Exsula Superfoods for Cellular Energy

Sun + Chloroplast + Mitochondria = Your Life Energy

Our life-energy has these 3 key players.

Mitochondria are the submicroscopic energy reactors that crank out the life-energy to drive your cells. Simply, The sun’s energy is converted into plant energy by the plant’s chloroplasts. The plant’s energy is converted into human energy by the body’s mitochondria. Any interruptions in this cycle, or disturbances in the supporting environment, will have ripple effects on the remaining steps. Foul your intricate cellular machinery with junk food and you start feeling poorly.

Locusts eat your crop, you go hungry. Darken the sun and everything stops. Weak points that form in this cycle account for most “incurable diseases” like arthritis, cancer, heart disease, and premature aging symptoms – wrinkles, age spots, fading complexion, low energy and ambition, loss of muscle tone and excessive weight gain. A better understanding of your life-energy cycle and appropriate action on your part may help you put off the inevitable.

Journey from the Sun to Your Energy

Let me show you a real world as fantastic as any explored by the unencumbered imaginations of science fiction writers.

This very moment, somewhere in the corner of field in Arizona, just seven minutes from the sun, a solar photon moving at the speed of light has traveled the 90-million miles of space, penetrated miles of atmosphere, gravity fields and a droplet of dew. It hurtles into the atomic structure of a chloroplast in a cell of a Kamut grass leaf. The electron released at the instant of this atomic excitement is captured by enzymes in the chloroplast and becomes a potential building block of life-energy. Suddenly another enzyme molecule is manipulated into being by other enzymes.

The new enzyme helps transform sunlight, air, water and soil into fats, proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins. Our enzyme molecule eventually finds its way into the pressed kamut grass juice and then into Exsula. At last it finds itself restructured by your liver and put to work to support the replication of a long mitochondria in some obscure cell amongst an ocean of cells in a pea size universe called the pituitary. There it helps to produce thousands of chemicals that activate your blueprint. These myriad chemical ambassadors are dispatched to every distant cell, developing and nurturing each one.

Here our enzyme settles in for a million use cycles transmuting the very atomic structure of substances one million times its own weight – a cog in one of the mitochondrial energy creatures as a vital speck of genetic information copying and reduplicating itself into generation after generation of energy releasing mitochondria. Reducing the power of our observation scope a few million times, we see the mitochondria as strange little energy creatures inhabiting each of our 100 trillion cells in quantity.

You are a galaxy of such busy little suns, perhaps 1,000-trillion in all, comprising fair poundage of your total mass. But like the pounds of bacteria occupying your intestines, your mitochondria are not really “flesh of your flesh.” Their cellular membrane within your cell’s membrane is not animal but bacterial in structure. Each mitochondrion contains its own genetic plan – not human, but mitochondrial. Each replicates at a rate independent of the cell it occupies.

Its ancestors were symbiotic emigrants riding along in your mother’s egg. Fortunately, the relationship between your 100-trillion cells and their 1000-trillion mitochondria is a cordial one. You see, just as the farmer waters and fertilizes his crop, so your cells tend the needs of their mitochondria by providing them a blend of coenzyme Q10 and Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). And, just as the farmer is rewarded by the profit from his crop, so your cells are rewarded by the energy radiated within them by their mitochondria.

Your Mitochondria are Picky Eaters

The membranes or mitochondria are exceptionally selective. Where human cell membranes will admit almost any junk food to clog itself or poison itself, your mitochondria are almost exclusively receptive to Q10 and ATP. This is their diet. They are picky little eaters indeed. They really have no choice. They are so minute and so specialized in design that virtually all they are quipped to do is replicate themselves and produce energy for the life process of the cell they inhabit.

Quality of Life is Up To Your Liver

As you age and are exposed to toxins, your liver’s delicate machinery becomes increasingly clogged and worn. Its ability to transmute the foods you eat into life-charged Q10 and ATP diminished along with your ability to fuel your mitochondria. Hence, their numbers and vitality decline. A downward spiral has begun where even the mitochondria in your liver have less than optimal Q10 and ATP available. Fewer mitochondria create less energy needed to produce mitochondria food, and fewer mitochondria generate even less life-energy, and so on, until your whole universe reverts from the busy orderliness of life into the muffled randomness of death.

Along the way, the distressed mitochondria consume less energy (calories) than you take in, so you start putting on extra pounds. Your lack of energy is mistakenly read by your appetite as a need for fuel. Eventually you are smothering under a burden of unburned fatty fuel, yet can’t find the energy or ambition you had prior to stockpiling all that unneeded fuel, without any plan to find a single dry match. Without plentiful Q10 and ATP your cells are like cars entering a haunted freeway where little gremlins climb up under the hood and unplug one sparkplug after another until the entire city is clogged with stalled and sputtering cars. Gradually, radiance of life fades to a faint glow no longer protecting the individual cells from the ravenous viral and microbiological wolves stalking back and forth waiting for the fire of life to dim.

