Diet for Candida Albicans – Yeast

When your body gets its required nutrients, it can clean, repair and maintain itself. Find your specific Metabolic Type to determine what foods contribute to your health. And which foods take away your well being. Learn how to construct meals to build health instead of disease.

Metabolic Typing is THE tool you need for optimal health. Feeding your unique body type is the single most important principle that affects your maximum performance in all aspects of life.

Candidiasis almost never appears as the cause on a death certificate but it should!

You have the power to reclaim your mind, your immune system, your predestined body shape, your vision, and your health.

Do you experience constant fatigue and “foggy” thinking? Do you crave sugar, have a bloated abdomen or abdominal pain, feel like you’re dragging all the time, have a white film inside your mouth or have itchy rashes? Have your doctors told you nothing is wrong with you when you know that something is seriously wrong? Do your symptoms get worse after you eat sweet or carbohydrate rich foods? You can win over the horrible symptoms of fibromyalgia, oral and genital thrush, depression, anxiety, recurring irritability, heartburn, indigestion, lethargy, extreme food and environmental allergies, acne, dry, flaky, itchy skin, jock itch, migraine headaches, recurring cystitis/vaginal infections, premenstrual tension, and menstrual problems.

Yes, you need to supplement with Platinum Plus Amino Acids, Flax/Borage oils, multi vitamins as recommended. Supplements are not enough! Remember – It is not only the yeast that you may be battling, but much more sinister agents such as Hepatitis C, Epstein Barr, Herpes, etc.

Candida Albicans produces 79 toxins, which can stop glandular functions such as thyroid, pancreas, kidneys, and your mental processes. The yeast can suppress your immune system so on top of all the Amino Acids, Vitamins, Oils, and other supplements you take, you must take away nourishment from this most subtle of enemies.

MEVY diet

Many of you are carbohydrate addicts. Don’t be afraid to eat to satisfaction, because you are going to have to change your estimates of food – your starch fillers are gone!

1. The yeast grows on sugar and starch and it is fed by gluten-containing grains. Gluten includes wheat, oats, rye and barley. Do not eat sugar or sweets. This includes natural sweets and juices such as apple, orange, grape and juices, which are highly concentrated in sugar. No alcohol. Most canned products including soups have sugar added, so cook from scratch.

2. Forbidden – breads, pastries, beer, wine, alcohol, potato chips, popcorn, vinegar and foods containing it, green olives, commercial salad dressings, soy sauce, cider, sodas and nuts. All rice products are out.

3. In the strictest part of yeast removal you should follow the MEVY diet until the yeast readings are much improved.

M for meats: all meats – beef, chicken, fish, turkey, seafood (all), bacon, snails, frogs legs, venison, duck, ham.
E is for eggs: eat lots of them, and don’t worry, your cholesterol will go way down.
V is for vegetables: all except for carrots, corn, potatoes, and beets. No beans except for string beans. All spices are OK
Y is for plain yogurt: plain or flavored with vanilla, not fruit. Kefir is OK. Cheese is not.

4. No cheese, milk, butter or cream are allowed.

5. No teas including herbal teas. Bancha tea is OK. A cup of decaf coffee is permitted. Drink plenty of water, preferably structured water, with optional fresh lemon or lime. Do not avoid salt, it is necessary for many functions including digestion.

6. Yeasts, molds, and fungi cross react. When taken in food or even breathed they can trigger symptoms and diminish the resistance to Candida. So no mushrooms.

7. Make your own salad dressing, lemon juice, garlic, and either olive, flax, or hemp oil.

8. Use Stevia as a sugar substitute.

9. Sauté cabbage and use in place of pasta or rice.

10. Use Zeolite to remove toxins, the primary reason for the fungal infestation.

Check your weight often. You will find that it comes off fast as your reward for doing a hard thing.

Author: Life Enthusiast Staff