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Customer Testimonial

I want to share with you some of the testimonials we receive from clients who have had their life changed while working with us. These testimonials are from people who face chronic illness, pain or inflammation the medical establishment tells them is permanent. As a result these people struggle to cope with their conditions. The mainstream medical system is not very strong on this front.


Good morning Martin. Thank you so, so much for giving me my life back. I am so grateful for all the time you have given me. It has become very clear to me that the Lord has put you in my path for a good reason. I have cried with tears of joy for your guidance that you have given me.

Right now as I am writing to you, I just have this feeling of elation and tears of joy are still flowing. I don't remember the last time I had this feeling.

In the last e-mail you sent me, you told me there were good people out there and you just had to know where to find them. I found my #1, first place winner without a doubt and that would be you, Martin. Because of you and all the wonderful, unselfish information you gave me, I am finally on the road to recovery after being so sick for all these years.

The western medical establishment often can be of assistance if your chronic condition has crossed the line into something known as an acute condition, but often they cant tell you how to prevent getting there in the first, which is where we beat them out. To continue:

I am finally on the road to recovery after being so sick for all these years. I have to share with you and you are welcome to use this part on your site, my road to recovery starts with you.


In a world where nothing helps, I have suffered with migraines for 5 years 24/7 and the prescriptions don't help. I have used your products for just over 1 month and am looking forward to the 2nd.

Chris Haletsky

I am a former world-class athlete in several sports up to 17 years old. I have spent most my adult life in fitness and health as a consultant and trainer. Like yourself, I spent much of my time searching out the real stuff that does do what is claimed. Very long and desperate road as you know. Enough said! I, similar to you, have acquired many deep and systemic chronic and life threatening ailments. Also, have gone through the AMA medical merry-go-round with the typical ridiculous whatever. Don't want to get started here. Life-Enthusiast is in my opinion is of the highest integrity, and the most comprehensive one-stop-shopping site I have found to date. From the higher vibratory energetics down through to the cellular terrain ... it is all on the site. That, and being an incredible informational resource and even product specific too. I know it takes tons of diligence and painstaking effort to provide what your customers 'need' to understand. I especially like your rants about AMA, FDA, health care, etc. You can use any or all of this email as a testimony if you want; I am currently taking Exsula Iridesca and found that it is so affective with far reaching benefits, some of which I have only found with Exsula, that I have discontinued all my other supplements and only taking Iridesca. And of course the Prill water. I do plan to add Exsula Quantium soon. That combo should really do miracles. Several of my very deep conditions such as chronic sinusitis from swimming, and also deep dental problems at the roots, since 1996 have almost disappeared. It has only been around a month of taking Exsula. It is incredible after so many years of trial and error, to finally experience 'improvement', and quickly. I am convinced and do believe you and those who you represent provide some of the finest and most affective remedies out there. Thanks to you and your team for your tireless determination in making available your products for those who truly choose better health. A very happy and permanent customer, Chris Haletsky, haletskyc (at) yahoo.com

