Facilitated Self Healing

Beliefs Determine Perception And Physiology

A person’s life is a reflection of his or her beliefs. These beliefs – usually subconscious – are the cumulative effect of lifelong” programming” and have broad effects on every aspect of our existence. As a result of past programming, limiting beliefs may cause us to think or behave in unhealthy ways. For example, limiting beliefs can increase stress, lower immune system functioning, or cause self-destructive patterns. Therefore, limiting beliefs can determine our life and biology without our having any idea where the difficulties originate. (Limiting beliefs can be acquired due to misperceptions, the influence of media and society at large, shocks and trauma.) Beliefs function like a program on a computer. Whatever the program says will happen is exactly what happens. When there is a struggle between conscious will and subconscious beliefs, usually beliefs win out. As Henry Ford once said, “If you believe you can or if you believe you can’t, you’re right!”

Identify And Change The Beliefs

Most of us are not aware of what our subconscious beliefs are. To unmask particular beliefs and determine their effect, Facilitated Self-Healing (FSH) uses observation of the strength of muscle responses to verbal stimuli, (kinesiology.) A feedback loop or interface with the higher mind and subconscious is thereby created allowing for beneficial new input. FSH draws on the same natural mechanism the mind used to create beliefs in the first place, to replace limiting beliefs with positive ones. The recipient participates consciously in creating the new beliefs. The results are immediately evident through increased strength of muscle responses. What to do and how to do it is determined by the higher mind. It gives an empowering intent for greater and deeper truth to prevail in the system, once it is connected with and appealed to.

FSH Is Enhanced Self Communication

FSH does not diagnose or treat any mental or physical medical issue. Neither is it in place of any therapies or medical procedures. It is not psychotherapy or counseling. Through enhancing self-communication, FSH uses our ability to create and change beliefs and other determinants of life experience that are outside of consciousness. Hence, it can stand-alone or be a complement to any other procedure. It operates by creating a reconnection to the higher mind, which is an inexhaustible resource of peace and well-being.

The Experience

FSH is a comfortable, noninvasive experience because it is coming from within the recipient’s own self. A FSH session does not introduce anything from outside the recipient. Rather, one’s internal process of self-correction is facilitated. One definition of the word facilitate is, “to make easy”. That is its characteristic – smooth and easy.

Facilitated Self-Healing Results

Recipients of Facilitated Self-Healing have reported a wide variety of life-changing experiences. The changes are variously mental, emotional and physical. Since Facilitated Self-Healing is entirely concerned with how and what the higher mind communicates to the rest of the person, we can only conclude that all these results were due solely to its influence. All the credit goes to the essence-level part of ourselves. The higher mind is the only healer in this work! In many cases the results obtained were not expected or sought, at least by the trainer. And while these changes are interesting and most welcome, the actual goal is increasing connection with the higher mind. Increased reconnection has been reported by many recipients but has not been reported here. One of the ways that increased connection is demonstrated is by people having similar experiences between sessions, spontaneously or in meditation, to what they they had during FSH. To understand in greater scope what is meant by the higher mind, you are referred to the home page.

A sampling of reported results are included below.

A male in his early thirties revealed after some Facilitated Self-Healing sessions that he was no longer taking the seven medications he was prescribed for his “terminal” illness. He had never brought the medical issue to my attention. It had never even been discussed. Two years later a letter from him stated that he was medication free and happier than he had ever been.

A mother of two in her late thirties complained of intense anxiety even with medication. She also preferred not to take any drugs at all. After some Facilitated Self-Healing she was very relieved and able to function without the anti-anxiety medication.

A woman in her late fifties said she had been diagnosed with glaucoma. She said that her eye doctor stated that she had to have surgery and be on medication the rest of her life. The pressure in her eyes was dangerously high and could result in permanent blindness. She wanted to see what Facilitated Self-Healing could do for her, so she delayed the surgery and refused the medications too. At my insistence she went to the doctor three times a week to get the pressure checked in her eyes. The numbers she brought back on the doctor’s letterhead show a steady improvement of the pressure to normal levels.

A student in her early twenties had been given a terminal diagnosis of an autoimmune disorder called lichensclerosis. I requested that she try the services of a medical practitioner known for employing a wide range of alternative therapies. After six months she returned to me with the report that she was not improving at all. After a few Facilitated Self-Healing sessions she reported complete remission. Several years later she said she was still entirely symptom free.

A doctor in his early forties suffered a spinal injury from an accident that caused him to seek the help of over a hundred practitioners. He was still seeking when he began his Facilitated Self-Healing. He was told by the trainer that after a period of several months his spine would straighten out entirely on its own through simple stretching. Since he was very athletic and was already doing all kinds of exercise, he was completely unbelieving. Some months later he reported that it had happened exactly as was told it would, that his spine was working well, and that he felt better than he had since he was eighteen years old.

