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Diabetes: Sweet Mystery

Diabetes: Sweet Mystery

Diabetes: Sweet Mystery

The Cause of Diabetes

Basic science (about diabetes) is seldom applied in practice.

Even though diabetics believe them to be beneficial and necessary, inappropriate medications and destructive diets are often recommended, with horrendous results.

The true facts and rational treatment of diabetes have been forgotten!

Read more about proven perspectives, of which most doctors are often ignorant. This type of information is usually ignored and soon forgotten.

The Illuminati and Deadly Diabetes

The available basic science knowledge about diabetes is seldom applied in current medical practice. This alone turns diabetes into a whole body calamity for most. A whole array of inappropriate medications and usages thereof and frivolous, unwise and destructive dietary and personal hygiene accommodations are heinously unleashed upon the world’s diabetics with horrendous losses to those who adopt such, in the belief that they are actually beneficial, even necessary for them. The true facts and rational treatment of diabetes are forgotten along the way! I provide herein proven perspectives, of which most doctors however, and medicine in general, are most often ignorant of! This type of information is usually ignored and oft, soon forgotten.

This is in no way idle speculation: For twenty five years, my patients who “treated” their diabetes as I recommended, lived healthy unencumbered lives, while for a control group, existed those diabetics who were treated according to the mainstream of American Medical practice. They were losing their eyes, their blood vessels, their mentality, their kidneys and their extremities as well as their well-being, while those who accepted my “unorthodox” recommendations just skated along through life, but little impaired by their diabetic condition.

(Right along with those diabetics who learned they had not to trust their doctors as all knowing, and figured out these same common sense things for themselves!) “Treated” as was used herein, acknowledges that each diabetic must become their own doctor, and had best find a doctor, or care provider who will work with them, in order that they can maximize the benefits from their own care. Every case of diabetes is different, but I will give you herein the common factors you need to maximize your health, and prevent or lessen your losses.

This intense medical malpractice towards diabetics is based mostly upon treating lab tests, not patients, which is always invariably fraught with devastation of the diabetic! Yet! It is the very thing, which is being done most to diabetics today! If having normal blood sugars were truly the essence of the proper management of diabetes; That would be easily achievable with a single herb! The unripe fruit of the Caribbean Jackfruit will lower blood sugars to any desired level, and keep them there by blocking release of glucose from the liver!

However: If it is taken in doses sufficient to produce profound hypoglycemia, it can kill thereby. Most of the medicines, and dietary practices in vogue today for diabetic management merely imitate its actions, only perhaps a little less successfully!

If you are a diabetic: Let’s use you for an example: The insulin level, as measured, includes that which is inactivated by autoimmune antibodies. Looked at from this perspective: Diabetes is an autoimmune disease, with its auto immunity aimed at the pancreas ands its product: Insulin. (And usually: Many other body parts as well!) This all leads to the obvious, well known, pancreatic beta cell destruction with deficiency of insulin effect. However, as in almost every case of diabetes, the pancreas is often putting out more insulin than usually required because, the insulin is tied up with anti insulin antibodies, and therefore is unable to do its work at the cell wall: of stimulating the transport of glucose into the cell. These anti insulin anti bodies simply prevent the insulin from doing its required job of moving glucose into the cell across the cell wall, by immunologically binding to the insulin, so it is not left free to bind to its receptor sites on the cell. The end result is that the cell, and indeed the entire body thereby, is starving for glucose or any other source of carbohydrate metabolism in the citric acid cycle, or Krebs cycle, which in the mitochondria burns carbohydrates to form ATP, the energy source which is safe for the rest of the cell to use outside the mitochondria.

You are drowning in high blood sugar, which your cells and mitochondria cannot use! If any mitochondrial enzymatic activity of burning carbohydrates leaks out of the mitochondria, and the carbohydrate burning takes place outside the mitochondria within the cell, it chemically badly burns the cell, and the cell dies. The net result of inadequate insulin effect, with inadequate carbohydrates available to the mitochondria within the cell, is a deficiency of ATP for the cell to use as its energy substrate to support all of the other cellular functions.

