Exsula Superfoods: Life Giving Nutrition

Your Body Naturally Strives to be Healthy

Given proper, absorbable, life giving nutrition from Superfoods, your immune system can work efficiently to heal and maintain health. Natural Superfood supplements are essential for proper nutrient absorption & toxin elimination, enabling a naturally healthy, pain free body. When you use our Superfoods, your body receives nutrients that it requires to function properly, and increased vitality and energy usually follow. Unlike sugar, caffeine or other “energy pick-me-ups”, Exsula does not lift you up only to let you down soon after. Superfoods are not drugs, they are whole food nutrition. The components in Exsula Superfood products are from natural plants, many grown in the wild.

They are processed (micronized) with utmost care, to preserve their inherent life-giving, enzymatic activity. Proper diet, quality water & exercise are foundations of every healthy lifestyle. The core of your nutritional program should begin with 100% natural live whole food nutritional products. Exsula Superfoods provide a naturally synergistic source of thousands of naturally occurring nutritional compounds, vitamins, minerals, live enzymes, antioxidants, amino acids and phytonutrients that can only be obtained from live whole foods. Exsula products provide highly beneficial and the most nutrient dense nutrition available. 100% pure, naturally complete live whole food nutrition – just the way nature intended.


Bacteria, viruses and parasites are controlled by nutritional systems inside the formula.

Superfoods feed your brain, to help you deal with all challenges in your life, including physical, emotional, mental & spiritual healing, stressful schedules, and extreme weather changes. You may choose to start and maintain with only one Superfood, however a complete program includes one blend from each of these four groups.

Foundational Formula
Iridesca for the ultimate performance.

Energizing Formula
Advancium for maximum performance, high acidity, osteoporosis.

Specialized Formula
EllagiPlex for rejuvenation and tumor elimination.

Supporting Formula
SuperSeeds for oxidative stress prevention.

You Need Natural Whole Foods and Superfood Supplementation is Necessary

Our civilization is starving for nutrients that are lacking in our food chain. Now more than ever, supplementation is crucial for health, because nutrients have been depleted from our soils, and destroyed in the processing & cooking of almost all the foods we eat. This type of malnutrition can be the cause of pain and chronic degenerative diseases. Even though caloric intake is abundant, many bodies lack proper nourishment. Superfoods provide the building blocks that are missing in a typical diet. They are an excellent way to provide natural, living energy for your body.

The components contained within our products are dried with utmost care, to preserve the inherent life giving enzymatic activity. Superior nutrition from Superfoods generally do not heal or cure specific symptoms (although this has happened). But when you ingest this natural, energetic nutrition, you can perform optimally, as intended. Your body becomes an environment in which disease cannot thrive. These dynamic reactions are generally not understood by conventional medicine and science, but we know that nature provides what we need for health.

Prebiotics… Food for Probiotics

They improve the health of your intestines and immune system, by stimulating the activity & growth of your naturally present, beneficial probiotic bacteria. Prebiotics enable the continued growth of your healthy internal flora. All our Exsula Superfoods multi-ingredient formulas contain a plant derived prebiotic called inulin, a soluble fiber that also helps lower cholesterol. When you ingest natural, energetically rich foods, your body creates an environment in which disease cannot thrive.

The human body naturally strives to be healthy. Given proper, absorbable, life-giving nutrition, your body can heal itself, without the aid of lifeless poisons: drugs, that mask symptoms of disease. Foods grown in depleted soils and fertilized fields do not have the mineral content of foods our ancestors ate. Cooked foods lose the living enzymes and other cofactors needed to sustain health. Ingesting living food products is an excellent way to provide natural living energy to your body.

The components in Exsula products are from natural plants, many grown in the wild. They are processed (micronized) very carefully to keep their inherent life-giving enzymatic activity intact. Living food products generally do not heal or cure specific symptoms (although this has happened). They enable your body to naturally heal and sustain itself, because they contain the necessary components to fulfill your body’s requirements. Living food products provide the building blocks that are missing in a typical diet.

