Doc’s Aminos FAQs

Q: Just wanted to let you know that the supplements I ordered from you didn’t seem to help my condition with Fibro at all. I also didn’t see any HCl for digestion in the supplements either. I tried but can see No improvement what so ever.

A: Sorry to hear that you did not see relief instantly. Not everyone feels like doing handsprings the first month in our care, or even few months. If you expect a drug like reaction, you can be disappointed. The body does it heaviest work during the first few months and your energy can even go down; the reason is that it is being used (internally) to fight with your viruses, bacteria, yeasts and heavy metals, and other toxic compounds.

We have seen a lack of progress, usually due to the patient’s failing to follow our directions:

  • Drink three quarts of structured water every day
  • Use Celtic sea salt or Himalayan Crystal salt, brine therapy 1 tsp every day
  • Optionally follow the MEVY diet, especially in severe cases
  • Take sufficient level of supplements (our Package #1 or #2)

Look at the detoxification graphs we have compiled. They show you what you cannot feel – metals coming out of your body – the viruses follow the same pattern. Notice the time frame in the graphs. Only exceptionally we see anything shorter than several months. As far as HCl not being in our package, we stopped using that 20 years ago, when we found that you cannot make HCl without amino acids, and salt. Most doctors and people who recommend HCl remain ignorant of these facts.

I am a 53yr old female who has suffered with FM (fibromyalgia) symptoms for my entire adult life. It has gotten worse over the past 15 years. Over the past 13 years I have tried different holistic approaches to reduce the pain. Traditional Chiropractic, Best Chiropractic, Acupuncture, homeopathy, massage, kinesiology, CRA, many expensive supplements and I have had no change in my pain. I also have followed a no to low carbohydrate diet with very limited sugars. My diet mainly includes fresh fruits, vegetables and certain fish. I still have no relief of the pain. How do I know what to order, when to take the supplements, what to and not to eat etc.?

The intensive fibromyalgia package is where to start some of which runs into the second and following monthly packages – if you have yeast there are no fruits allowed for the first month. The diet and the directions are in every package. Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Did you ask this question of all the chiropractors, acupuncturists, homeopaths, masseurs, kinesiologists, CRA practitioners, and the sellers of many expensive supplements? Did you not see any MDs?? It should be apparent from our findings that you cannot have fibromyalgia without a protein/sulfur deficiency. None of these people supplied you with Doc’s Aminos – the basis of our success with this condition!

Here is the point: as a doctor with over fifty years in practice I consider it unethical to give a money back guarantee. No patient ever had the effrontery to ask! If that is how you qualify your next attempt at healing, you have probably cut yourself off from what is working!

Sorry you took my statement as an insult, it wasn’t meant to be this way. I took it as watching a person throwing away what is likely their only chance to get well. When I phoned your company, I spoke to a woman who told me that I should feel a lot better in 5 days on the program. I based how I was feeling on what she said although I gave it 2 more weeks.

She is permitted to give the range of results but no promises. People have felt better in 4 hours! Some no better in three months. This was the case with the grandmother who had lupus, she didn’t feel any better for three months and in 8 months had gotten over lupus and fibromyalgia, both medically incurable.

In answering your questions that you have asked: Yes I am following the diet to the tee, and I haven’t consumed any dairy products in over 8 years as I was told that I had M.S. 12 years ago and studied hard to stay in the best health that I could to suppress the symptoms. Good – are you taking anything else? Sometimes the “best” things are not good for you at this time.

Last week I was diagnosed with Fibro and Myafacial and chronic Fatigue. No MS was even in the Specialists opinion. I am quite knowledgeable about removing toxins as I have been seeing a very well known Homeopath with numerous other titles she holds when I was in MI. We had searched long and hard to detox the body with numerous products and many were helpful.

Did you see the metals detox graphs?

I for some reason can not come back up out of this last episode since August. I am so weak and suspect that if the products were pulling out chemicals and toxins that I would get worse. I can’t say that I have gotten worse, I just have seen no progress. I do not do medications except Xanax for high anxiety, and truly believe in healing the body the natural way. Please do not underestimate my knowledge.

Don’t underestimate mine – it is obvious that you had not studied the case histories.

I am more than willing to work with you, I realize that I am not going to be dancing in 3 weeks, although I was mislead by whomever I spoke to when I phoned your company. I also asked the woman if I should not feel worse in ways from detoxing, her reply was No, you won’t feel any difference, just drink plenty of water so you will not get constipated.