Diabetes is also the result of Mitochondrial DNA (MtDNA) abnormalities and mitochondrial damage too: With both, the production of too little ATP results. (And as well, the production of lots of damaging super oxide free radicals.) Many cases of diabetes are MtDNA (mitochondrial DNA) diseases. The inefficient mitochondria generated by the imperfect MtDNA results in, once again, the production of too little ATP. ATP deficiency, once again, likewise results in the body secondarily going into the same neuroendocrine crisis which marks all diabetic metabolisms. The neuroendocrine system experiencing too little ATP, senses it as the result of a hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) crisis. So a sustained neuroendocrine “Low Sugar Crisis” response ensues, with emergency breakdown of proteins to sustain gluconeogenesis (more glucose production) occurring, which typifies all diabetic metabolisms. This ineffective and non corrective process, which produces far more blood sugar but no ATP thereby, is sustained at great cost to the well being of the rest of the body.

Because the neuroendocrine system needs more ATP on an emergency basis, it tries to arrange for providing more ATP by raising blood sugar levels on a sustained emergency basis: Corticoid steroids, like cortisone, are elaborated to break down body proteins into glucose. Adrenal medullar anti shock hormones like epinephrine and Nor Epinephrine are elaborated to do the same: breaking down proteins, and glycogen to provide more blood sugar. Glucagon is elaborated to break down glycogen into more sugar, Somatostatin is elaborated, and the production of somatotropin eliminated, to raise blood sugar by breaking down proteins and blocking anabolic processes. All of this successfully elevates the blood glucose level, while providing no additional ATP, whatsoever! As you can well sense, the only two things which will resolve all these endocrine crises are to get more carbohydrates into the cell, and to help the mitochondria to metabolize those carbs into ATP, which sequence of events are the only things which will normalize the body, and preserve health.

When your insulin is bound up like this, insulin resistant diabetes exists. Often a hefty dose of a corticoid steroid, to depress the formation of anti Insulin antibodies, will temporarily rectify insulin resistance. Such therapy, is in itself too toxic, and too much of a “catch twenty two” to use on a sustained or regular basis, and has to be reserved for crisis situations, or the temporary management of unusual cases. Whenever a Chemical Hypersensitivity disease crisis forces me to intervene with a one mg dose of dexamethasone, it will sooner or later(within 36 hours) temporarily normalize my diabetic metabolism by releasing my bound up insulin into a free state, where it can do its normal work of seeing glucose transported into the cell.

Because the diabetic metabolism and body is in a state of mitochondrial carbohydrate starvation, any thing which worsens this starvation by blocking access to, or transport of, or utilization of carbohydrates is at great expense to the well being of the individual. Such approaches to diabetes may indeed help normalize blood glucose levels, but this is only a case of “treating the lab test, not the patient.” At Loma Linda we were taught to never treat lab tests, but always to holistically treat the patient. I also had a diabetes researcher for my personal preceptor/internal medicine professor in my junior year, which opened new vistas to me, which many are never exposed to. However, I still left medical school blinded by the usual practice limitations and methods.

Internship training rather than opening new horizons, confirmed me into the usual perspectives. Surgery residency, where I was elected captain of the hyper alimentation team because of my recognized abilities in applied biochemistry, enabled me to learn more about details of human metabolic processes, while under severe stress. This helped to broaden my mental horizons. Diabetes, indeed is, a form of extreme stress of the carbohydrate metabolism.

Medical practice with patient experience therein, and my excellent knowledge of applied Biochemistry, allowed me to gradually widen my mental horizons. My son’s Childhood diabetes, directly resulting from a mumps vaccination, and my Aspartame generated diabetes, necessitated widening of my mental horizons even more and my patients continued to benefit from my expanding horizons. The applied biochemistry of Aspartame, about which I had to make myself expert, in order to mentally sustain my efforts to oppose Aspartame, and my Aspartame education allies’ efforts as well, helped to more fully open my eyes to the therapeutic possibilities; Which were enlightened by my newfound understandings of the pathologic physiologies of Aspartame poisoning, which very intimately overlap and interact with diabetes and the problems there from in many, many ways! Advising the use of Aspartame in the diabetic diet is heinous! As well as for any another human use!