Jock Putney

Dear Friends: I am writing you because each of you are important in my life. As most of you know I have spent most of my career in Healthcare Information Technology working with Doctors and Healthcare Administrators.I am the founder of Somna, which is has recently started to reach success after 8 years in the making. I have been involved with healthcare for some time now. I want to share something that has changed my life incredibly beyond what I would have ever believed possible. Up until recently I suffered from a terrible case of Acid Reflux disease (GERD). Some cases are worse than others, but if you have never experienced it , then let me just say you wouldn't want to. I have been on either Aciphex or Nexium for the last 9 years, but my condition never got better. Basically if I missed a day of taking my medication I was in agony. The sharp and burning pain would stop me in my tracks. I couldn't eat and had a difficulty sleeping. I wasn't much fun to be around. By the time I was 29 my acid reflux was in full effect and as the years went on I never got better. The Gastroenterologist that I was referred to performed an upper endoscopy on me and the verdict was prescription medication or operations were the best it would ever be for me for the rest of my life! For years I just went along with it and took the medication because I didn't think there was anything else I could do. Last summer I was in California on business my friend Mark asked me to stay his family's home in Corona Del Mar. Through their example Mark, his wife Gretchen and their son Spenser helped to understand the power of living with an alkaline based diet. Mark and Gretchen have lived a healthy lifestyle for 30 years and it was fairly clear I hadn't! Mark analyzes blood for a living and has studied under and still works to this day with Dr. Robert O. Young the author of the NY Times best seller "pH Miracle." I started eating pretty close to the way they did drinking greens that alkalize the body, drinking salts & clay, etc. I felt a million times better, but I was still sick and having to take Nexium. I realized that I needed to continue doing what I was doing, but I needed to look for more answers. I couldn't accept that at one point in time I was completely fine and then I was sick and I was going to live being sick for the rest of my life. I started researching everywhere to find deeper info based on the principles that Mark had shared with me. After lots of searching I found Martin Pytela and Life Enthusiast. I called Martin on the phone and explained what was going on with me. He knew exactly what I needed to do and within a week I was off of Nexium and on my way to completely healing. I couldn't believe it and now that is has been 7 weeks I am still amazed. What was really amazing was that when I called Life Enthusiast and tried to buy everything they had in his store. Martin would only let me start with two products. He explained that was the way to begin. THIS IS AMAZING! I have healed. I am not in pain and I feel the best I have in years. I learned that I was deficient in things that my diet couldn't bring me and that I would stay sick until I got those things back into my body and started to build my reserves back. My workouts are packed full of energy and I am much happier. The stuff I was missing were Amino Acids, Enzymes, Trace Minerals, and Probiotics. These deficiencies along with a few others, having an overly acidic diet and lack of exercise are probably the cause of almost all disease we see. That is right all disease we see including the #1 and #2 killers: Heart Disease and Cancer! I have come to learn that without proper supplementation we will never be able to utilize what we eat. I have learned much about the way that most vitamin and health products companies produce their products. It is a sad fact that you will find products on the shelves of your supermarket or health food store that have almost no value because of the way they are made. If you are sick and need to heal or simply want to live your life better and avoid becoming ill please call Life Enthusiast and tell Martin I gave you this information I believe he will spend as much time with you as you need. He is an amazing guy and has been doing this for 25 years. Simply stated working with Life Enthusiast changed my life dramatically and forever. I had to share this information with all of you because even if you aren't ill, this is the path to living a healthy happy life. Jock Putney jputney (at) gmail.com

Angel Fruit

Martin, I appreciate your willingness to help. You have created a raving customer. If not for your site, your suggestions and advice, I am sure I would not be where I am today. I am grateful there are others out there to learn from. If I am going to spend money on things, I would rather it go to people and products who are truly looking to educate and heal than on symptom suppression, pharmaceutical sponsored luncheons and doctor perks". So, thank you for putting yourself out there and thank you for your constant learning and sharing. My new year will be a healthier one because of people like you. I wish to extend this thank you to Exsula, Miracle II and Twilight America as well. My life has already been forever changed.

Apollonia Philpott

I have just joined your newsletter and this one speaks directly to me as I am from Germany (though currently living in the UK). I agree with you 100% about the propaganda. During my school time in Germany we used to watch endless hours of Hitler / the Holocaust etc. and this kind of system is very effective. My mum is still alive and she tells me lots about it, how they did not have a choice, did not know better.... Don't despair I am sure you are reaching lots of people with your message. I have some understanding of how the acid / alkaline balance works in our bodies and I don't think it is so much the message as people wanting to change and are willing and able to. Have just looked into the body ecology eating programme from Donna Gates and this incorporates healthy eating at every level to create a complete balance. Certainly not for everyone as it takes time, money, dedication etc. But so far I have found it very helpful. Keep up the good work, slowly things will change. Kind regards.