I am having such an extreme problem with dry eyes! I have plugs in the ducts (all 4) and use drops constantly, yet now I see floaters and can not rid of them. Can you explain this to me as I am pretty new to this Fibro disease. No one seems to be able to answer that question and when I have researched it, they state it could be from too many vitamins and Flax Oil. I don’t believe this theory myself, as I never used to take but only one vitamin and I have had the dry eyes for 10 years. Actually that was one of the very first strange symptoms I had. Very strange vision with extremely dry eyes. They thought once I may have contracted Lymes disease.

Now, if we can respect each others opinions and talk to each other as human beings I am willing to work with you and follow this thing for another month if you believe it takes more time to see a bit of a notice. Do we have a deal?

Good deal – I don’t have time to look it up but this describes something like Sjogrens? Syndrome essentially dry eyes. It is likely that you have liver damage and do not utilize fats and fat soluble vitamins, A-D-E-K. With your re-order remind us to send you a bottle of bile salts (no charge) to help with your fat digestion. Vitamin a is especially indicated in this condition and you are getting the best!

So many people become defensive, and my letter certainly wasn’t written that way at all. I was merely stating, I didn’t see any progress. Yes, I also use sea salt and have for 8 years also. I am far from a fruitcake and haven’t whined in 12 years. I am a very strong person with a will to live and have been under an extreme amount of stress. I told you I am loosing my home and having to sell my belongings as I am too weak to live and take care of myself alone.

Although I certainly gave it a try for 5 months until I couldn’t get off of the floor any longer. Does this sound like a whine baby or should I say a FRUITCAKE? You be the Judge, Dr. So maybe you’re not a quitter? Good! This case I have must be an extreme one, although I have spoken to many others that express the same symptoms that I experience on a daily basis.

It depends on the extent of damage done and getting the repairs under way. Some of the first things others will notice is a change in color of your face and a positive attitude. Tell me when this happens. By the way we love homeopathics but all them together do not replace the protein metabolism of the body or the detox it is capable of. This is the way it is designed. Are you getting complete protein daily? You must answer this one. It is the key!

May God Bless you and I hope you continue to help others and I hope that I may be one of them to see and feel the relief.

Amen. On this wavelength how can we fail? You have our phone number – 803-644-0607

Could you recommend a sugar free protein drink for me to utilize during this diet? One of the best is two or more eggs in the blender with equal parts cream and water – stevia or equal if needed sweetener and flavorings; nutmeg, cinnamon, almond, vanilla etc. Voila – eggnog! You can ad whey powder or a little powdered seaweed – if you are up to it.

Thanks for the recipe! I didn’t know how much dairy I was actually willing to introduce to my diet. Yet, I could buy the organic lite! Why lite? Chances are that it will have milk sugar in it. I know my brother has eaten many drinks like these as he has lifted weights for many years. I am so excited and am praying so hard that this will turn me around. How long does it take to rid of the pains in the lower back.

Depends on what viruses are in your spine, how fast the disks heal, the metals come out and if there is a serious displacement at some level. What do you think about me seeking a Chiropractor’s help for my spine being so far out of whack?

You should wait about a month for adjustment since you have been unglued all this time – get your tissues stronger and adjustments begin to hold – your disks started healing in ten hours.

Q: What do I need to take with the Amino Acids?

A: Treating any body problem of whatever magnitude, our goal is to supply the deficiencies. In the case of acute infections (viral or bacterial) additional supplementation may be added to counteract the invader. Most of the people we see come to us in pain and in serious trouble.

We recommend extra vitamin C (ascorbic acid crystalline) minimum 3000 mg per day, along with an enzyme C-complex containing all known factors, one cap per 1000 mg of vitamin C.

The protein and sulfur problem is addressed with Doc’s Aminos, one of very few patented free form amino acid formulas in the world. Nothing that we have seen exceeds the spinal disk rebuilding and detoxifying ability of this nutrient.

Tested by doctors who have the ability to monitor the removal of mercury from their patients, at six per day this is the treatment of choice. The spinal disks begin volumizing in 12 hours. The dysbiosis, lack of HCl, are normalized and the digestive enzymes are replenished, re-arming the “Enzyme Cascade” from the pancreas to the individual cells and especially the immune system. Since this is a patented product, nothing else on the market will accomplish these multiple functions.

The Vitamin-mineral in our Starter Kit, a professional grade formula that contains no fillers, has proved to be a reliable source of Iodine, B-complex, Chromium, Selenium, and Vitamin A. There probably are products equal to this, but when you spend your time doing millions of tests on these vitamins and they never let you down ? you don’t look to change.

The essential fatty acids supplied by extensively tested professional formula and grade of flax and borage oils will correct excessive inflammation with prostaglandins, produce hormones, help calcium absorption in the cells, and more.

