Dentistry User Reports

I had my amalgams replaced with composite. I also had to get all my nickel-beryllium alloys out and replaced with high-noble alloys. I am very ill right now with jawbone problems and a skull base lesion. I had to work with a naturopathic physician for a while to get to the bottom of my problems, which were the dental metals. Now that I have done that, I am trying to work with mainstream medicine to get the sarcomas treated.

I have learned that sarcomas are caused by nickel and beryllium. I’m not sure if mercury is a carcinogen, but it is certainly a neurotoxin. It has been found in thyroid tumors. I know that people with AIDS always get Kaposi’s sarcoma… in their mouth. And I’m sure it has to do with the metals in their mouths and their weakened immune systems.

I have two sisters who are as healthy as can be… with no dental restorations. I have a mouthful of dental restorations and have been sick with chronic fatigue for the last 10 years.

Dana Herbert

I had all my fillings replaced with composite (mercury removed) last week in Tijuana, Mexico. I can HIGHLY recommend a clinic down there, they use the Huggins Protocol for removal. Dr. Huggins trained all the dentists there. The best part is, the price is SOO cheap, $95 per tooth for removal and replacement. Vitamin C IV is $100, I ended up paying only about $700 in 2 trips for complete removal of all my mercury fillings and replacement with Bio-Composite materials. Anyways, if anyone has any questions about where I went, let me know, I will give them more information. The places in US quoted me at several thousand dollars for the exact same services, and I don’t know if they even use the Huggins Protocol.


I read very recently about pain and what caused the sensation. Often it is down at cell level that things go wrong. When we drink ample water our cells may be well supplied (if we’ve eaten well) with nutrients and water, and with ample water the cell loses it’s surplus junk – the cell environment stays clean and tidy and the rubbish is put out of the cell. When we fail to have ample water, to be amply hydrated that is, things start to go wrong.

On Dec 16 I had a tooth (my last molar!) get tender and then sore. I quickly started to drink more water and about 35 minutes later the pain had gone. On DEC 17 I had an x-ray taken, and I learnt that I had not one, but two (adjacent) teeth with abscesses. My Dentist gave me two options – extractions or root fillings. I chose a third option – to see what I could achieve with plenty of water. That evening I massaged my gums firmly (I wanted to get some action there!) and quickly felt more and stronger pains, so I drank more water (this was distilled water for it is more active than other water) and the pain went and none has returned – not even when I gave that molar a very good workout last week on some steak.

The explanation for this pain-relief with water is, I learnt, because when a cell becomes acidic instead of slightly alkaline the “acidic environment causes irritation of certain nerve endings in the body” and the acidity is what causes pain. When there is ample water in the body “some goes into the cells and brings out hydrogen molecules. Water washes the acidity out of the cell and makes the cell interior alkaline – an absolutely essential and normal state” … “this (alkaline) state promotes health because it is the state that best suits the enzymes that function inside the cell”. (The quotes are from pages 126 to 128 of “Water For Health, For Healing, For Life.” by Dr Batmanghelidj).

Now five weeks later (I give my gums a massage and drink a reasonable amount of water every day) my teeth are great and I wish I had learnt all this many years ago! I return to my dentist next week for my six monthly clean and checkup.

I have become convinced that every problem I experience is first a wake-up call to look after my body correctly, and go to other options only as a last resort. Deficient nutrition and less than ample water – dehydration – opens the door wide to all manner of health problems.

(Anyone who wishes to believe that teeth abscesses cannot be healed should stay with their understandings).


Author: Life Enthusiast Staff