It causes the complications and damages from diabetes to vastly multiply: And causes immense progression of diabetes, to worse and worse forms, and effects. The present enormous epidemic of diabetes is the direct result of Aspartame use. Interestingly enough, my medical license was revoked on the grounds that the Respective heads of the American psychiatric and psychological associations, Benedict and Arnold, both certified that “Conceiving of Aspartame as toxic was a delusion so dangerous; it totally disables a doctor from the practice of medicine.” This leaves their brotherhood, B’Nai Brith unveiled as the Satanic: Zionistic Organization, destructive of humanity, which it indeed is. So yes, hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance are both reflections of inadequate insulin effect, and inadequate mitochondrial ATP production, which are damaging to your health for several identifiable reasons: One is that the pancreas is chronically over stimulated, leading to pancreatic dysfunction, specifically with regards to realistically tapering insulin production to meet the body’s actual needs, because both the beneficial effect/result thereof, and feed back are nearly non existent.

The autoimmunity involved and concomitant over stimulation can indeed become pancreatic excitotoxicity: Leading to pancreatic destruction and even more dysfunction. The autoimmunity involved, the blood sugar effects themselves, and the many other endocrine abnormalities damage many different target organ systems in diabetes. These same diabetic damages are also engendered by the improper diet and damaging medicines often used by diabetics.

Diabetic/dietetic foods are to be strictly avoided because they are merely carbohydrate impoverished, and sweetened with artificial sweeteners, which will also damage the patient and worsen the diabetes. Which brings us down to many practical aspects of living a healthy life in spite of Diabetes: Yes, using immune modulators like selenium and other herbal immune modulators can help resolve a lot of the metabolic problems. Because fat and carbohydrate metabolism are intimately entwined, and proper physiology thereof is exceedingly important, a wholesome diet including one with a proper fat balance, and avoiding toxic fats like trans fats(made from polyunsaturated vegetable oils which are hydrogenated into health destroying poisons, and are then sold as hygienic.) is consummately important: As are many other dietary recommendations, excepting of course, the oft recommended use of Gymnema Silvestre, which is a mistake because it in fact, is merely another carbohydrate blocker. And as well, the other misunderstandings I will attempt to clear up herein, with this article.

As to the tolazamide in place of the many non effective, or destructive pharmaceuticals commonly used because they are recommended by drug companies with excessive and unrealistic promises of theoretical benefit, I believe you can now conceive that by its mitochondrial action of producing more adequate output of ATP, tolazamide becomes an essential, and is outstanding at helping to normalize your metabolism, and the disordered neuroendocrine physiology which so typifies diabetes. I personally use tolazamide 500 mg three times/day:

(double the usual max recommended blood sugar lowering dose, there is however, no identifiable toxicity from such doses of tolazamide, whatsoever, in a 270# man, like myself) My diabetes has advanced way beyond where tolazamide would even begin to lower my blood sugar sufficiently, but its mitochondrial ATP augmentation makes it an essential for maintaining my health.

In order charge a certain amount per usual dose, the pharmaceutical companies often ignore the needs of larger people to use more of a given pharmaceutical, and thus the recommended doses are just adequate for an averaged sized “normal” person. One biochemical “knowledge gem” born of having a diabetes researcher as my personal professor of medicine in my junior year at Loma Linda, was that I was made aware that the sulfonylurea class of oral anti diabetic agents, including tolazamide, was active in the mitochondria, as well as in helping to move glucose across the cell wall into the cell. The newer more powerful, longer acting agents, like glyburide and glipizide, seem to totally lack this mitochondrial activation. This, along with their prolonged action, makes them grossly inferior in correcting diabetic metabolism, and especially in preventing “neuroendocrine shock.”

