Exsula Superfoods Instructions

Whole Food Nutrition For Vibrant Health and Natural Healing

Your body naturally strives to be healthy. Given proper, absorbable, life-giving nutrition from superfoods, your immune system can work efficiently to heal and maintain health. Natural superfood supplements are essential for proper nutrient absorption & toxin elimination, enabling a naturally healthy, pain-free body. When you supplement your diet with our superfoods, your body receives nutrients that it requires to function properly and optimally. You’ll see increased energy and vitality. And because superfoods are whole food nutrition, you will not later experience a drop in energy, as you would from sugar and caffeine.

Superfood Supplementation Is Necessary

Our civilization is starving for nutrients that are lacking in our food chain. Now more than ever, supplementation is crucial for health, because nutrients have been depleted from our soils, and destroyed in the processing & cooking of almost all the foods we eat. This type of malnutrition can be the cause of pain and chronic degenerative diseases. Even though caloric intake is abundant, many bodies lack proper nourishment. Superfoods provide the building blocks that are missing in a typical diet. They are an excellent way to provide natural, living energy for your body.

The components contained within our products are dried with the utmost care, to preserve the inherent life-giving enzymatic activity. Superior nutrition from superfoods generally do not heal or cure specific symptoms (although this has happened). But when you ingest this natural, energetic nutrition, you can perform optimally, as intended. Your body becomes an environment in which disease cannot thrive. These dynamic reactions are generally not understood by conventional medicine and science, but we know that nature provides what we need for health.

The Benefits of Superfood Supplementation

Prebiotics… Food for Probiotics

They improve the health of your intestines and immune system, by stimulating the activity & growth of your naturally present, beneficial probiotic bacteria. Prebiotics enable the continued growth of your healthy internal flora. All our Exsula Superfoods multi-ingredient formulas contain a plant-derived prebiotic called inulin, a soluble fiber that also helps lower cholesterol.

  • Reduced fat and increased muscle = a more solid, healthy and attractive body shape
  • Immune system support for enhanced immune function
  • Enhanced memory, ambition, attitude and brain power
  • Reduction of joint and body muscle aches and pains
  • Substantial increases in sexual health, interest, ability and stamina for women and for men
  • Enhanced assimilation and utilization of all nutrients
  • Extended life span quality and quantity
  • Bioflavonoids for enhanced utilization of vitamins
  • Antioxidants and antioxidant synergies for more youthful appearance and body functions
  • Ingredients to deal with blood sugar and prostate concerns
  • Bacteria, viruses and parasites are controlled by nutritional systems inside the formula

Superfoods feed your brain, to help you deal with all challenges in your life, including physical, emotional, mental & spiritual healing, stressful schedules, and extreme weather changes.

How To Take Your Superfoods

  1. When taking anything new, it is best to begin slowly, and drink plenty of clean energized water.
  2. Start with 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of the powder in a glass of juice. Within a week or two, gradually build up to 2 level teaspoons daily. Then adjust your servings up from there as suits your sense of what amount works best for you. Athletes, hard physical or mental workers, creative folk, the elderly, people who are too heavy, and those in special need, may want 6 teaspoons per day or even more. For healthy, longtime Exsula enthusiasts, it will probably be 2 to 3 per day. For an average person, this may be up to 6 early on, and then tapering back to 2 to 4 level spoonfuls per day.
  3. Iridesca may be energetically “too hot” or too complex for you. Consider moderating it – or fine tuning it – by taking a smaller amount of it with a larger amount of Excela-50.
  4. Or – take a couple of level teaspoons of Iridesca in the morning and then Excela-50 in the early afternoon to sustain phytonutrient momentum and enhance its benefits.
  5. Do not use too much powder in a glass of juice. You want it to taste good, and go into solution for maximum assimilation. Make a thin smoothie – not a pudding! We heartily advise you blend only 1 level or slightly rounded teaspoon per 8 oz (cup) of juice, or 2 level teaspoons per 12 oz to 16 oz drinking glass. Try diluting your favorite juice by 1/3 with water, to suit your taste, before blending in the powder.
  6. Try different juices. One that everyone seems to love when they try it is called Aronia. It is like a cross between blueberry and cranberry It adds potassium, antioxidant anthocyanadin bioflavonoids, and vitamin C. It is available on many supermarket juice shelves. Orange juice is also very popular – especially for Excela-50. Apple is popular too, and lower acidity. Kids go crazy for Iridesca in V-8 Splash fruit juice blend. Try different juices and blends for variety and to discover your own favorites. If you are into making your own smoothies, try adding ice, fruit juice, frozen juice concentrate, banana, and fresh or frozen fruit chunks. For a heartier, even more nutritious shake, add a tablespoon of freshly ground flax and lecithin.
  7. Obviously, fresh fruit or vegetable juices are a superior base to blend in, if you have access to them. However, making use of whatever juice you have access to, so you stay on track with your Superfoods program, is what is most important. Certain purists will always want their fresh-pressed juices. Superfoods love these superior bases. Yet Superfoods were created to facilitate the average person using the mini-blender, to whip a couple of spoons of Iridesca into their breakfast glass of orange juice – and thus get far superior levels of phytonutrients and enzymes than what they could get by going with the fresh-pressed juices and handfuls of supplement pills.
  8. When traveling, put however many of your daily servings of Iridesca that you need into a sandwich size zip lock bag. If you are using the Heart Studies Formula also, mix them together for convenience. Put your plastic spoon in the bag, and then put the smaller bag into a sturdy quart size zip lock, and then in a location in your luggage where it is safe from puncture. During your travel day, or at your hotel, get a small bottle of juice. Drink some to allow space for powder and shaking. Add your Superfood, put the cap back on tight and shake. Drink some or all as you wish. If any is left, put the cap back on and take your smoothie along with you to sip as you travel the rest of the morning.