Barbara Yeager

Thank you for this. I went on to your site and saw your list of views and clicked on the spirituality one. I liked what i read so much that I forwarded it to 2 classes I am taking. One of which is Oprah/Tolle class on his book The New Earth - Awakening to Your Life's Purpose. I e-mailed them the link to that page on your site. I hope they read it! I also forwarded it to a famous quantum physicist I know. There is so much awakening happening on this planet right now. It is very encouraging... and helpful to keep our attention on the positive aspects of our current life (instead of the opposite).

Canaan from Maui

I would like to begin by thanking you all for the informative e-mails that your group has continued to send me since I first contacted you. They have helped me more than you may know. I am not sure as to whether or not you are aware, but for the past fifteen years I have been working on a series of twelve childrens/young adults books entitled "Ishkabibbles". I have recently completed the third book in the series. Ishkabibbles are creatures made up entirely of water, hailing from "Usquebaugh", (a gaelic word meaning, "The water of Life"). Your e-mails, along with the writings of Dr. Emoto have aided me greatly in keeping my books true to form regarding water and all its mysteries. My goal is to personify water for the younger generation in an attempt to enlighten them on water as the precious natural resource that it is, in the hope that they will help to protect the oceans and waterways as they reach adulthood. I am currently seeking agent representation and was wondering if you and your colleagues would be interested in reading the material, and be willing to endorse the books. Once published, I will be donating a portion of the proceeds to further the cause of water awareness and conservation. Thank you once again for the information you have sent and I look forward to receiving more. Mahalo and Aloha. Canaan from the Island of Maui

Cari Smith

I agree with you, I find people saying well I think there is magnesium in my multi-vitamin? when they have a host of ailments and are on prescription meds, they think this multi-vitamin is gonna save them as they still eat crap in a box and meats injected with 12% solution of nitrates to make them juicy but really it is making shelf life triple as they are preservatives... UGH!!! I was just telling a client 2 minutes ago about water and sea salt and the book you talk of here... awesome! I was wondering if you carry vitamin D supplements. the Economy crisis you know... HUH well I am still brainstorming a supplement shop / massage ... thank you for all your support and reports, I appreciate your information!

Celina Dykstra

I want to thank you for the latest newsletter with the info about Drucker labs products... came at a very opportune time, with our step grand daughter being treated for pneumonia and asthma (her mother has her on conventional meds) so at least while she is visiting her dad and my daughter, she will be able to get a boost in her health. We rue the fact that these kids are given prednisolone, antibiotics, albuterol, warnings to avoid sugar, nystatin ointment for the yeast infection they anticipate, but NO INFO about probiotics! Well, you are changing the way we are looking at health care and I appreciate it!

Jenee Sherrell

This is wonderful to be reminded and informing how enzymes work-in-the-body! I have to say it again - I really appreciate all of you at Life Enthusiast for your knowledge-of-health in keeping the body in balanced, nourished and cleansed. Now, with all the information pertaining to enzymes, I am certain that I want to begin taking them however, it appears that there are many to select from. I want to know what to take besides MSM to strengthen the bones and most particularly joints. Furthermore, since I have begun using the magnesium gel and oil soaking my feet in the solution for twenty minutes morning and evening. Also, twenty to thirty minutes soaking in hot- bath adding two ounces of the magic oil. Within four weeks, I was running through the park feeling closer-to-being-a-kid-again! Well, it wasn't too easy adjusting to taking time to 'soak' my feet! In the excitement of beginning my new regime, i prepared my glass dish to soak. After the first week, it seems to get more difficult to find time to do this twice a day - morning and night. Now, I realize, it isn't easy to do when you've got so many other things to do! But, you can do it! Just for one month, and then you reap the rewards of your efforts! It only takes four to six weeks to bring your magnesium levels up and after that, we don't have to do it as much. Of course, I want to say that after the four weeks, you will feel such a difference that you will not want to miss that 'hot-bath' or the foot soak in this 'magic oil?" Another thing, remember this, you must be consistent with soaking regularly and do not miss one single morning soak and not one single evening soak! The body has been depleted for so long for magnesium that when it begins to absorb (drink) the magnesium, it can't stop until it has quenched its thirst of this wonder magnificent mineral. I think I get a little carried away talking about the magnesium because as i continue to use it the more excited I am about it! Thank you very much!