I find the intermediate length of action of tolazamide to be perfect, because I can take it with my first meal, and when the meal is worn off, the tolazamide is still beneficial from a mitochondrial standpoint, but it is not going to demand that I eat again eat, in order to avoid initiating hypoglycemia, as do the glipizide and glyburide. They are very troublesome, in that respect. I can go as long as I choose to, as long as I wish to without eating with no fear of causing a hypoglycemic crisis, nor throwing my metabolism off kilter in any way! I can then take tolazamide with my next meal with good results. This creates a very non rigid lifestyle for me, which other regimes do not allow: On them, you must have your meals on schedule, and match up meals to the exercise which will follow. Pharmacy companies have, it seems ignored the mitochondrial benefits of the sulfonylureas, when creating the newer ones.

Focusing alone, it seems, on lowering the blood sugar. This focuses on the lab report, not the patient, and ignores the most significant beneficial result of tolazamide: increasing mitochondrial efficiency! If they want to do some really beneficial work, they should focus on the mitochondrial benefits first, and the hypoglycemic effect only after they have formulated agents which will maximize the mitochondrial efficiency! The present more recent additions to anti diabetic pharmacy ARE DISASTERS! They make wild promises like; “causing beta cell regeneration,” etc., while delivering instead, devastation! Rosiglitazone and its analogues are examples: Instead of the regeneration as promised, they cause autoimmune attack upon the entire body: including the beta cells. Pharmaceutical salesmen should be prosecuted for the lies they tell doctors!

While using Tolazamide, my blood sugars can sometimes drop into the hypoglycemic ranges such as 45-50 with no hypoglycemic symptoms, whatsoever, and no elaboration of neuroendocrine crises, as above mentioned, I do not recommend this hypoglycemia, nor try to get blood sugars even nearly that low, because diabetics are always better off with their blood sugars maintained a little on the high side (110-120 mg/dl or 6.1-6.6 mmol/L, multiply or divide by 18 as appropriate) to both avoid hypoglycemia, and make glucose freely available for transport across the cell wall into the cell, to avoid any carbohydrate blocking effect. None the less, my VA docs are amazed that I, as a diabetic, have Hemoglobin A1c s like those of a non diabetic! And I experience a lot more leeway with diet and exercise schedules, etc. I am simply far more like a normal person than I could ever be without the tolazamide!

A couple of lucky breaks today! First our local health food store here in Kailua Kona carries flax seed at $1.75 per pound. I went to Salvation Army and got a coffee grinder for only a buck. So I can use the freshly ground flax seed sprinkled over, or mixed into my food immediately after grinding, which is the best way, since the Omega three fatty acids are unstable and oft degraded by cooking or standing around. With time, I hope to find a source for the golden flax seed from the Dakotas, which I feature as being more nutritious because less is wasted as merely hull. I also picture the flax phytoestrogens, which only serve to imbalance my hypothalamus, as being from the hull.

All nuts, by the way, are excellent sources of Omega threes, especially walnuts. So the web page I am going to refer you to at the end of this article, got me to using about a half cup of walnuts per day.

One practical point I need to share with all my readers at this point: when a hypoglycemic episode occurs; you are not merely troubled by a low blood sugar! With all the disordered neuroendocrine effects I elaborated, you are starved for everything, not just glucose. So, attempting to merely replace glucose by ingesting glucose is a clumsy and inadequate response. Sucrose, cane sugar or beet sugar, is exceedingly better in every way!

I have found that a glass or more of milk along with a whole wheat peanut butter and jam sandwich or two, is better for all the following reasons: It supplies sucrose, which is an ideal sugar for diabetics. It supplies a more balanced diet with better nutrition to immediately replace the depleted nutrition caused by the “neuroendocrine stroke,” which hypoglycemia causes. It also provides proteins to replace those broken down in the attack, and it provides “rapid reacting proteins” to more rapidly, and more wholesomely restore the needed blood sugar and other depleted nutrients.

