Energized (Revitalized) Water Importance

“Water can be without the company of humans but we as humans can only be without water for a few days.”

This quotation shows the whole truth about the importance and meaning of water as the main source of nourishment. Its value cannot be overestimated. It is essential for all life on this planet. The human body consists of about 75% water and the brain about 85%. Each cell in the body depends upon water in order to function. Numerous disorders are caused by insufficient and unhealthy water. In order to maintain the various bodily functions, we need to drink up to 2-3 lifters of water each day. We need our daily supply of water since we cannot maintain reserves of it in our body as we can with food. We would die within three to seven days without water.

For thousands of years, humanity has been aware of the importance of water. In Rome, a couple of thousand years ago, it was considered to be one of the biggest crimes to pollute the water. Today in our advanced and modern society we believe we have to sacrifice everything including the water of this planet we inhabit (for the time being) in order to continue the “progress” and our so-called “welfare.” We are rapidly destroying water’s life-giving capacities. Increased population, industrial wastes and agricultural chemicals are contaminating our water sources. The citizens of our “consumer/waste” society have unfortunately lost all respect and deference for water and Mother Nature.

In our civilization, we as individuals use water as if we had limitless amounts of it. In Canada, it might seem to be true for the time being, but in Europe and other densely populated areas of our planet, drinking water has become a scarcity for which we pay dearly. Only 2-3% of the planet’s water is fresh water. The majority of this tiny fraction exists as ice at the planet’s poles or is inaccessible for other reasons. Only 0.2% of the planet’s water is potable. Are You Drinking Enough Water? Not only do you have to look at the quality of the water you drink, but whether you are drinking enough water? 75% of all people are chronically dehydrated. In 37% of us, the thirst mechanism is so weak that it is often mistaken for hunger. Here are some other facts:

  • Even MILD dehydration will slow down one’s metabolism as much as 3%.
  • One glass of water shut down midnight hunger pangs for almost 100% of the dieters in a university study.
  • Lack of water is the number one trigger of daytime fatigue.
  • Preliminary research indicates that 8-10 glasses of water a day could significantly ease back and joint pain for up to 80% of sufferers.
  • Even a small drop of 2% in body water can trigger fuzzy short-term memory, trouble with basic math, and difficulty focusing on the computer screen.

Drinking five glasses of water daily decreases the risk of:

  • colon cancer by 45%
  • breast cancer by 79%
  • bladder cancer by 50%

Are you drinking the amount of water you should every day? If not, use revitalized water to make it an enjoyable experience!

Ability Of Water To Store Information

One of the important properties of water is its ability to store and share information, and in particular photons. Biophotons are weak electromagnetic waves in the optical range of the spectrum – in other words: particles of light (energy/information). All living cells of plants, animals and human beings emit biophotons which cannot be seen by the naked eye but can be measured by special equipment. Cancer cells and healthy cells of the same type, for instance, have very different emissions of biophotons. Our cells contain 75 to 90% water. Therefore, our cells also emit biophotons which control vital processes. DNA lies in the center of every living cell, surrounded by water.

The DNA contains instructions on how the cell should behave and replicate in the form of light/energy via the surrounding water because water stores and shares information – from ALL energy sources, man-made or natural. The energy from our DNA gradually expands out from the center of the cell, spreading throughout the whole body via the water in our bodies. It extends beyond our physical bodies to the Auric or Biophysical field due to the water molecules in the air around us. This is how, through water, we and our energy field, interact and communicate with everything around us.

When our internal body water stores energy from such things as man-made toxic chemicals, additives, pesticides, EMFs, mobile phones and their microwave transmission towers, other people’s energies etc., this imbalanced energy begin to distort, alter or scramble the balanced light (or information) emitted from our DNA and the corresponding instructions to our cells on how to behave, replicate etc. Our energy fields are altered in a detrimental way and this reflected in the physical form as disease or illness. Water stores and shares healthy AND unhealthy energy – information / memory – with ALL life forms. Many cultures, such as North American Natives, have always known that water has a living consciousness and is a sacred part of God’s creation: Mother Nature. It becomes very apparent that the quality of the water in our bodies plays a major role in our overall physical health and spiritual well being.

What Kind of Water Do You Drink?

Water is alive in Nature when found in its natural environment. When we use it, we treat it without any deep understanding of what water actually is. We do a variety of things to the water:

  • Pump it through miles and miles of straight and narrow pipelines.
  • Frequently use high pressure turbine pumps.
  • Expose water to numerous 90 degree turns.

This causes the water to:

  • Lose its Life Force.
  • Make it defenseless against bacteria and viruses.
  • Lose its ability to self clean.
  • Lose its freedom to follow its innate desire to move in spirals and swirls.

