Doc’s Nutrients

Supplementation with Doc’s Aminos may provide your body with an essential foundation for health.

In order to understand this method of healing, you have to understand the role of amino acids in your body. The inventor discovered the role of amino acids in helping discomfort and disease, and then developed Doc’s Nutrients, Doc’s Aminos.

The Role of Amino Acids in Your Body

Amino acids are essential to the proteins in your body. And proteins are part of every living cell in your body; present in all tissues including skin, nails, hair, blood, bone and brain cells.

Proper protein metabolism creates a strong immune system to heal disease in the following ways:

  • Helps to increase the production of antibodies, creating a strong immune system that can naturally heal any discomfort or disease.
  • Enhances enzyme production, which allows for proper digestion and enables efficient absorption of nutrients.
  • If sufficient amino acids are not provided, enzyme production will diminish and digestive function becomes progressively more impaired. Inadequate nutrition leads to disease.

Thousands of different proteins are constantly being assembled from 20 different amino acids. Your body can manufacture 10 of these amino acids. The other 10 are considered essential; meaning they must be acquired from your diet.

On the other hand, excesses of some amino acids can produce results as detrimental as deficiencies. An example of this would be drinking energy drinks with high amounts of L-Taurine constantly.  The results would be imbalance and poor function of the body.  Balance in the use of amino acids is of great importance. Amino acids must be available in the proper amounts and ratios.

Doc’s Nutrients formulas contain a perfect balance of free form essential amino acids (with the required catalysts of sulfur and molybdenum). This is essential in creating a healthy immune system and to naturally end discomforts and disease. Experimental studies appear to indicate that most, if not ALL disease states may be fundamentally attributed to the deficiencies in AMINO ACIDS, vitamins, and minerals.

Author: Life Enthusiast Staff