Exsula Superfoods are Natural and Whole

Exsula products are made from whole foods, unlike most vitamins and other supplements. Superfoods contain a wide array of vitamins, minerals & enzymes, and are superior to most other supplements in many ways. The natural nutrients within are bio-chelated, which means they are naturally wrapped in amino acids, making them ready for your body to easily absorb. Vitamin supplements are usually a mixture of extracts & concentrates that have been artificially bound together, because they appear to provide balanced nutrition.

Our whole-food supplements provide your body with a huge amount of naturally balanced nutrients. They do not accumulate in your body, can’t become toxic and are far superior to man-made nutritional concentrates. Enzymes perform many critical functions in your body. In fact, you can not even blink without the presence of enzymes. We take utmost care to preserve the enzymes naturally contained in our source materials.

What To Expect When You Take Exsula Superfoods

The one thing that anyone can attain when taking Exsula Superfoods is a higher level of well being. Many of the benefits of taking Exsula products are very subtle. However, the first thing you may notice is better digestion, especially if you’ve had constipation or bad breath. Both these are quickly handled with small doses of Exsula. Many of the benefits of Exsula are subtle and not easily determined by how a person feels. For instance, removing heavy metals and other synthetics from your body can only be measured if the level of heavy metals are known before and after.

Exsula Superfoods actually binding with these toxins, to pull them from your bloodstream. It takes approximately 3-6 months of regular supplementation with Exsula, for heavy metals to begin to be removed from your blood (depending on the amount of Exsula you take). If you know that you have heavy metals in your body, consider taking 15-20 grams per day. And it would be best to get a hair or blood analysis to monitor your progress.

Who Should Use Exsula Superfoods?

Anyone wanting to reach a higher level of well being, will love the many benefits of ingesting Exsula Superfoods

Note: Because of the high nutritional factors and fiber content, when some people begin to take Exsula for the first time they may go through cleansing reactions, sometimes referred to as a healing crisis. This cleansing reaction comes in the form of intestinal activity such as gas, cramping, constipation or diarrhea. A healing crisis also frequently occurs when people switch to a more healthful diet.

If you have not been eating many fresh, raw vegetables, it’s good to start Superfood supplementation slowly. Start taking less than the suggested amount, gradually increasing up to the recommended dose in 1-3 weeks. Very sensitive individuals may want to start with as little as a quarter teaspoon per day. In rare cases cleansing reactions may go on for up to 3 months. As long as you are not showing an allergic reaction (such as hives or throwing up), you can safely continue taking Exsula. As your cleansing reaction decreases, you can increase the dose.

Natural Exsula Superfood Supplements: Therapeutic Grade = Top Level Performance

Since 1988, we have had wonderful results with Exsula products designed and formulated by Jevari Oberon. Some of you may still remember Excela-50 from the early 1990’s, that made Life Enthusiast Co-op the fastest growing supplement company of that time. We have over 20 years of experience with Exsula products, helping to restore and maintain vigorous health.

More About Exsula Superfoods

Please keep in mind that there is nothing similar to Exsula Iridesca on the market. In fact there isn’t anything even in the same universe. It feeds cells 7 levels of activity deeper than Life-Energy which is already “10,000 fathoms” deeper than basic multivitamin nutrition. The Excela 50 was our flagship product, originally introduced by Life Enthusiast Co-op in 1989. We have sold over a million bottles of this wonderful product to thousands of dedicated customers. It has been the basis of our Exsula Premium that was newly upgraded in 2006. On the health food supplement market you will find some products with ingredient lists paralleling Life-Energy.

They are copies of the genuine and original formula, first of its kind introduced by Jevari in 1989. All of the ingredients in Exsula products are precisely specified from particular sources. We personally oversee the formula and the unique blending process – little details that even if seen would not be understood. These are different specifications and methods from the copycat products whose ingredients are specified simply by name and lowest bidder. Therefore, the finished products and their results are entirely different experiences – both in taste and result.

If you think specification and formula details are not important, then you won’t care about what brand of tire carries your family down the road in your SUV either. Unseen details do make the difference! If you think genuine and original are mere words, my 4-year-old has a crayon copy of the Mona Lisa we could sell to you for a million bucks. “Genuine” does make a difference. The difference between sort of helping when the need is great and absolutely making the biggest difference possible in every opportunity. Life-Energy is the 4th generation formula of Jevari Oberon’s research and development.