You will almost immediately feel much better if you can nutritionally correct The hypoglycemic situation, than if you merely feed glucose, which is simply inadequate at that point, to restore normal health. One topic, which arises, is the use of “alternate sugars” as carbohydrate sources. Xylitol is a winner on every front! It does not convert to glucose, but is directly metabolized in the Mitochondria to form ATP, independent of any need for insulin effect! It is anti bacterial in several ways, both because most bacteria cannot ferment it, and it prevents bacteria from adhering to cell surfaces to infect those cells. It has a positive effect on both tooth decay and periodontal disease:

HELPING PREVENT BOTH. It has a positive effect on calcium balance, and generally improves blood lipid profiles. That is quite a job Description! Moreover Xylitol has a long history of extensive human use, being used in northern countries, during times of sugar shortage, such as during World War Two, with remarkable health benefits noted to have resulted from its usage. In addition to preventing dental decay, it prevents ear infections if used as a nasal spray or chewing gum. Erythritol is one carbon atom shorter, but is not as well absorbed, has a greater osmotic diuretic effect and therefore impairs calcium retention and probably should only be used if you would benefit from a diuretic, and are supplementing with both calcium and vitamin D. Erythritol is also not tolerated as well at higher doses, because it loosens the bowels!

Maltitol is inferior to Sucrose for the diabetic, because sucrose provides an equal balance of glucose and fructose, which the diabetic metabolism tolerates very well. ATP production increases are made possible by the balanced mix of fructose and glucose from Sucrose digestion, even under the stressed carbohydrate metabolism conditions in the diabetic.

Yet Maltitol is being marketed in some foods labeled as “diabetic:” Just another example of why not to use products so labeled. Many are far worse, containing artificial sweeteners like Aspartame or Sucralose, etc. Fructose is likewise very beneficial, but only within a very limited perspective! Fructose has the distinct benefit of being a carbohydrate, which in the mitochondria is metabolized to ATP, and yet does not need insulin or anything else to help it meet the body’s need for carbohydrate metabolism to produce the ATP, which diabetics so badly need to prevent them going into the “neuroendocrine shock” condition. If this were the entire picture of fructose metabolism it would be just great, but it indeed is not the whole, entire picture. For best effect fructose needs to be utilized in a balanced mix with glucose, which is just what you get from sucrose, the very sugar most doctors tell you to starve yourself of. Sucrose, quite to the contrary, is the ideal sugar for diabetics.

Fructose, consumed as an isolate (by itself), causes many severe metabolic problems for the diabetic. First it is rapidly metabolized in the liver and body fat cells to fat, from which it does no one any good, but becomes merely, a fattening agent. In the liver fructose is rapidly also metabolized into triglycerides, causing triglyceridemia, (high triglycerides) which is a condition which encourages the development of Arteriosclerosis. Its metabolism also produces significant elevations of uric acid in the serum, which destroys the pancreas and joints, and causes other damages throughout the body. High uric acid levels are now considered part of the classic “deadly quartet” of conditions which lead to high cardiovascular risk.

Inulin (Not Insulin) is a polyfructose type of “starch”, which has often been found to benefit diabetics. (Thus the name inulin) Presently, the classical medical teaching is that inulin is an insoluble fiber, which passes through the digestive tract unused. However this teaching ignores the fact that it may break down into small amounts of fructose in the highly acid stomach, or intestinal bacteria may later break it down into useable molecules. It is found in Jerusalem artichokes, chicory roots and other “rooty” vegetables like carrots and beets, which are also rich in several other very valuable alternative sugars. I remember in 1955, when I was fifteen, my high school agriculture teacher, Garfield Jorgenson at Laurelwood Academy, was scoffing at the notion of inulin being helpful for diabetics:

“How could a carbohydrate be of any benefit to diabetics, any way,” he scoffed. “They already have too much sugar, and need to deprive themselves of all the carbohydrate intake they possibly can anyway!” Such ignorance is indeed, almost prehistoric in origin!

