed to optimize everyone’s non-radioactive iodine intake and thus minimize their retention of deadly radioactive iodine. If this action were not taken quickly enough, the toll in cancers, immune failures and birth defects would have been even more staggering than it was.

Here is how it works. New supplies of the mineral iodine enter your body every day in foods you eat. Your body excretes iodine in your urine at about the same rate as you get new iodine. If you eat seafood regularly you probably get good levels of iodine. Since most soil is lacking iodine, inland populations and non-seafood eaters must rely upon iodized salt as their primary source of iodine. Many people have cut way back on processed foods (high in iodized salt) while also cutting back on iodized table salt.

Some people have converted to using sea salt to avoid the sodium silicoaluminate (aluminum) added to iodized table salt as a free-pouring agent. (Metallic aluminum intake has been associated with Alzheimer’s disease.) Since iodine levels in sea salt are actually rather minimal, iodine intake for many people is way down. Any life-created iodine you consume is warmly greeted and put to work right away as thyroid hormones essential for energy, metabolism and burning off excess fat. Your mental function, including your ability to concentrate, your memory and your ability to speak are iodine dependent, as are growth and development, along with healthy teeth, nails, hair and skin.

The Iodine and Copper Connection

Copper is required for utilization of iodine. For Americans, Copper intake is all over the charts. Depending upon diet, you may have abundance one week and a serious deficiency the next. This has many implications worthy of a separate article. Here it is important because of its relationship to how someone supplementing with iodine may not be getting consistent utilization of it. This is due to fluctuating availability of dietary bio-useful Copper.

Exsula SuperFoods supply 100% of your daily need for Copper.

Until recently (and still continuing), the official assumption by many doctors has been that “we get plenty of copper by drinking water from our home plumbing systems’ copper pipes.” What if you live in an older home with steel pipes or a newer home with plastic pipes? Is copper from pipes a good supplement to replace declining dietary copper? In fact, newer research has shown that while some of us do get copper from copper pipes, it is in a crude poorly utilized form, and even when you get plenty of it, your body can still be showing signs of suffering for copper.

Iodine and Longevity

Every moment of your life new protein must be synthesized to replace protein structures that are wearing out. Iodine is an essential link in this chain of construction. Without it, new, youthful construction slows down and falls behind the rate of erosion and signs of “aging” appear.

Iodine and Your Heart

Cholesterol is a building block of hormones. When iodine intake is marginal, an error in fat metabolism occurs. Cholesterol goes underutilized and begins to collect in the arteries, while youthful hormone production is impeded.

Signs of a Low Iodine Diet

Since iodine directly or indirectly relates to nearly every system in the body, the signs of possible deficiencies are just as far flung. These can range from hair loss to cramps, to low sex drive, and from hand tremors to muscle weakness and insomnia. Of course these symptoms may be due to other equally serious situations and should therefore be the subject of a conversation with your health professional.

Toxicity of the Drug Iodine

According to Nutrition Almanac, there have been no reported cases of toxicity from over-consumption of natural sources of iodine such as kelp. However, even in tiny milligram amounts, chemical isolate iodine prepared as a supplement, drug or medicine can result in serious symptoms of overdose, disrupting the essential thyroid hormone activity it is intended to foster. Here again is a prime example of how the body was designed to operate whole food nutrients rather than so-called “natural” minerals from the chemical factories.

Non-radioactive Iodine Crowds Out Dangerous Radioactive Iodine

Since iodine is always coming and going in your body, it is vital you have a plentiful supply of life-created iodine to fill your body’s needs. Otherwise, if a molecule of radioactive iodine shows up, it may just end up staying awhile in a part of your body where you don’t want it. Exsula provides several sources of non-radioactive iodine, all of it supplied in natural, whole foods that your body requires.


You have in your body 30 times more strontium than iodine -and the same principles apply. Yet as far as radiation is concerned, how you deal with strontium may be even more important than how you deal with iodine. From the first year virgin soils are plowed, and the first crops are harvested, each crop removes some of the valuable, limited supplies of strontium. Our foods deliver ever-decreasing amounts of beneficial strontium. Typical farming (even organic) does little or nothing to replenish soil reserves of strontium.

Most farm soil has been pillaged of minerals for decades. Since the 1940’s, the strontium starved farm soil of planet Earth has been “snowed” upon by the radioactive strontium 90 fallout dust equivalent of 40,000 Hiroshima-sized blasts. This began to increase (from zero) the ratios of radioactive strontium 90 to beneficial strontium. In growing plants, this radioactive strontium 90 is readily incorporated and then delivered to us in our foods. Livestock diets also contain strontium 90 and therefore supply it in meat products too.

