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Ecklonia Cava - Fibromyalgia

Ecklonia Cava Extract (ECE): Phase 1 Clinical Trial Preliminary Results

In a 2 month, double-blinded study of recognized fibromyalgia patients, ECE was administered as an additional therapy to the patients current standard of Doctor care. The results established the general safety of ECE and

  • Cut the time it took the participants to fall asleep by 47 minutes
  • Aaugmented total nighttime sleep by 1.6 hours
  • Improved depth of sleep by 80%
  • Boosted their energy levels by70%
  • Gave 2 1/4 more good days per week
  • Helped decrease pain by 30%
  • General condition improved by 40%.

Interestingly, these improvements were achieved at all doses. Patients given the placebo had no improvement during the study.

From: $19.95
Algoran LifeForce
Algoran LifeForce
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Ecklonia Cava Extract
Ecklonia Cava Extract
From: $39.95

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