As a result of this, water becomes “dead or lazy” as bacteria buildup occurs in the pipeline. Then we add chlorine to it which kills most of the bacteria – both good and bad – in the water, in us, when we drink it and when we shower in it. Richard C. Sweeting, MD expands: “when [chlorine] comes in contact with organic material, whether dissolved in water or in the contents of the intestines, many diverse halogenated compounds are formed. Most medical researchers were led to believe it was safe, but we are now learning the hard way that all the time we thought we were preventing an epidemic of one disease, we were creating another.”

Why Water Filter Systems are Inadequate

Increasingly, more and more people are becoming aware of the need for additional water treatment. In the past, most people thought home filter systems were the solution. They’re not! Filtration might still be necessary; but alone it does not provide good and safe water. Even when water has been physically purified, it still often contains life-restricting electromagnetic frequencies from poisonous substances. We need to learn how to protect ourselves against the massive health challenges resulting from our civilization’s lack of understanding of the basic laws of Nature and the Cosmos.

Reverse osmosis water revitalized

I received this observation from a customer of mine in Florida: “I have been treating all the 5-gallon plastic jugs of reverse osmosis water we get from the water store with the shower unit and one thing I have noticed is the ice cubes are exceptionally clear – you can see right through them – whereas they used to be cloudy!”

Now, how can it be that such an extreme filtration method as reverse osmosis still leaves ice cubes cloudy? How can it be that the Water Revitalizer, which is not filtering out any particles per say delivers crystal clear ice cubes? Even brown septic tank water will, when using the Water Revitalizer for a few months, turn from being brown in color to be almost clear and this again is without using filters. Callum Coats, author of Living Energies, states: “Present methods of water treatment kill water, [which] ultimately destroys those organisms constantly forced to drink it.

We therefore actually sterilize our blood when we drink chlorinated water, thereby readying ourselves for the onset of disease.” Take a look at The Leading Edge Research Group website. The site can provide you with more information about chlorine and fluoride. The information there makes the use of these chemicals look like a crime against humanity. Studies conducted since 1993, including a Great Lakes Basin cancer study sponsored by Health Canada have raised concerns that the guidelines set for chlorinated water may not sufficiently protect against risks of cancer and other health effects.

The Solution: The Water Revitalizer

Revitalizing our water is the first step because it neutralizes these harmful effects. This is easily seen and verified by observing a water droplet under a microscope. The Water Revitalizer will reestablish the health of your water. It will make the water alive and well again. The water’s abilities to self-clean are restored and it tastes great!

Tap and Revitalized Water Under a Microscope

A harmonious circular membrane around a drop of water is one of the most significant characteristics of alive water. The opposite is the case with dead water. Here the dead drop of water is characterized by a deformed membrane where the outline is seriously damaged.
In alive water you can see a grid structure which will appear when the drop of alive water dries out. The opposite is the case when a drop of dead water dries out. Here you can see no information, nothing in this deserted space but dirt particles.

Below are examples of water droplets taken with Kirlian photography.

Regular Tap Water (Dead Water)

The energy field surrounding the droplet is fractured and incomplete, illustrating the damage to which our water has been exposed.

Revitalized Tap Water (Alive Water)

The energy field surrounding the droplet is full and healthy looking, clearly showing the restorative effect of the Water Revitalizer.

Why Revitalized Water is Better

  • Improves the body’s ability to obtain nourishment and eliminate/excrete body wastes.
  • Increases the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water.
  • Eliminates and prevents further slime buildup caused by bacteria.
  • Provides plants, animals and humans with improved health and renewed energy.
  • Revitalized water becomes softer, so you avoid dry and irritated skin after showering, even with chlorinated water.
  • Washing your clothes requires less detergent and gets better results.
  • Minimizes or eliminates calcium and rust deposits on technical installations (e.g. in industrial and agricultural settings). Less maintenance is required and therefore the material lasts longer. This of course will result in savings! The same is the case on tiled surfaces.
  • Taste of water becomes pleasant and therefore enjoyable to drink!
  • Removes taste and smell of chlorine much faster due to the faster release in the process.
  • Absence of sludge in your drain system due to the natural powers of revitalized water.
  • Transfers the positive vibration/frequency of revitalized water back into the surface and depths of the ocean after its use.
  • Revitalization does not lose its effect. You can actually store the revitalized water for many months, which is good if you are sailing, or on holiday in your mobile home.

How the Water Revitalizer Works

Revitalized water reverses the polarity (negative to positive) of toxic substances such as heavy metals, pesticides, nitrates, etc. These positively charged (+) toxic elements cannot be absorbed into the body, since the cells also have a positive (+) charge and are electromagnetically repelled. These toxic elements pass through the system and are expelled. Furthermore, existing negatively charged (-) toxins are flushed out of the system as they are electromagnetically attracted ( -/+) to the positively charged (+) revitalized water molecules.

