Elk Antler for Animals

by C.J. Balok and T. Langham, Cedar Animal Medical Center, Callup, New Mexico USA

A two-year ongoing study was conducted to determine the efficacy and safety of velvet antler treatment in animals. Dogs ranging in size from 2 kg to 70 kg were selected based on their presenting signs and case history. The primary condition treated was chronic arthritis and muscular injuries or conditions. Bone and soft tissue healing was also observed. Other conditions treated were poor hair coat and skin conditions, and aged or geriatric pets. Also studied were reproductive impotence in a stallion, ringbone and chronic navicular disease in the equine.

More than 70% of the cases observed showed a positive response to treatment with velvet antler after cessation of other drugs currently in use. A positive response to treatment was one in which the owner noticed marked changes in the presenting signs.

Increased vitality, increased appetite, improved attitude and decreased pain were the major qualitative changes noted. Increased healing in severe bone fractures and soft tissue injuries in the equine were also noticed, along with improved performance. From this study on over 150 animals it was concluded that velvet antler greatly improved arthritic conditions in the canine and equine patient, and accelerated soft tissue and bone healing and improved the reproductive performance in the stallion. No major side effects or toxicities were noted with the dosages used.

Author: Life Enthusiast