Jevari says: “Excela-50 Life-Energy fed my cells in a new way, elevating them to a higher state of being where the allergy could not exist. This allergy had pounded me without mercy for 12 years. After the first “crude” Excela-50 formula, it was gone in 11 days. The only thing the allergy left me with was an unbelievable tolerance for pain and a profoundly deep thankfulness it was gone.” Between Excela-50 and Iridesca we have kept Advancium and Gold, key generations of advances – each incorporating everything from the ones before, and then adding and doing more than those. Iridesca is total in depth and spectrum.

It actually goes beyond optimization into transformation. Beyond merely endowing one with healthy bowel function and reversed hair loss, to actually accommodating manifestation of creative gifts you possibly never even knew you had. Excela-50 is as “simple” as it can be and still function at a deeper level than obvious nutrition. For some people, simple is just right. If you are fragile or in a severe challenge, it is gentle. It helps get the basic body and cellular functions back on an even keel. It super-feeds your immune system to awaken it from dormancy into an enthusiastic “clean-house” mode.

No poison. No radiation. Just solid immune cell nutrition. Your cells and your Creator’s blueprint do all the work. Iridesca is as complex as it needs to be to work with one foot in the “real world” and the others into deeper realms. It is energetically “hotter than the Sun” and must be taken gradually and slowly at first. Excela-50 can be taken in much higher amounts, and more agreeably – even “continuously” with a glass always within arm’s reach providing several sips per waking hour as desired – or as required – to help your body create a more positive experience.

Sadly, I think that some people are missing out on what Excela-50 or Advancium could do for them in conjunction with Iridesca – most especially those in one sort of health crisis or another. They need the gentlest nutrition and Excela-50’s more subtle bioenergetic charge. My preference would be for a couple of level spoonfuls of Iridesca as the morning cornerstone and Excela-50 smoothies as “continual” boosters throughout the day – not for everyone (I certainly don’t do this) – but just for those who need it most. If this were done routinely for those in desperate need, their disappointments would be rare. “Surthrivers” like the fellow mentioned earlier, would not be the exception, but the rule.

About The Inventor & Developer of The Exsula Line Of Superfood Blends

Dr. Jevari Oberon, D.D. HNS, is a life long researcher of healing and nutritional sciences, and a scholar of the early history of Christian antiquity. He received his Honorary Doctor of Divinity degree Magna Cum Laude from Divine Love Theological University. Dr. Oberon’s major is in Healing and Nutritional Sciences. This is set upon an earlier career of inventor, formulator, and mechanical research & development engineer in the food processing and nutrition industry – and 20 years as a self-styled bioenergenics engineer in the field of Superfood concentrates and blends. His study has been focused on live-food enzymes and their cooperation with the body’s life hologram.

In 1984, Jevari began researching and developing a Superfood formula to address his own nearly fatal allergies. After a long period of study came an epiphany, a moment of illumination: Once the first dozen-ingredient core group of his original Excela came together, his 12 year long nightmare of suffering that had baffled his doctors was over in mere 11 days. The allergic response simply switched-off after he started eating his therapeutic food blend. It did not take too long for people who had begun taking his blend to realize that it addressed in some very significant and positive ways nearly every health condition and parameter of human performance. It was back then he created the concept and originated the term “Superfood Blend.”

In the years since 1984, Jevari has invested over 20,000 hours in intense study of phytonutrients in the published work of health research scientists, physicians, and universities from around the globe. Out of his excruciating pain, came a uniquely motivated enthusiasm to find genuine answers. Out of his research, combined with his originating perspective – that of inventor and research & development engineer, came a different and practical non-medical perspective, leading to the development of a line of revolutionary, and affordable Superfood formulas for a variety of specific health, performance, life-quality and longevity objectives.

From the Creator of Exsula Superfoods:
Your precious living body is a miracle of awesome design and stunning potential. To achieve optimum health, performance, and longevity, your body is gifted and eager to utilize a dazzling array of LifeCrafted nutrients. It merely awaits your action to supply all that it needs. For over 20 years it has been our constant passion and our heart-felt mission to create and supply the most powerful and perfect plant-life-created Superfood blends – bursting with full-spectrum nutrients and living enzymatic fields that will have every one of your cells celebrating LIFE.
Jevari Oberon

Author: Life Enthusiast Staff