Several southwestern and west coast Indian Nations, used various specific types of prickly pear cactus to “cure diabetes.” Their method of use was uniformly the same. They would chop the pads into cubes, soak them overnight in cold water, and drink the water extract with good results. This would suggest that some form of alternate sugar or soluble carbohydrate from the pads was/were the curative ingredient(s), but it could also be other alkaloids. One of the great losses occurring from European culture abruptly replacing Native American culture was that we lost many, many very valuable herbal remedies.

Our government seems anxious to now keep them lost, in order to promote the welfare of big money pharmaceutical interests. This tyranny was so blatantly and well demonstrated by the black, unmarked helicopters spraying herbicide all over it, and destroying my Native American friends’ hilltop herb farm in the mountains of Georgia. Many people diagnosed with the final stages of incurable cancer are alive today because of the farm, which was destroyed, demonstrating the government’s lack of concern for humanity: Which same government, also doses diabetics with Aspartame, etc.

Various medicinal herbs are recommended for diabetics. Ones which block glucose release or production like the Caribbean Jack Fruit are to be avoided, of course. I hope to find opportunity to try those herbs for myself, after I in each case learn what is known about the mechanism of action thereof. Cinnamon, which many diabetics report excellent results from, does not benefit me in any way. Each case of Diabetes is indeed a different disease, and what benefits one, may not work at all for another. Each diabetic along with their family must learn to be their own doctor unless, of course, they are already addicted to Aspartame! And, above all: Listen to their body: To see what works, and what hurts!

Other alternate sugars or “sugar alcohols’ are being produced, but offer no advantage over maltitose or any other disaccharide, because they all end up at the same end point: As glucose in your metabolism, although some are poorly adsorbed, making them kind of a low calorie sweetener, which I fail to see any advantage from except calorie control, since the diabetic needs a well balanced diet, rich in carbohydrate.

The best way I know of to try to fill in information you may need or perhaps might be interested in, is for me to go through my routines as a “compensated diabetic” for you. I will, of course, ad lib as I progress. Nothing herein is “finalized” I keep adding or trying things as I find good reason to try them, and usually delete those which I experience as not as beneficial, when I add new ones. I would encourage every diabetic to likewise keep a “Heads up” attitude and try what seems advantageous, to see how it works out for their own body.

At bedtime, I presently use thirty units of NPH insulin. That bedtime dose previously was 110 units, until I started using astaxanthin 4 caps per day, and spirulina 6 tabs per day. Those two just plummeted my blood sugar, causing me to become extremely hypoglycemic during the night because I wasn’t expecting any direct effect on my blood sugars! These two algae antioxidant sources are available very inexpensively here on the “Big Island” of Hawaii, because they are locally produced from the pure water piped up from the ocean depths here.

I take my chromium polynicotinate in the morning with the astaxanthin, because the spirulina, which I use in the evening, is a chelating organism known to carry heavy metals out of the body, which would waste the chromium. The local brands I use only cost about 1/4th as much as national brands from GNC.

You might check you local Costco and Wal Mart, to see if BioAstin brand astaxanthin and Nutrex brand spirulina aren’t cheaply available from the same chains in your locality. I also use lispro rapid acting insulin, 10 units with each meal, or 5 units if I am going to exercise after the meal. Lispro has worked out far better for me than using regular insulin in the same manner. My other routines will follow:

I use yeast selenium 200mcg/day, I would prefer Sea Sel, kelp selenium, or selenomethionine but can’t find it. The list of “ingesteds” includes: slow release pyridoxine (B6), 500 mg bid (twice daily), SLO Niacin 500 bid. (Using rapidly absorbed regular niacin is highly damaging, because it causes intense super oxide free radical activity in the walls of your blood vessels, always get the slow release form, AND AVOID THE EXTREMELY DAMAGING “NIACIN FLUSH”, which is both a really intense super oxide free radical damage and accompanying autoimmune damage of the blood vessel walls.) I would like to try inositol hexaniacinate as recommended by Dr. Julian Whittaker in his excellent book: “Guide to Natural Healing,” but for now I am content that I have a non blood vessel damaging way to get the badly needed metabolic benefits of high dose niacin. Continued: A cheap generic calcium, magnesium, and zinc tablet bid. (Each provides: Calcium 1 Gram, magnesium 400mg, Zinc 15 mg.)

