Exsula: Inventors Experiences

My first superfood blend Excela began as my own desperate search to save myself from a hellish allergy that had me at the threshold of my end. It fed my cells in a new way, elevating them to a higher state of being where the allergy could not exist. This allergy had pounded me without mercy for 12 years. It was gone in 11 days after I started taking Excela. The only thing the allergy left me with was an unbelievable tolerance for pain and a profoundly deep thankfulness it was gone.

Sadly, I think that some people are missing out on what Excela could do for them, most especially those in one sort of health crisis or another. They need the gentlest nutrition and Excela-50’s more subtle bioenergetic charge. My preference would be for a couple of level spoonfuls of Iridesca as the morning cornerstone and Excela-50 smoothies as “continual” boosters throughout the day – not for everyone (I certainly don’t do this) – but just for those who need it most. If this were done routinely for those in desperate need, their disappointments would be rare. “Surthrivers” would not be the exception, but the rule.

Our own children are Exsula kids, and we are constantly getting enthusiastic compliments about them everywhere we go. My father, Bernie, is an Exsula user, living an active life, and routinely guessed to be a dozen years under his chronological age of 90+. My daughter, Ala, an Exsula mom, expecting her third child, has kept a vigorous pace all through her pregnancy. Sixteen years ago, at age 30, my own health had collapsed under the weight of severe allergies. The pain was excruciating and unrelenting beyond words. I had difficulty envisioning my life even a year ahead at one point, even a week ahead.

Now I feel very near my prime – category by category – and with the Exsula SuperFoods, I have the resources and the resolve to keep it that way. I would invite you to find a healthy balance between curiosity, skepticism and thankfulness. Over the years I have observed that an attitude of sincere thankfulness may be your most important health component. So many thousands of things can go so horribly and painfully wrong with health, that any health you still have is ample grounds from which to begin practicing thankfulness. Thankfulness is the first step on the path to optimum health and longer life – to awakening your gifts, your talents and your ambition.

Iridesca as a Longevity Food!

Before taking Exsula products 13 years ago, Xjante’s health (she is the biological mother of seven) rated the lowest score possible on a health evaluation test. Now with Iridesca, after having 4 more children, she continues in fully restored health. At the beginning of this school year, Xjante went to register her 15-year-old daughter at the junior high school attended by 7th, 8th and 9th graders. Amongst the stack of registration papers was a bright yellow form. As Xjante, and Danielle were standing with two of Danielle’s student friends, Xjante was filling out this form.

A school faculty member approached Xjante, and putting her hand on Xjante’s shoulder, politely but firmly informed Xjante that the yellow form was to be filled in and signed only by a parent. The faculty member was shocked when Xjante said, “I am the parent.” It has been 21 years since Xjante registered as a student for that same grade! (Xjante is 36. She was 21 when she had Danielle.) Even more remarkable is the transformation that has taken place for Xjante (formerly Anita) during these previous 12 years.

Prior to this at age 23, she was divorced from a trying marriage, then married for only a year and then widowed, when a tractor flipped over – she had lost a small son to another tragic accident, was a 9-year 3-pack-a-day smoker, had been in and out of the hospital, and was the survivor of a merciless childhood and two decades of severe malnutrition – her teeth were dissolving, and she was down to 89 pounds and on crutches. When she answered a lengthy health questionnaire, her evaluation was as low as you could be and still be “alive.” And these “highlights” are only the mildest sampling of her entire story.

Within two months on Excela-50, at the end of 1988, she had improved so dramatically that even her closest friends did not even recognize her – except by her laugh. During these past 12 years, she has been faithful to the Exsula program and it has been faithful to her. She eventually gave up meat eating and smoking. She began taking the Heart Studies Formula as soon as we came out with it two years ago. None of her old health problems have returned. Though, Xjante has had seven children, at 5′-5″ and a firm 123 pounds, she makes staying trim seem effortless, especially to her siblings with fewer children and up to three-fold her weight.

