David Wolfe Interview

David Wolfe

When like minded people have a chance to talk and brainstorm, it is almost guaranteed to result in an awesome interview. David Wolfe is certainly no stranger to anyone who has any sort of interest in radiant health, nutrition, natural beauty, longevity, and personal development. Born in 1970, with over 20 years of dedicated work in the area, Wolfe became a guru of many, an advisor, educator, speaker, and writer. He is one of the founders of the Raw food nutritional movement and is a big proponent of eating Raw. His area of interest is not just limited to nutrition and physical well-being; he is also a big fan of yoga, meditation, and taking a positive approach to life. To make his busy life even busier, David is a dedicated organic farmer, beekeeper, and chocolate gourmet.

To list all of Wolfes interests and contributions would take another hour. He is a true multi-tasker and it seems like this rock star and Indiana Jones of the superfoods and longevity universe, is busy 24/7. Yet he was still able to get in touch with Life Enthusiast and record a fantastic podcast with Martin and Scott, even turning a previously agreed twenty-minute interview into a full hour packed with information.

David is truly a well of wisdom, and he has an extensive answer for every issue discussed. His wide range of knowledge makes him a perfect conversation partner for both Martin and Scott, and it is sometimes surreal how much they all agree on. One hour certainly isnt enough to cover every hot topic or dig deeper into each subject, but you should still get ready for a mind-blowing show. Before you listen, make sure to have your pen and paper ready, because you might want to take notes and do more research later.

David shares his thoughts on superfoods and medicinal mushrooms, elaborates with Martin about different types of diet approaches, and even asks Martin about the details of Metabolic Typing. For a moment, it might seem like David is interviewing the Life Enthusiast health coach and not the other way around, but this is simply what happens when people with great minds and similar philosophies meet and have a limited time to talk. David also mentions a few events worth checking out Longevity Now Conference and Womens Wellness Conference, both of which are organized every year and are most certainly a great opportunity for all life and health enthusiasts to get together, learn, and meet with like minded people.

Author: Scott Paton