Q: Do you recommend a dentist to deal with mercury poisoning?

A: Yes. Gerald Smith, at ICNR in Pennsylvania, and Holistic Dental Association

Q: How do you know that your recommended salt is better?

A: We muscle test everything! We had friends over for dinner and we got to talking about the Himalayan Salt. Jane is hyperactive and we tested her for salt. This is interesting because she has bad reactions to salt, yet when I tested her, she was salt deficient.

We tested her with an old salt shaker, which we thought had Morton’s or like salt. She responded weakly to this and on interrogation it was not adequate. We tested her with sea salt, which we use in our kitchen, and she was much stronger – on interrogation she weakened by only half. Finally we tested her with Himalayan salt and she was stronger from the get go – on interrogation she did not weaken at all!

Furthermore she showed weak adrenals, pituitary, hypothalamus. She also tests calcium deficient. I gave her one of the crystals, told her to dissolve it over night in a pint of water and to start off with one teaspoon/day and observe the results. If no bad reaction, we will increase it to a tablespoon.

Q: What is the actual food source or raw material from which your amino acids are made? Is it from milk, egg, legumes or green plants? The information on ingredients just states the different amino acids and says they are pharmaceutical grade and this does not tell me much. Your concept sounds very logical, yet I am suspicious if I do not know that a nutritional product comes from actual super high quality food source grown on well mineralized and biologically active soils. ~LF, Canada

You do not understand – these are not plants but the building blocks of proteins – If they come from vegetables – which they do, they are not vegetables but pure crystallized free form amino acids which rotate polarized light to the left – Hence the term L-arginine, L-phenylalanine etc. In short it does not make ANY difference as to the source. Furthermore they do NOT have to be digested (being free-form), which is why we use them. They start absorbing immediately once they are in the body. They are absorbed immediately unlike protein in food. They enhance protein digestion from food sources such as meat, fish, cheese, egg etc. You are confusing organically grown vegetables with the pure crystals of life itself!

Q: Can you explain your statement that disc degeneration is the major cause of fibromyalgia?

A: We are saying that amino acids/sulfur deficiency is the major cause of fibromyalgia. Degenerating disks (ddd) are one of the major elements that goes unrecognized by the establishment, probably contributing to “brain fog” and multiple pain areas.

Q: How can that be, when young people, teenagers, preteens, have also been diagnosed with fibromyalgia? How can they already have disc degeneration at an early age?

A: Because hypoglycemia can be passed from the deficient mommy to the infant. Again in practice we found disk degeneration in three year olds. We knew this 20 years ago and expect that it will take another 20 years before the “establishment” catches up. Do you want to suffer that long? I hope not.

Q: I have just purchased my first bottle of your Doc’s Aminos. I am a 47 female is relatively good health. I have been living a high level raw food vegan lifestyle for 2.5 years (85% raw). These past few months I have begun craving protein to the point it is annoying. I eat all plant based proteins, hemp seed protein, algae, soaked nuts & seeds, bee pollen etc. I know I am consuming enough, but my body does not seem to be digesting or assimilating.

I started taking Zymitol systemic enzymes a few months ago – they have helped with the sore neck, shoulders & back that I do experience.

A: This may be a direct palliative effect (on your soft tissues), but not a digestive effect.

Q: (I am an accountant) however the protein craving is still very much apparent. My energy levels are now dropping and I am quite tired etc.

A: There are a number of possibilities here: do you use salt and use it adequately? Enzymes need to work at the right pH and be the correct ones since there are 60 clans of proteases I have never seen them identified so we take a skewed view of enzymes for digestion, even pancreatin does not work after a short time which is why we developed Doc’s Aminos in the first place. My favorite question to doctors is which would you rather do? Use enzymes from a pig, a steer, a fungus, or make you own peculiar enzymes? They always answer “that’s a no-brainer”!

Q: I would like to know what is the best time to take the Doc’s Aminos and should it be with or without food for optimum results.

A: Empty stomach before meals it is immediately absorbed from the small intestine. The problem may be that you do not get enough “complete and balanced” protein found in fish meat eggs milk. Do you have a source of iodine? Nothing works without it! The two items that I mention being missing have held up a lot of people from healing = even with Doc’s Aminos which addresses the world’s greatest deficiency – but not every deficiency.

Q: Any suggestions that you can share regarding the information I have shared would be most appreciated. Blessings to you for working so diligently to support our continued health and longevity.

A: Amen and amen!