So you may rule out genetic advantage alone! Xjant is not fanatical about calories. She eats what she enjoys when we dine out. At home, she also eats a vegetarian diet, but lower in saturated fats than restaurant fare. For exercise, she takes several short walks every day, and plays tennis now and then. For water, we only drink filtered or distilled water – and plenty of it! When Xjant really wants to shock someone, she tells them that she is a grandmother-step-grandmother that is, to the sons of my oldest daughter Aja. Aja’s son Alex, age 6, shares the monkey bars with his uncle Dakota, age 5, at the local kindergarten.

Dakota’s little brother Gaveyn, age 4 (Xjante’s and my youngest), can be found playing at home with his nephew Corbin, age 3. I am now 15 years into these Superfoods myself. Xjante and I have 8 children living at home, one married on her own, and two who visit all summer, holidays, and every weekend. Five of our children are teenagers. All of our children have friends who are constantly visiting. We have our grandsons several hours nearly every day. Three of our middle kids took the same drivers ed class last summer, and another is taking it now. In such things there is opportunity for stress – or so we are told. With Iridesca and Heart Studies we are experiencing far more positive results than some might expect.

I feel light-years better than I did at age 30. I am performing better by every measure. Now, 15 years later, at age 45, I am a grandfather of two (soon three) and look no older than I did then. I had lunch with my 22-year-old daughter a few months ago, and as we were chatting across the table, the waitress came up and assumed we were an engaged couple. We listened politely as she talked on and on into some detail about the restaurant’s wedding cake and reception catering services. We just smiled at each other and let her finish. Such a story would be one thing if I had been a young teen father, but I was 23 when Aja was born and 25 when Ty was born.

Many folks automatically assume I am the brother of my 21-year-old son. Ty and I recently attended a conference together. We had gone the week before to get suits. Our jacket fittings were identical. Conference attendees we had never met before assumed we were brothers. When told that I was actually Ty’s father and my age (45), one fellow thought it was a joke and stood his ground, just shaking his head, stomping his foot, repeating over and over, “No way. No way!” It finally took my driver’s license to convince him.

The clerks at one shop that Ty and I frequent refer to us as “The twins!” – And jokingly refer to Ty as my “dad.” A while ago, I was scampering around on Mt. Rainier with all of the kids and noted far less effect from that altitude, than the same altitude 25 years earlier, and then again at 18 and 12 years earlier. I firmly believe that Xjante’s and my personal use of these two formulas will add at least 20 active years beyond our statistically expected lifetimes. Twenty years! Just think of it! For me, that is at least another 50 good productive years beyond today!

Thank You!

A very special thanks to all those folk who plant the seeds, who grow the berries, dig up the roots, wash the leaves, and press the oils. Thanks to those who suffer neckties and lab coats. Thanks to our son Ty for weighing, grinding and blending it all just right. Thanks to our son C.J. for bottling it all. And thanks to all of the others who help out. Thanks for my daughter Aja’s cheery voice on the phone while growing Xjante’s and my third grandson, Sean, who will have arrived just before you are reading this.

And a very special thanks indeed to Xjante, Marc, Darren, Martin, Lance, Courtney, Richard, Jim & Jim, Lenny, Marjorie, Howard, Lee-Hope, Al, and all of the others whose resources, labors, talents, enthusiasm and creative energy have provided that little extra nudge and inspiration here and there just when needed to keep things going over one mountain, and then the next. Sometimes it was just one well-timed, well-said word. Sometimes it was just a knowing that your prayers and good wishes are with us. Sometimes it was your teaching us, or your consistent, accurate labor.

And thanks to my 11 children and 2 hearty grandsons who teach me we were made to fall hard and come up smiling – that we were made to bounce backwards, sideways and belly first (literally) a long mile, all the way down the steep mountain, bouncing high and shouting with glee, and then storm right back up again. Thanks to all of you, our customers, who buy Iridesca with your hard – earned dollars and give us the feedback we need to know how to help others. Thanks for buying, and thanks for sharing the word about Iridesca with others. And most of all, thank you to our Creator for all of our marvelous lives and for so many fun “toys” to feed our wondrous bodies and make them dance!

Brightest Blessings & Every Good Wish!

Author: Life Enthusiast