We use either two or three ways to restore the natural health of water.

Double Spiral Movement
In our units, the water is processed through a double spiraling flowform creating a very powerful vortex energy field. The vortex shape is found everywhere in nature from seashells and plants to antelope horns. It is always the natural path of least resistance that free-flowing water takes in order to keep itself healthy and energized.

Charged With Energy
In addition, the Water Revitalizer has been charged up with energy. This is partly why the water pictures show so much energy.

Vibrational Tool
If people have the Cosmic Energy Transformers in their home they also get a free gift ~ the Personal Cosmic Energy Transformer. Actually they get three of these, of which one can be placed on the Water Revitalizer’s mid-section. The Personal Cosmic Energy Transformer also energizes the water and imprints its 106 vibrational patterns on the water. One could label the Personal Cosmic Energy Transformer as an alchemical liquid working as a vibrational tool.

Excerpt From The Water Wizard – A More Scientific Explanation

The Double-Spiral Flow Pipe (As Used In the 1930s in wooden pipes) Please note that our Water Revitalizer is of course not made of wood but of metal.

“The water-masses are conducted along a double-spiral flow pipe in such a way that the movement of the individual filaments of water at the periphery takes the form of a secondary helical motion along a primary helical path. Through this arrangement both centrifugal and centripetal forces evolve simultaneously in the cross-section of the pipe, which convey bodies heavier than water down the center. Bodies lighter than water are impelled towards the periphery.

Water-masses conducted in this fashion are slightly warmed through the interplay of mechanical forces of friction on the vane-surfaces, leading to the separation of oxygen in the inner region of the pipe and its subsequent concentration at the periphery. At the same time as the oxygen is ejected, all the bacteria migrate towards the periphery as well, since their living conditions in the more central part of the cross-section have now become unsuitable. In company with the bacteria, all the water-polluting particles are also dispatched towards the periphery of the pipe. Thus the water is easily and simultaneously purged of suspended matter.

Flow Dynamics Of the Double-Spiral Pipe

Once bacteria have transferred to the peripheral zone in search of the required oxygen, and after a certain period of time in water completely cut off from outside influences, they are overwhelmed by a localized concentration of oxygen. In this way, precisely those pathogenic bacteria susceptible to an excess of oxygen are advantageously eliminated, whereas nonpathogenic bacteria which are not harmful to human health, but in many cases are actually beneficial, are to a certain extent, retained.

At the same time as the content of absorbed oxygen is separated from the carbons contained in all water, the inner core of the water surges ahead in a simple spiral movement (vortical movement along the longitudinal axis), because the surface tension of the water becomes physically reduced as a result of the above mentioned separation of oxygen from the particles of carbon. The physical reduction in surface tension results in a mechanical acceleration, leading to the self-purification and energetic charging of the centrally accelerating water-masses.

On the other hand this charging of energy gives rise to further processes related to the overall equilibrium between the heavy, centrally-accelerating bodies and the energy-rich water. The ensuing simultaneously cooling solid particles are separated and are again directed towards the periphery. There, they combine with oxygen and are reunited with the centrally-accelerating water in the form of additional energies. Those particles of matter not drawn into the center will be pressed onto the surface of the pipe walls by the prevailing mechanical pressure, there to combine with the raw materials from which the timber was originally formed.

Thus they seal the pores of the wood, which in this way becomes more durable than iron. Once again we are here concerned with a natural process whose active principle is operative in the formation of all capillaries. The capillaries not only construct themselves, but also protect themselves against harmful influences. As a result of acceleration of the entire body of water peculiar to the double-spiral flow pipe, greater quantities of water can be conveyed than in an ordinary smooth walled pipe and, due to the efficacy of the oxygen, extensive self-purification and self-sterilization of the water occurs which constantly increases in quality through the uninterrupted buildup of energy as it moves along its path.

The reason for this is as follows:

As they accelerate, centrally-conducted water masses are simultaneously cooled, with the result that gases evolving from the carbons become concentrated in the flow-axis, where the lowest temperatures reside. This concentration decreases towards the periphery. The oxygen on the other hand is concentrated around the periphery of the pipe, reaching its most aggressive state at the interface with the warmer pipe-wall, giving rise to mutual interactions between the two basic substances from the periphery inwards. This subsequently leads to the aforementioned interactions which qualitatively enhance both water and wood.

In the course of time the relative spatial distribution of the more central flow of water and the interactions at the surface of the pipewalls arrive at a certain state of equilibrium. These processes then cease – the water is now mature and both wood and water have become almost immune to harmful outside influences. Whereas oxygen is located in the peripheral zones of the pipe, the free particles of carbonic acid congregate in the boundary zone of the inner core of water as a result of the water temperatures prevailing there.