Q: I’m writing because I wanted to give you an update and also to ask a few questions. Tomorrow will be the start of the fourth week of the real strict diet. Firstly I’m so thrilled with how all the products have been helping me. About 1 week and a bit into the program I suddenly noticed that my hair and facial skin were smooth! My hair got bounce and softness back into it, and my facial skin has not been so good in years! It was miraculous! The pain in my neck and arm is also reducing bit by bit! It seems too good to be true that I might finally be able to get rid of all the pain and limitation I have. I’ve been very very tired throughout with various infections (at the moment I have blisters on my lower lips and an ulcer inside the mouth) but I’m very encouraged because I have been having times of feeling `a long-lost feeling of positive well-being’.

A: Yes be encouraged – the sores and ulcer are our “old friend” herpes virus who is backing out of your body. It just does it this way!

So just to tell you that I’m so excited and appreciative of your work and products. Thank you! I just have a couple of questions. In Korea I have unfortunately not been able to find “unsweetened” yogurt. Is it okay to use 1-2 Tablespoons of ‘sweetened’ plain vanilla yogurt as the starter culture in the heated milk (per 1 liter). I love yogurt so I have been doing this a few times and hoping the culture would eat up the sugar and that it would be diluted in the milk amount but I don’t know and I have hated to have to do it this way.

Also I still have a problem with painful, multiple lumps in my breasts and it seems to be worse after eating this 2% milk fat yogurt (I can’t get non-fat in Korea unfortunately but have ordered it from overseas because I do have a reaction to milk fat)

A: Maybe lactose intolerant? Try sour and whipped cream and see.

Would there be any connection and is there anything extra I should be taking for this fibrocystitis or in time can it be helped with your products.

A: If the lumps are infected with viruses they usually get a little sore and larger, as the inflammation process removes them. Keep on, it will pass.

Also I haven’t been using non-fluoride toothpaste because there is none available here, how much of a problem could that be?

A: Use salt and baking soda mix instead. Doing good!

Q: I take the Doc’s Aminos, and I noticed in some of your literature that some folks need to take salt. How would I find out if I need to increase my salt intake, and what kind of salt should someone take. Also, my mom has carpal tunnel, is carpal tunnel the result of a lack of proper amino acids as well?

That is correct. Of the 16 conditions that cause the body to distort into what is called a category 1 distortion (mild scoliosis reversible) we identified one as salt – hence category 1 l salt. If your sweat or mucus does not taste salty you need more. Ideally it can be muscle tested. There are urine tests and blood tests. If you are perspiring freely every day you should take – at least a 1/4 teaspoon in a glass of water. We think that Celtic sea salt is OK and Himalayan salt is even better. Yes usually amino acids are #1 but it can also be additionally vitamin B6 and other Bs in combination, as well as iodine, vitamin C, vitamin A, and essential fatty acids. Computers don’t cause the carpal tunnel syndrome – they just bring it out!

Q: Would the essential amino acids caps be as effective? Please let me know.

A: Since methyl-sulfonyl-methane is found in nature and is believed to need protein carriers like other minerals, I would be curious to know: a, what reactions it is that you have to MSM, b, if supplying the protein carriers prevents these reactions. I can send you a trial bottle of 28 (1 week) at no charge to you. That says that am really curious!

Q: We have a 2 year old grandbaby that suffers from grand mal seizures since about 6 months of age. She would also projectile when she nursed, literally throw up all over everything every time she nursed. She experienced a stiffening of limb, usually an arm off and on for the first 6 months, before her first real grand mal. Her seizure lasted 2.5 hours until she was “put under”. This has continued at great cost to her health, and last Dec. she underwent a surgery to have a vagus nerve stimulator implanted in her body, basically to buy her more time as she was undergoing being “put under” every 10 days? obviously she could not survive that. Since then, she has managed, but of course, things are still not good. Any infection, or body temp change causes a seizure. They seem to build up as the days pass until she has to be transported to the hosp.

My children are trying everything, but it is very hard to give her multiple vitamins as she has so much other meds to take. We have a chart of suggestions for seizures, but need to find a pharmacist who can put the concoction in “one or two” pills or capsules. There is no way we could get all the recommended doses of natural supplementation in her as separate substances, if you know what I mean. Do you know of such a pharmacy?

A: This is a problem indeed. It may be possible to administer some of the supplements rectally. We have never had to so far but have been ready once or twice. It is also possible that a birth injury/distortion of either the cranial bones, jaw or upper cervical is partial or full cause also – in that case the services of a holistic chiropractor’s evaluation also might be helpful. I am sending a copy of this to a colleague, dr. Gerald Smith who is a holistic dentist and a cranial expert. He may choose to answer or you may contact him for the name of some advanced dentists in your area.

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