Costco “Nature Made” Super B Complex, one bid, “One a Day” men’s health formula with lycopene, one bid, piroxicam(Feldene) 20 mg bid, Vitamin E 1000 u once per day. (I do not tolerate more, it flares free radical production in my body, I could not even use 400 u of the VA stuff, but seem to tolerate Wal Mart better) Cont: Folic acid 800 mg, three bid, B12 1500mcg one bid, “Cholest Off” plant sterols and stanols 400 mg bid (to help the ones I get from my vegetarian diet to help keep cholesterol levels down. I would use twice as much, or more, also would use red rice yeast, and or the herbal one made from sugar cane leaf if my cholesterol were elevated) Cont: grape seed extract (for anti oxidant pycnogenol) 150 mg bid. Other herbs include: Rhodiola extract 500 mg daily (I use this each morning to balance out my hypothalamic activity which is damaged by age, Aspartame and diabetes. I do not tolerate ginseng well; nor Siberian Ginseng; eleuthera; nor Ashwahganda, but Rhodiola Rosea works just fine to keep my energy levels up) I Use Muira Puama three caps occasionally as a sleeper. It produces a pleasantly relaxed frame of mind for sleeping or love making.

Chromium Picolinate as prescribed by the murderous FDA, who is also trying to do you in with Aspartame, is a deadly neuroexcitotoxin. Do not use it, or anything which contains it! Chromium at a dose of 200-400mcg/day is very beneficial for diabetics. I use niacin bound chromium, also chemically named chromium polynicotinate, 200 mg bid. The other dietary forms of chromium except those bound up with excitotoxins like picolinic acid, glutamic acid, aspartic acid, etc, are just fine too.

Vanadium, at a dose of 50 to 100 mcgs/day, is also beneficial for diabetics. The health food stores sell 5-10 mg caps, which is far too toxic a dose. Remember, all trace minerals are also heavy metal poisons, so the correct low dose is indeed: All you want! I also use Ginkgo Biloba one cap bid. If well tolerated it should be used by every diabetic. It is famous for neural preservation, blocking blood vessel inflammation, and is a very effective platelet anti coagulant, protecting against arterial occlusions, like aspirin does. I do not tolerate even baby aspirin well, and if I take it in addition to all the herbs I use, I hemorrhage profusely from even a little scratch.

Looking to the future: I am going to next add xylitol, as a sweetener in place of maple syrup. I want to, when I can, explore more about the use of other herbs, especially the appropriate species of prickly pear cactus.

You need a nutritious diet rich in carbohydrates. All the other beneficial nutritionals you can include, the better, because they usually are each of some specific metabolic benefit, and your metabolic processes are so “shot” every little improvement you can make is very important.

I always use whole grain cereal and bread, whenever possible. Several reasons: Everything else they do to cereal grains or flour lessens and worsens it for you in some way. All of the other substances in the grain kernel are extremely beneficial for you and will directly improve your health even more so if you have diabetes.

In addition to an ounce of freshly ground flax seed I use a half a cup of walnuts per day.(More or Less) I feel much better when I can totally avoid anything and everything which has bleached white flour in it! Especially hard for me: Because I love to drop into Costco for a slice of cheese pizza. But I feel much better if I don’t! In addition to the milling process removing many beneficial substances the bleaching process so completely denatures the flour that even weevils can’t grow in it! This is probably the only reason white four is routinely bleached: To make it a weevil indigestible commodity. In addition to the toxic effects of the bleach the other real problem from bleaching the flour is that the sulfur containing amino acids therein are denatured by the chemicals used to bleach it.