Joan Belle Nemeth

How right you are. We live in a nation that is based on symptom addressing to deal with illnesses, not cures. Insurance companies word their coverage for doctors and hospitals to return the patient to their "former state of health". How stupid is that, if their former state of health was dying of whatever, then the end result has been achieved, the former ill health? By declaration of the FDA and the NIH, do sidestep affirmative issues like nutrition, exercise, clean water, and supplementation as being "possibilities" not the answers to real health maintenance. We are 47th in the world for efficiency of health care, spending billions more than any other nation and still falling so short in achieving true health. Until we can come to the place of taking responsibility for our own well being and healthful living, not relying on "magic bullets and surgeries" to save us from ourselves, we shall continue to decline. I am truly thankful for your newsletters and products. Happy, healthy holidays to you and yours!

Jock Putney

My acid reflux is gone and I am 4 weeks free from Nexium! For the past 9 years I have suffered from and extremely uncomfortable bout of Acid Reflux. After consulting with my physician and having an upper endoscopy done I was told by the specialist that I would be on Nexium or Aciphex for the rest of my life and could require an operation to fix my stomach. I suffered for 9 years before I finally got so fed up with how I felt that researched every possible cure for my condition. Finally I found Martin who quickly and easily gave me the solution I needed. I can't say enough about Life Enthusiast Co-op and Martin Pytela and no words can express my gratitude. I have learned why so many people are sick in the US and how easy dietary changes and proper supplementation could cure the masses. I am a changed person.

John Whitney

Thank you for your help, Martin and whoever else is concerned. I will tell you that all that I have read and the fact that your company, and you Martin are one the most honest I have had the pleasure of doing research / business with, my confidence is overflowing and am looking forward to a much better life with the future products from Life-Enthusiast. Again thank you for your help.

Kathleen Beaton

Thank you so very much for the most exquisite Himalayan salt crystal. It is truly beautiful and the fact that it was a gift from you makes it even more special. It really is spectacular. Three friends commented on it over the weekend. I told them they were available at Life Enthusiast. I am also just wild about the Twilight America magnesium salts. I felt so relaxed (almost drugged) after my twenty minute soak. Thanks for everything.

Lyndsey Golden

Thank you for being a positive force.

Nan Phillips

I cannot thank you enough for the wealth of information you have given to me personally. I wasn't expecting you to comment on each aspect of my email, but I am so glad that you did. You offered so much insight as to what is going on with me along with solutions (with links) for each concern. I am blown away at the level of help you have to given me. Thank you so much for giving so much of your time and talent to me. I created an email to send to everyone in my address book to tell them about your site. I send my thanks to you and to all who created and helped to make your website. The information on the site alone is an enormous blessing but to have solutions available with quality products right here together is wonderful. I am sure that you are helping to change many lives for the better. Thank you so much again for everything, Nan Phillips, [email protected] PS- The article on cancer causes brought tears to my eyes. Breaks my heart the way our medical system is. I believe I learned more from that one article than anything I've ever read before. Within that one article so many questions of mine have been answered. So many puzzle pieces now fit. There are explanations for the causes of so many diseases and also some hopeful solutions to follow all within that one article. The article also cited all of its sources with links so people can dig deeper if they need to. I'm sure it was a risk to print that, but I'm so glad that you did. Thank you!