When To Take Exsula Superfoods

Exsula can be taken at any time of the day, all at once, but preferably in small doses throughout the day. It is formulated to be used in a fruit juice smoothie (orange, grapefruit, aronia), although plain water will work fine. You may sprinkle it over your salads, too. We recommend you avoid coffee and soda pops altogether, as they are extremely detrimental to your digestive processes. Morning is a good time to take Exsula, but never just before (or after) drinking caffeine (coffee, tea, soft drinks). Caffeine is detrimental to your digestive process. Exsula supports the beneficial bacteria in your digestive tract. It is best to take Exsula with meals, because its enzymes helps with digestion and better assimilation of nutrients.

Can Everyone Tolerate Exsula?

Some people may go through cleansing reactions, a “healing crisis”. This cleansing reaction comes in the form of increased intestinal activity, elimination, runny nose, and even detoxification headache or dizziness. This cleansing reaction frequently occurs when people switch from a low-fiber, “junk-food” diet to a high fiber, natural food diet. Start out with a lower amount and gradually increase up to the recommended dose in 1-2 weeks. As long as you are not showing an allergic reaction (such as hives) or throwing up, you can safely continue the superfoods. In a couple of months, the reaction should decrease, and you can increase your dose.

Can You Take Too Much Exsula?

Exsula Superfood products are whole foods: the purest, most potent foods on earth. They are not drugs, not a concentrate, nor an extract. A person cannot take too much. You cannot overdose. Because it is naturally detoxifying, it can’t accumulate and become toxic. There is an optimum dose for every person: experiment and find out what works for you. Someone trying to overcome a serious disease may use one bottle every week. Many people with chronic viral conditions, such as Epstein-Barr virus or Herpes virus have shown significant improvements in their condition with larger amounts. Exsula Superfood products are very concentrated, and of the most potent food blends you can find anywhere. The average person should be taking about 5-8 grams (1-3 teaspoons) of Exsula per day. A person trying to combat a disease should be taking 15-20 grams (3-5 teaspoons) of Exsula per day.

Keep Taking Vitamins with Exsula Superfoods

It will not hurt you to keep taking your multivitamins with Exsula, although they are not necessary. Exsula and a mostly raw food diet contains a wide array of vital nutrients. Taking Exsula will prove much more economical than taking other supplements.

Storage of Exsula Superfoods

Whole superfoods are perishable, and need to be stored properly. Our Exsula products are packaged in an opaque PET plastic bottle with ultraviolet inhibitors to prevent spoilage. The internal lining contains absolutely no metals that might taint the powder. An oxygen reducing pack draws out oxygen that might cause oxidization, and a silica pack reduces moisture, to prevent clumping. When stored properly (oxygen-free environment, without light exposure & frozen), our products retain stability for years.

A Note From the Founder

Your precious living body is a miracle of awesome design and stunning potential. To achieve optimum health, performance, and longevity, your body is gifted and eager to utilize a dazzling array of life crafted nutrients. It merely awaits your action to supply all that it needs. For over 20 years it has been our constant passion and our heartfelt mission to create and supply the most powerful and perfect plant-life-created Superfood blends – bursting with full-spectrum nutrients and living enzymatic fields that will have every one of your cells celebrating LIFE.

Jevari Oberon

Author: Life Enthusiast