Parable Of Keys

There’s a story told of an intoxicated fellow searching for his house keys under a streetlamp. A passerby paused to help him find them. After a few minutes, the passerby asks the fellow if he was sure this is where he lost them. He replied, “No, but it is dark over there”. Orthodox health care philosophy is an incredible religion steeped in tradition and dogma. It claims to be the guardian of truth, yet rabidly persecutes those who search for truth in designated forbidden zones. It claims exacting accurateness, yet continues to treat cancer as if it were a deficiency of radiation.

Medical Science has been looking for a common origin and cure of the noninfectious diseases under their streetlamp for so long that anyone who even considers looking elsewhere is ostracized. It is administratively fashionable to put them out of business (eliminate competition). Scientists in other fields are beginning to trip over keys common to such previously diverse situations as cancer, arthritis, cirrhosis, low energy, age spots, birth defects, stroke and aging. This is the brave new world of live enzymes.

Each sub optimal health situation can be likened to an enzyme storm where life has gotten out of balance – possibly because enzymatically deficient foods have dominated the diet – possibly because the system isn’t able to make important enzyme conversions in the liver. If one class of nutrients being able to benefit so many diverse situations seems almost fictional, remember that not so many years ago, the announcement of the universal antibiotic penicillin was greeted as a joke by authorities of the time.

Its acceptance and use was fought vigorously by the powers in charge. Research scientists have discovered that we need prosperous mitochondria. We even know that Q10 and ATP are their favorite diet. We can carefully concentrate certain foods like royal jelly, vegetable cell cultures, sprouts and spirulina to supplement the production of Q10 and ATP from our increasingly lazy livers. We can consume lecithin to clean and tune-up our livers so they produce more of what we need. And we can eat digestive enzymes to enhance the nutrition extracted from foods we eat.

Exsula Is The Answer

A comprehensive formula is possible, but not nearly as simple to make as it might seem. The proper design and production contains layer after layer of interrelated design criteria. It must attend not only to the mitochondria’s immediate needs, but also tend the needs of systems supporting the mitochondria and host cell environments. It is critical that we provide sufficient enzymes to clean the mitochondria’s cellular waste, from life-energy production. This is the mission of antioxidant enzymes. Exsula’s special processing allows these enzymes to be absorbed through the membranes of the mouth, tongue and throat while you drink

No other energy formula on the market has captured how vital it is to not only produce the energy, but also provide a means of disposing of age-inducing metabolic waste. Failure to do this will eventually suffocate the cells and mitochondria in their own exhaust. Benefits will he short-lived as cells load up with metabolic debris, and again mitochondrial reproduction and vitality will fade. It takes time to tune up the mitochondria and prepare them through a series of regular feeding. You must keep their environment clean and their resources plentiful enough for them to operate efficiently and reproduce vigorously.

Within four weeks of taking Exsula, your tune-up will be well under way. Some people in fact, seem to benefit substantially within a few minutes, hours or days. Four months seems to he a nutritional milestone as most benefits that can ever he expected to surface should now be visible to a fair degree. Within the next several months, the outward benefits should become increasingly obvious especially to persons who haven’t seen you for a while. YOU realize that your complexion, beauty, and attitude are more radiant. You find yourself accomplishing more than you were 10 years ago. You feel more alive. Your mitochondria are well tucked in and fed.

They are please and so are you. Exsula formulas are complete and effective Superfood supplements. They contain a treasure of enzymes, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, and enzymatic pigments. If I had to live on one food the rest of my life, Exsula Superfoods in juice would he my first choice. I’m sure I would do very well on it alone. Those who are willing to put the highest priority on their health will discover even higher levels of well-being when they add Exsula to their already good diet. This will further broaden and strengthen important links in their life-energy chain. In nutrition, far more is gained through diversity than even the highest potencies of isolated nutrients.

Exsula’s ingredients provide hundreds of nutritional factors in a concentrated food form. I would not bother with a multiple supplement that isn’t a food concentrate. The word “natural” is often used very loosely and rarely means natural. Exsula Superfoods are perfect food concentrates. They support all of the desired results, safely at all levels of consumption and benefits every aspect of performance. This is because food concentrates support cellular function in general – not just one isolated area or benefit as expected with other supplements or from drugs.

Jack LaLaine said it best: “The food you eat today is walking and talking tomorrow. Eat inferior food and you will become an inferior person. Eat superior food and you will become a superior person!”

Remember, your body deserves the best – Exsula

Author: Life Enthusiast Staff