Sulfur is an amorphous element. It readily and energetically reacts with metals and nonmetals alike and can avidly bond with many different electron orbital configurations. These altered configurations can include change in the orbit between a couple of sulfur atoms or change the orbits between sulfur and any other element. The bleaches are powerful chemicals and denature the sulfur amino acids in bleached flour by making these variations in the electrons orbiting the sulfur atoms in the sulfur containing amino acids. This tends to make them highly sensitizing and allergenic. A lot of what is considered “”GLUTEN ALLERGY”” may be the result of bleached denatured gluten from bleached flour. You certainly don’t need bleached flour flaring your autoimmunity which is already a major causation of your diabetes. Anti mitochondrial antibody diseases are another new class of diseases caused by Aspartame.

I must also mention oils: I am now using a cup of coconut milk per day in order to get the medium chain saturated fats which it contains which are beneficial in every way. Use of coconut oil is even better. They help produce HDL and are also specifically beneficial to the immune system and other body functions.

They are also antibiotic anti fungal anti viral and even help AIDS patients. (See Will be interested in seeing what the properties of peanut oil are and will probably add it as varietal cooking oil. It is noted to be more stable in frying than other oils. If you get the impression diabetics like myself need to keep continually looking for ways to improve their diet and try out what they keep learning that is just exactly what I recommend. It gives us a greater chance to find things which work the best for us as well as providing variety and balance in the diet. I am using about three tablespoons of flax seed each morning ground in the coffee grinder and added to my breakfast. I am also using a handful of hull less pumpkinseeds and a big handful of walnuts daily. All this gives me lots of omega threes and many other benefits for a man my age. I want to also check out Colloidal Silver. I also use rice bran with good effect but not the overpriced and doctored Health Food version. I don’t have my bag over here from the mainland yet.

I checked with the producers and they told me the forty pound bag ($25) you can get at the feed stores for your horses is taken directly from the same spout they fill the bags for the cereal companies from. So there is no reason to pay high specialty food prices for stabilized rice bran to enrich your diet with. It is reported to be of great value for diabetics!

As you can see I of necessity view my metabolism as fragile and already damaged so I do everything I can to help it survive in spite of the diabetes MtDNA damage and Chemical Hypersensitivity disease from Aspartame poisoning. Dr. John Linnell. Ph.D. (E.E.) a good friend from Canada who helped me create this article will now provide information on how to access an outstanding web page for helping diabetics deal with their erroneous metabolisms:

Dr. Jim Bowen

Thank you Doctor Bowen:

The web site that Dr. James Bowen is talking about is a fairly voluminous site with a lot of useful and interesting information. It deals with the underlying reason we get sick our Insulin levels get too high and everything from heart attacks kidney and liver failure diabetes etc are caused directly or indirectly by this. DO NOT confuse your Insulin levels with blood sugar. The medical/pharmaceutical industries are not the least interested in getting you well they want you to stay sick while they rake in higher and higher obscene profits by treating symptoms not the root causes. Treating a diabetic to control his blood sugars is never going to cure diabetes just prolong the agony of added complications with more profit from other useless drugs.

As of the time of writing this so far as I can ascertain the web site consists of at least twenty-two long pages. At present there is no index so I have gone through it and prepared at least a semblance of an index which is hyper linked so that any of you accessing this on line can just click and go that is unless the site owner a Mr. Thomas Smith [email protected] changes any file names. I was recently in touch with him as there are two sections not completed Neuropathy and Gangrene. He has assured me that they will be updated shortly.

The author tries to sell you a 160 page Special Report which I can not report on not having bought it but except for specific doses you may find what you need within the pages of the site itself. This is a fascinating study in itself and I must thank Dr. Bowen an aspartame poisoning victim like myself for bringing it to my attention. Between us maybe we can help a lot of others get well. In passing my own site which deals mainly with the curse of Aspartame poisoning is Dr. Bowen will have his site up and running shortly we hope. The index is appended below. Now go and get healthy again.

John Linnell. Ph.D.(EE)

Author: Life Enthusiast
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