The carbons contained in the water, in bound form, necessarily accumulate in the central axis, which is predominantly saturated with carbons. By arranging the in-built, specialty-shaped vanes in a particular way, aggressive particles of oxygen on the boundary layer of the outer edge of the inner core of water, are brought into continuous and direct contact with the most aggressive carbon dioxide, resulting in a continuous generation of energies. These are drawn further towards the centrally-accelerating water masses, due to the decrease in temperature towards the central axis of the pipe.

Accordingly, two types of circulation are created in the cross-section of the pipe:

  • the mechanical circulation of the water
  • the counter-circulation of those energies that evolve when aggressive particles of oxygen encounter free carbon dioxide

This circulation of energy manifests itself in the form of a continuous electro-dynamic process. In this instance it does not take place at the walls of the pipe, but at the boundary zone of the water’s inner core, resulting in the qualitative uplifting of its physical, material, energetic and immaterial attributes – but not in the destruction of the pipe walls. These double-spiral flow pipes also convey matter heavier than water down the middle of the pipe and at the same time ennoble and refine it, so that oils of inferior quality, for example, will be improved during flow. After smelting, iron ores transported in this fashion yield a higher-grade iron, because in the process of being transported, the oxygen in the ore is consumed in the formation of new carbon compounds (reduction processes), which then contribute towards the materially higher composition of the carbon – iron.”

Evidence or Proof

Personal Experience

Today, we are encouraged to rely solely on the authority of the scientific / industrial establishment as proof of something existing. This situation disempowers us, jeopardizing our well being. The fact that many people today, apart from their own sensations and gut feelings, demand scientific proof, which alone will be accepted by the intellect. This is caused by one-sided linear thinking or, in other words, the “rational” mind’s (left side of the brain) monopoly on “accepted” knowledge. This makes us feel unable to trust our ability to sense the truth and trust the faith we feel inside whenever we experience something which is not confirmed by the scientific establishment.

I suggest you contemplate the fact that the scientific community has approved of so many medicines which have later proved to be detrimental and even deadly to humans, animals and plants. I remember a newspaper article which showed the level of consciousness in mainstream science. In the article it was explained that a group of scientists had finally found out that mother’s milk was probably very healthy for babies to drink! The article therefore recommended breastfeeding babies, since it was now recommended by science. We can only hope this is an expression of the science of yesterday moving forward into present time. I have now read that science had discovered (in 1998!) our blood spirals in our blood vessels as well.

Best Proof

The best proof one can ever have, is their own personal experiences, sensations and observations. As instruments of measurement you have your sensory organs, which you can develop to perform conscious observations using your awareness. Common sense and intuition is also helpful.

Living Water in Relation to You

No one should expect a total solution to individual and personal problems by getting a Water Revitalizer and having alive water in their daily lives without doing anything more. This would be too simplistic, and not our intention or meaning. Well Structured water can help you deal with your personal problems, but it is still only you who can solve those problems. We humans have always been inclined to expect miracles and wonders, especially when something occurs which cannot be understood with the rational mind alone. These so-called miracles and wonders each person can realize, using his or her inherent and innate powers.

For instance, there are individuals who lose faith in their healing when a dis~ease occurs, while others are capable of overcoming the very same dis~ease by maintaining the belief in their healing. The more effort a person is prepared to put into doing something for themselves, the more intensively living water will help in the utilization of the forces in living water. When using water, especially revitalized water, it is very beneficial to be aware of the living consciousness of water. If you, for example, experience that living water does not solve some problem you have in a satisfactory way, you do not have to give up your faith and beliefs in living water, or yourself.

Take it as an opportunity and stumbling block, a welcomed reason to go through your problem once again and do some research into the cause of the problem. Then maybe you will find reason to acknowledge and admit the fact that there might be something which you can change (e.g. in your lifestyle, attitude or ways of thinking). After this you might find that living water is now able and willing to support you to be stronger in your new state of mind because it is closer to the truth in your reality.

Giving Mother Earth a Healing Hand

Originally from Nature’s hand, water was capable of purifying itself through its own information and memory. Nowadays, this wonderful ability has gone in most cases since the amount of pollution is too overwhelming for the water. By using living water, we can assist water to reawaken its ability to purify itself as it comes in contact with the waste water systems after it flushes down the drain, eventually carrying this aliveness and the higher frequencies to our rivers, lakes and oceans. Revitalized water is not affected by boiling, distillation, deep freezing, filtration (e.g. carbon, reverse osmosis), radiation or chemical pollution (e.g. chlorine).

The revitalized water continues to influence the natural environment. In the book, Living Water, it is said about water that wherever living water is flowing there is an energy flow generated by the water, which flows upstream. This is what happens too when you have your water running through the Water Revitalizer. It will affect the entire body of water connected in both directions. This is of course wonderful information for everyone who cares about the environment.

Author: Mikael Lund