Digestive System and Your Health

Your digestive system is responsible for adequate nutrient absorption and toxin elimination. Fundamental mechanisms for health, that enable strong immunity.

When you have good digestion, you have strong immunity.

Critical to your regaining and maintaining health.

Every part of your body functions better. Even your weakest link becomes stronger.

Your microbiome is critical to digestion.

It’s a community of bacteria, viruses, fungi and bacteriophages living in your gut.

About 90% of the microbiome is in your gut. The other 10% is scattered throughout your body.

The microbiome teaches your immune system what to fight, and what not to fight. It contains 75% of your immune system, and signals to attack or not.

People with autoimmune issues have an immune system that doesn’t signal properly. It attacks its own tissues. People with weak immune systems have an immune system that doesn’t attack an infection when it should.

Poor digestion can manifest in a wide variety of symptoms. Do you often experience…

symptoms of poor digestion

  • Bloating
  • Constipation or diarrhea
  • Low energy
  • Over or under weight
  • Food allergies/sensitivities (gluten, lactose)
  • Burning sensation between your stomach and mouth
  • Chronic body pains
  • Skin troubles (pimples, red inflammation, rashes)?

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If you often feel these symptoms,
your digestive system needs help.

The Truth…
IF your digestive system is compromised, it won’t be long before your general health fails.

Many people don’t feel the effects of poor digestion. Surprisingly, many  feel it as fatigue and/or pain. It all depends on your own personal weakness.

Picture this…
Over time, the water level in an old pond will slowly drain away. Just like the reserves of youth in your body.

When the level of water in the old pond drops, random things poke-up from the bottom. Just like discomforts or disease will surface in your aging body.

Digestive System and Your Health

Which particular discomfort or disease comes to the surface all depends on your individual weak tendencies.

If allowed to continue, symptoms of poor digestion can become debilitating.

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Digestive Enzymes

For comfortable digestion. This means better nutrient absorption and toxin elimination.

Digestive Enzymes alleviate symptoms of poor digestion. 

You need Digestive Enzyme supplementation if:

1. You eat mostly cooked and processed foods. Even healthy, cooked food. Most people do. Kills virtually all the enzymes.

healthy meal

2. You’re over 30 years old. Your stores are usually inadequate.

Digestive Enzymes become essential for adequate nutrient absorption from both food and supplements.

Consider taking Digestive Enzymes supplements. Don’t let seemingly minor symptoms blossom into degenerative diseases. If you’re already in a state of degenerative disease, Digestive Enzymes can help you too.

You MUST digest and absorb the food you eat.
Or your ability to regain and maintain good health will be compromised.

Beyond digestion, Systemic Enzymes have further benefits. They enable a healthy inflammatory response. It works to heal injuries and fight disease. Not causing run-away inflammation and pain.

Probiotics and Prebiotics

These both improve your digestive and immune systems.

Probiotic = For Life.
Prebiotics are food for the continued growth of probiotics.

These supplements replace or add to desirable bacteria in your digestive system. Just as bad bacteria can make us sick…

Good bacteria can improve your resistance to disease and infections.

Rebuild your entire digestive tract. From your mouth down to your rectum. Kill offending fungus, yeast and parasites.

When our ancestors ate, they consumed some soil with food. That soil was teaming with microorganisms. Their water did too. Those microbes got into their gut and colonized. Creating natural, strong immunity.

The best probiotic supplements contain soil-based organisms (SBOs). They help restore and maintain your digestive system. Immunity and overall health.

Before refrigeration, beneficial bacteria were used to ferment foods. This preserved the nutrients for long periods of time. Fermented foods are probiotic.

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Tips for Good Digestion

Ensure your digestive system stays in top shape!

1. Eat plenty of raw (or lightly cooked) vegetables and fruit.

2. Stay hydrated – drink lots of Energized Water.

3. Supplement with Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics.

4. Consider Apple Fiber.

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Inspiration for Better Bowel Management

First of all, let’s define constipation.
Most people think it’s when the bowels don’t move every day.

But constipation is also small hard stools. If your bowels move every day, that doesn’t mean yesterday’s food is eliminated. Many people have slow transit times.

This leaves far too much toxic waste in your gut. Can overwhelm your immune system. Leaves you open to any illness.

The lack of constipation is easier to define.
This is when your bowel movements are easy, soft and comfortable. With no cramping or straining.

If you’re constipated on a regular basis, sickness WILL come. Perhaps not in a way that seems clearly related. You may get sick more easily or feel fatigue and have body pain. Whatever your “weakest link” is, that will be where your health fails first.

Many doctors treat constipation as a minor nuisance instead of the serious condition that it is, or can lead to. The dangers run from hemorrhoids to serious tumors. Hopefully this will not be you.

Stool Chart

The Dangers of Constipation

Constipation predisposes you to any and many major diseases. If your body does not efficiently get rid of toxins (the bowels are one major eliminator), your immune system must work overtime to compensate. Then any other system in your body can suffer.

As I said, whatever system is your “weakest link” will suffer first. Mine is weak connective tissues. You may feel anything from joint aches and pains to full-blown colon tumors. I know that’s a scary one, but it’s a real threat from constipation!

Your colon is meant to hold only a few pounds of stool. When you’re constipated, your colon can hold 10-20 pounds or more! But the weight is not the problem – the volume is. Large, heavy stools will stretch your colon, irritate the lining (mucosa) and the anus. And produce toxins from rotting and fermenting food.

Digestive System and Your Health

Chronic Constipation can cause…

  • Hemorrhoids (swollen veins in the anus from straining to have a bowel movement)
  • Anal Fissure (torn skin in the anus from a large and/or hard stool)
  • Fecal Impaction (accumulated stool that gets stuck and won’t come out)
  • Rectal Prolapse (stretched and protruding intestine out from the anus)
  • Polyps and tumors.

At the very least, constipation affects your quality of life and diminishes your well-being.

To be healthy now and in the long-run, you must have daily soft and comfortable bowel movements, with no cramping or straining.

Unless and until you clean out your insides, serious diseases are almost sure to surface.

Most of us are overloaded with toxins. Chronic diseases are the direct result of accumulated toxins. An optimally functioning detoxification system (healthy bowel movements for one) is necessary for preventing disease and providing good health.

How to End Constipation

The usual advice for constipation is to increase fiber and water, and if that doesn’t work, then take a laxative with a “Pandora’s Box” of side effects.

Laxatives work by either stimulating the bowel (this can lead to weakened bowel muscle movement) or bulking up the stools (can lead to more constipation without adequate water). Both ways are NOT good solutions.

The healthiest way to end constipation is to have vegetables comprise about two thirds or more of your food every day. That’s what I do and it’s extremely effective. But difficult for many people. If you’re not able to consistently eat large quantities of vegetables, then we have another healthy option for you.

Magnesium To The Rescue

It will easily get rid of your constipation. Be very careful with the amount you try, as its effects can be quite dramatic. A friend took too much and thought he might just get a lift-off from the toilet! (sorry for too much info)

Magnesium is a key, essential nutrient, necessary for every major process in your body. Needed for bone strength, muscle strength and heartbeat, as well as the functioning of your nervous system. Without these taking place efficiently, your body is in trouble.

Many debilitating and life threatening diseases are associated with magnesium deficiencies. Here you can read more about “Magnesium Supplementation“.

End Constipation and feel Dramatic Health Improvements!

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Author: Ann-Louise Evanoff with Martin Pytela