Nutritional Importance Of Strontium

Confusion over radioactive strontium 90 gave nutritional strontium a bad name in the 40’s, 50’s and early 60’s when the food companies were sorting out the “really important nutrients” for the side panels of their cereal boxes and vitamin supplements. For as obviously important as strontium is, there is an incredible void of research where strontium should have been studied and recognized as useful, and as essential on a par with vitamin C and zinc!

Strontium, Bones & Teeth

Strontium is similar to calcium and works synergistically with calcium to build strong healthy bones and teeth. Yet the mainstream response to the national plague of osteoporosis, and teeth being leached of calcium, is to supplement with difficult to utilize dairy calcium and nonfood forms of calcium – or worse yet, strontium-90-loaded bone meal. A little beneficial strontium would go a long way to tip the balance and help stabilize bone calcium.

Strontium And Longevity

Doctors studying strontium report it to be protective of life-energy producing structures in your cells. Without enough strontium as you age, your energy levels will decline faster than need be. Plentiful strontium helps assure plentiful energy.

Where To Get Strontium?

The mineral strontium is thinly scattered throughout the food supply at the rate of only 26 parts per million in land plants and half that in land animals. Studies by Dr. Skoryna, Director of medical research at St. Mary’s Hospital in Montreal, suggest that dietary quantities are insufficient for health. Marine plants and animals are a superior source supplying 10 to 50 times as much strontium as land plants and animals. But few people in North America eat enough sea plants or sea foods to make a meaningful impact on their ongoing dietary deficiency. This leaves them vulnerable to radioactive strontium 90 uptake and loading.

Strontium 90 Undoes Your Immune System

Most of the strontium (good or bad) in your body resides in your bones, wrapping your bone marrow – the prime factory of your immune system’s cells. On a molecular level, radioactive strontium 90 lodged in your bones is irradiating (deactivating) your immune cells. Your marrow goes to all of the work of creating the immune cells, but then the strontium 90 radiation hits them, gets them “radiation drunk” and “ties their shoelaces together.” Thus they are not much of a deterrent to opportunistic parasites, yeasts, molds, bacteria or viruses. A few of these retarded immune cells may go around bumping into things but not really get the job done.

Who Is Most Likely To Experience Effects Of Radioactive Strontium 90?

Anyone who was born or raised during the 40’s, 50’s and early 60’s is most at risk. Their bones were formed from foods grown when radioactive fallout from above ground nuclear testing was at peak levels. These are the same people who are dealing with immune deficiency diseases and breast cancer, for example, way early, between the relatively young ages of 30 and 45.

Protect Yourself From Radioactive Strontium

We are talking a sort of glacial-style momentum here, so there are few overnight changes possible. The strontium 90 molecules currently in your bones and teeth have taken as long as your lifetime to accumulate. Minerals in cells of your body may come and go on a daily or weekly timetable. As old cells are dissolved, your body has an opportunity to dispose of old mineral molecules and replace them with new ones. There is a lot of recycling going on here. A good percentage of old resources are restructured into new uses elsewhere in the body.

The intermixing during this process can mean it takes a very long time to actually get rid of certain undesirable minerals such as cadmium, lead, mercury and radioactive strontium 90. Distilled and Energized water is a sort of catalytic cleaner or detergent helping accelerate the cleansing and restructuring process. But you’ve got to have plenty of good new resources to replace the old ones being hauled away or you just end up short of everything.

Even with distilled and energized water, mineral replacement in the bones is one of the slower timetables, involving years or even decades before meaningful removal and replenishment can take place. So because it is such a slow process, it is even more important to get right on it and make as much and as consistent headway as you can every day. There may be instances 10 years from now where you will be very glad you replaced billions of radioactive strontium 90 molecules with billions of beneficial strontium molecules. If you wait 10 years to get started, you could already be 10 years too late.

You Need Beneficial Non-radioactive Strontium

The strontium in all foods (plant and animal, land or sea) is a mix of both types of strontium. It is in the soil and water everywhere, so that’s just the way it is. However, there are deposits of non-radioactive strontium, which can be mined, pulverized, dissolved and fed to cultured nutritional yeast cells. These tiny plants enzymatically and acidically digest the crude mineral molecules to a bioavailable colloidal/chelated (life-created) Superfood. This yields supplement-quality levels of beneficial strontium directly to your cells. This is what we have done in Exsula SuperFoods. They provide non-radioactive, life-created highly bioavailable form of strontium.

Iridesca Is A Busy Hive Of Many Synergistic Nutrient Systems

Within Iridesca’s 200+ nutrient-accumulating SuperFood ingredients, and their hundreds of nutrients, phytonutrients, trace elements and enzymes, are dozens of synergistic nutrient systems similar to the iodine-copper-strontium described here. System by system, need by need, cell by cell, and structure by structure, these synergistic nutrient systems work at many different layers of activity, starting with the most foundational and working all the way up to major systems supporting other major systems synergistically. All of Iridesca’s components are in a life-created form wholly nurturing to your body.

Author: Life Enthusiast