Ebola Virus Outbreak and What You Can Do

Ebola is only in Africa, but for how long?

The mainstream media is having a hay day with the news of the rising number of people infected with the ebola virus. On the surface, this is not looking good. We could indeed be just one plane ride away from a serious outbreak, anywhere on the planet. It has been around for some time in the equatorial Africa, in Liberia, Guinea, and Nigeria. The climate probably helps, as do local customs. People hand wash their dead before burial, so transmission is almost guaranteed. Ebola is transmitted through direct contact with bodily fluids. You cannot get it by walking past somebody. You would have to eat something they licked, spit or sneezed upon, or possibly transferred mouth to hand to mouth. So a hand shake could do it. There is a great article on CNN and videos with Dr Sanjay Gupta: We do know Ebola, a simple virus with a small genome, is a swift, effective and bloody killer. The mortality rate is higher than 50% and in some outbreaks reaches 90%.

The prognosis is not good. So far it kills half or more of all people infected. The problem is information. The research is convincingly showing that we have effective defense products, but the mainstream pharma industries are not promoting them (they are common, relatively cheap, and cannot be patented), and the media are not reporting on them (is it because the biggest advertising spenders are the pharma companies?).

On this side of the information divide we have several effective tools. Colloidal silver kills all viral infections. You can use it as a spray-on wipe, and you can even take it internally. Oxychlor (also known as MMS and CDS in the alternative health circles) is supereffective at wiping out microbes. We have it in Aerobic O7 solution, ready to use. And then there is good old Vitamin C. It can help your immune system wipe out most invasions. Just make sure you eat plenty of fresh raw vegetables. Or supplement, if you are stuck eating cooked foods.

It is astounding to me that the mainstream medical and media people are willing to ignore the information. It is thoroughly documented in proper scientific studies, but it is set aside as if it did not exist. I recommend that you add these items to your preparedness kit. It is good to have it on hand when you need it. Scrambling to get some after your neighbor or relative has died of the infection is going to be too late, and our shelves will be fast cleared in a panic. Does nobody remember that hydrogen peroxide and humic acid are excellent tools that can save lives?

Author: Life Enthusiast Staff