A schoolteacher and mother said her husband was divorcing her and she could not bear to live without him. Her grief was unbearable. After some Facilitated Self-Healing, I asked her on a scale of ten, how disturbing the impending divorce was to her now. After a long pause she seemed confused and said that she could not get in touch with any feelings of grief.

A mother brought in her twelve year old daughter whose severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome prevented her going to school and resulted in the loss of her friends. After Facilitated Self-Healing sessions, the child returned to school and resumed a normal life.

A woman, thirty-six years old, said that after a blood test her doctor had never seen so high a viral load for Epstein-Barr virus. After two and a half years of struggling with it, she was getting dizzy; lack of endurance, loss of concentration and sensitivity to cold were impairing her ability to function. After Facilitated Self-Healing she reported that all symptoms disappeared and have not returned. She was able to return to graduate school to complete her degree in microbiology. Several years later she remains symptom free.

Here is the story in more detail: A wife and mother, who had dropped out of school to have a family, returned to college in her thirty-sixth year of life. She was very happy being a student at the University of Texas until fatigue and impaired concentration forced her to seek medical counsel. The University doctors told her there was nothing wrong with her medically. She was perplexed because she ate a very nutritious, healthy diet, exercised regularly and even meditated daily. Her lifestyle was exactly what would be recommended to live a long and healthy life. She was doing everything correctly, yet she felt terrible. As time went on without improvement to her condition, she spent the extra money to go to her previous family doctor. After performing tests, he informed her that she had the “highest blood titer” of Epstein-Barr virus that he had ever seen. He also told her there was no known cure for it.

It was a relief to know what was behind her condition. She studied about the disease and consulted with alternative health practitioners. She took a series of herbal and homeopathic remedies. After a while she felt better and her academic studies progressed. Her condition had become manageable. She succeeded in obtaining a BA degree and was feeling pretty great, especially after being accepted for graduate work at Tulane School of Tropical Medicine.

She moved to New Orleans and was now following her dream in graduate school. She was as happy as she could ever remember being. Everything was looking very rosy. Then, she started to relapse. Apparently under increased stress, the symptoms of Epstein-Barr resurfaced. “First I would get a metallic taste in my mouth. That’s when I knew I was in for it. Then the energy would just drain out of me. When this would happen, I would be just crawling. If I got cold, I would start to shiver uncontrollably, and I got cold very easily. The worst part of it for me was that I could not concentrate or remember things and a lot of my classes required intensive memorization.”

I met with her during this relapse phase when she had returned to Austin for the Thanksgiving holiday. Her interest in me was for my skill with kinesiology, a method that allows the practitioner to get answers from the wisdom of the body by accessing the subconscious mind. Her request was for me to find out what her body needed in the way of some natural supplement or the like, so she could better manage the symptoms. She had consulted me previously for this purpose, which she felt had been successful.

When I began talking with her subconscious, I was surprised that it refused to give any information at all about supplements or anything else that might help manage the symptoms. When I asked why not, the answer it gave was simply, “I want to be completely rid of this condition.” It also said that it was willing to work with me to that end. The technical method that I use to establish this type of information flow and catalyze change in another’s system is called Facilitated Self-Healing, (FSH). It would be equally correct to call it Facilitated Self-Communication. When I had offered her this deeper type of work in the past, she had no interest in doing it with me. She relented at his point and accepted the deeper work when I told her what her subconscious had said.

We immediately began Facilitated Self-Healing and successfully completed the session. The final communication from within her was that the problem had been resolved. During the session, I did absolutely nothing but facilitate communication between parts of her system that apparently had been functionally disconnected. It is my understanding that during this process she rewrote her reality to exclude the disease. This phenomenon can be observed in Multiple Personality Disorder; each personality can have a radically different physiology. This is an established medical fact. For example, one personality may be far sighted while another (in the same human being) may be near sighted or require no glasses at all. To use a computer analogy, the human is like the computer and the personality (each with its own thoughts and beliefs) is like the software program running the computer. Change the program and the computer must do something different. What I had discovered in my research is the remarkable extent to which we can rewrite our own program(s), under certain conditions. Facilitated Self-Healing fosters those conditions.

Her report to me after this session was that immediately afterwards, her symptoms were gone and never came back. In following up with her ten years later, she maintains that she is in complete remission. There is a caveat. When she returned to school there were some parts of her mind that operated in a new way. She had to relearn how to do certain mental tasks. I asked her if this was difficult. She said that it was not.

“The proof of the pudding is in the eating,” as the saying goes. She not only graduated with her Master’s degree within the year; she did so well that she was offered entry into the Ph.D. program with a full scholarship! After graduate school she went on to an important position safeguarding the public of the State of Texas. She said, “Even working eighty hour weeks, even in times of extreme physical and emotional stress, I have had no relapses.”

Medical disclaimer:
Facilitated Self-Healing does not diagnose or treat any medical disease. It is entirely a communication methodology. Results reported here are not typical, as each person responds according to their individuality. Even response from session to session can vary.

Author: Life Enthusiast Staff