Critical Intestinal Flora Balance

Your intestines contain large numbers of bacteria. Usually about 4 pounds by weight, and numbering in trillions. These bacteria are supposed to be there in specific ratios. Certain bad bacteria are balanced out by good bacteria to form a delicate equilibrium. It is quite similar to what happens elsewhere in nature: you need to have more rabbits than foxes, but if either one reproduces too much, there will be a population crash coming soon. Too many rabbits and the turf will become overgrown, not enough rabbits, and the foxes will go hungry. The flora in your intestines is designed to handle all the nutrient extraction from the food you eat. This flora is extremely important, and when it is damaged, your health will suffer. When the bad bacteria overgrow, they can do serious damage to your intestinal terrain, much like acid rain or drought can damage a forest.

When this homeostatic equilibrium gets off balance, the function of your intestines is compromised, resulting in a condition commonly called intestinal dysbiosis, and it manifests itself with symptoms of irregular bowel movements. This means either diarrhea or constipation, depending on which direction the equilibrium has been disturbed and to what extent. If you are getting both, your doctor will call it Irritable Bowel Syndrome. You may already know that the word syndrome is a medical term for we don’t know what causes it and what to do about it. You can easily make the problem of the bacterial culture in your intestines worse by drinking chlorinated water. You do know that we put the chlorine in water to kill bacteria, right? As in your local swimming pool contains chlorinated water to prevent bacterial growth.

If you have ever taken antibiotics you should be aware that they are designed specifically for the purpose of killing off bacteria. Smart doctors will recommend you eat plenty of fermented dairy products (yogurt or kefir) to restore the intestinal flora, but they are not enough to restore balance and repair the damage. It is a lot like the overgrown undeveloped lots you may see between houses they are seldom covered in carrots and peas usually it will be a thick cover of weeds.

Strata Flora from Exsula Superfoods is able to restore and maintain the right probiotic balance in your intestines. It is formulated to eliminate viruses, bad bacteria, yeast, parasites, and infections. If you are taking any antibiotics or did in the past few years, you would be doing yourself a favor by using a bottle to rebuild your intestinal terrain.

Author: Life Enthusiast