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Diabetes Supplements

Plant-based enzymes are great to support the pancreas. If a person eats cooked foods, then the pancreas has to work so hard producing more and more enzymes to digest the cooked foods. By taking food based enzymes with cooked foods, a person can reduce the nutritional stress on the pancreas. Also enzyme therapy – taking 2-3 enzymes every hour on an empty stomach with the hope that such enzymes can replenish the enzyme depleted pancreas.

Algae (blue gree, chlorella, spirulina, plankton) is fabulous for balancing blood sugar because it is very high in organic minerals. With diabetes there is a tendency to be deficient in vanadium and chromium which are important in regulating blood sugar. The algae are abundant in all minerals.

Use of Co-Q10 is highly recommended for diabetics. The amount of Co-Q10 that is recommended is 120 mg to 300 mg a day. Research findings found that Co-Q10 improve insulin sensitivity and hyperglycemia. Also Co-Q10 prevents excessive free radical oxidative stress.

If you want to reverse your diabetes, you have to make significant lifestyle changes. You need to get your Metabolic Type test and start eating to foods that are right for you. You can test your sugar level after your start eating that way. You will be impressed.

Author: Life Enthusiast Staff