Natasha Elliott

I walked to the letter box today with a facial mask on... with not a care in the world for those few seconds, mainly because I had spent some time with the cats... and they tend to calm me down quite a lot... as I reached the metal box I was surprised to see a package with my name on it... and lo and behold it was from your kind selves... with not one but two pendants for clearing and revitalising benefits... for this soul that has had mountains of negativity placed on her... by other's darker aspects of their egos... I sat on the ground like a child would and opened the parcel and spoke the "oh my god" unexpected quickening of tone made by those that are truly surprised by life's turns... knowing the past misfortunes with the postal service between us I am deeply honoured that you have done such and amazing thing for me... I had no idea that you would send me two pendants... I have been searching for something to keep me protected till I was balanced and securely safe from harms way... you both are angels on this planet for helping me out in this way... I do need to ask would you like a payment for this wonderful act of kindness...? I don't wish to take away the generosity of your actions at all but I am aware of respecting others and things like finances is still an important thing to respect... if you have chosen not to accept finances... then I will do the "pay it forward" on your behalf... wow you have truly lit up my day and at night I may be able to sleep without concern for things that are projected towards me... I breathe a sweet breath of fresh air into my lungs and life now... thanks to you... many blessings, namaste.

LaMarie Adams

thank you soooo very much, you are the angel in my life.

Herman v Staden

I have just read the first newsletter I received from you and really enjoyed it. Thank you for the time and energy that you have / are putting into this. It is most certainly adding value for me. Kind regards.

Jenee Sherrell

I really appreciate all of you at Life Enthusiast for your knowledge of health and keeping the body in balanced, nourished and cleansed state. Since I have begun using the magnesium gel and oil soaking my feet in the solution for twenty minutes morning and evening plus twenty to thirty minutes soaking in hot bath with two ounces of the magnesium oil, within four weeks I was running through the park feeling closer to being a kid again! It wasn't too easy adjusting to taking time to 'soak' my feet! In the excitement of beginning my new regime, I prepared my glass dish to soak. After the first week, it seems to get more difficult to find time to do this twice a day - morning and night. Now, I realize, it isn't easy to do when you've got so many other things to do! But, you can do it! Just for one month, and then you reap the rewards of your efforts! It only takes four to six weeks to bring your magnesium levels up and after that, we don't have to do it as much. Of course, I want to say that after the four weeks, you will feel such a difference that you will not want to miss that 'hot-bath' or the foot soak in this 'magic oil'? Another thing, remember this, you must be consistent with soaking regularly and do not miss one single morning soak and not one single evening soak! The body has been depleted of magnesium for so long that when it begins to absorb (drink) the magnesium, it can't stop until it has quenched its thirst of this wonder magnificent mineral. I think I get a little carried away talking about the magnesium because as I continue to use it the more excited I am about it! Thank you very much!

Joy Linsley

Going through your website is really an adventure. You have quite an exciting line of products and seem to be adding to them all the time! Blessings.

Mariann Ochterbeck

I just wanted to let you know that you have been a life saver... How do I thank you for upgrading us on the raspberry seeds size and with the speed of light getting my order to me before my supply had run out... you helped us by getting it here in time to get one of the bottles to my daughter when we had planned a trip to visit her... You see, I believe that your Ellagic acid (raspberries) that we have been taking for the last few years is what is keeping my husbands and my cancer at bay... in fact I am sure it... My heartfelt thanks go to you Sir, and your staff. You may use this on your forum of a very grateful client if you wish... Again we Thank you... Mariann Ochterbeck and family

Josh Bartek

I'd like to share my experience with magnesium gel. After reading your newsletters and doing some research of my own I've realized the importance of magnesium. So I then purchased the one gallon jug of magnesium oil which is great for baths. I was looking for something a little bit more versatile and came across your magnesium gel, not only does it contain magnesium but also detoxifying seaweed extracts, I was excited. So after continued daily use I have noticed good results, I brush regularly with it along with a calcium based toothpaste, I also use it on my face and body. After a couple of months time I noticed that my skin was definitely looking more vibrant and clean, and a friend had asked me if I'd been whitening my teeth. I said no, why? She said my teeth were extremely white. I would tell anyone that adding magnesium gel to their lives would definitely benefit them. Thank you guys for being there and helping point us in a positive direction, the truth. thanks again talk to you soon.

Jeff Virmond

I am writing to thank you for the links to your life-enthusiast website ... I have thoroughly enjoyed reading through the ENTIRE website and am learning a lot! I'm sure I'll be contacting you for products! Thanks for your time!!!

Marijke Campana

I'd like to take this opportunity to Thank You all for the Work you're doing and that includes the compiling and distribution of your Newsletters: some pretty astonishing material - I can't tell you how happy I am to have signed up. To come in and find a new one on my screen is always a real joy. And here I have to admit to a twinge of guilt... guilt I suppose at not having written in before now to share what I just have.

Angel Fruit

I LOVE your site! I've spent hours reading thru stuff. We have loved the Twilight America products so far and I recently ordered some Miracle II products. Thank you for your dedication.

Svetlana Garchteine

I would like to thank you for the wonderful help I am getting continuously from you. I am so grateful for the supplies and newsletters, the products you recommended for my problem and for all the information I am getting from your podcasts. With great respect, Blessings.

Joya Skye

Yours is my favorite mail to receive and for sure you are white listed with me. Take care and thanks for all that you do in offering wondrous products and information. You are a great blessing!

Penny Barton

I love the fact that you are a people company. To be able to write or call you with questions about health or products puts you so high on my list it's in the clouds. I want to thank you for offering that kind of support to your customers.

Doris Greene

I just read your email concerning degenerative diseases and it was truly FANTASTIC, and I agree with ever word you put forth in your article concerning these diseases. Again, many thanks.

Darrel Mecham

I love this site: shipping is fast, the information is great. Keep it up.

Robin Roberts

Thank you very much for the excellent customer service! Will certainly be shopping with Life Enthusiast again. I love the informational website!!

Andy Pastor

Thanks for sending me your newsletters. I plan on ordering supplements that you offer, as well as the wildcrafted green powder. I have been busy, but do plan on trying both products. My wife and I sometimes use a green powder called "green vibrance", which we add to our green smoothie drink in the morning. I am interested in trying your green powder. The changes I have made in the past 1.5 years (raw diet, superfoods, wheatgrass, sprouts, organic garden at home, herb garden at home, E-3 Live, VSL #3, Yoga, and now Rebounding) have changed me physically, mentally, and spiritually. Other people see the changes, and wonder what I'm doing. When I explain just a little, they seem to loose interest. I guess all you can do is be an example.

Tracey McCrea

I want to express my gratitude to you for all your time helping me get started!!! Your patience with me is appreciated more than I can tell you. Thanks ever so much, have a blessed day!

Wendell Moore

I'm so excited about your product line. The Zymitol and Platinum Plus Aminos are phenomenal! Can't wait to see what the Exsula gold and Elk Antler Velvet do!

Devin Darcy-Vlahakos

I would really love to give thanks to everyone who is a part of the gifts that you Martin, Maureen and others offer!! Just one miracle that has happened since using your products is that I have been able to stop all of my prescription anti-depressants, mood stabilizers etc. This is all well within 9 months! I have been on these awful drugs for over half of my life... 13 years! I am 24 now and have committed my life to being HAPPY and HEALTHY. Although in person you guys would probably be very humble but I thank you deeply... since now I am able to truly trust people that REALLY CARE! You Guys/Gals Deserve Much Awaited Credit! THANK YOU!

Angel Fruit

You and your website of knowledge have truly been a God-send to me. All I can think to do is thank Him for leading me to you and refer everyone I know.

Tracey Conlon

Everyone I have dealt with at Life Enthusiast so far has been so helpful! You guys are great to do business with. Have a wonderful Holiday!

Denise Devoe

I am really loving all of your products and now my daughters - ages 16 and 19 - are interested since I have more energy than them, ha ha (I'm 43).

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