Farmed Salmon Troubles

Please consider your buying strategies: it is important to know HOW your food is grown or raised. it is important that you vote with your wallet. It is important that you put your narrow interests aside and think globally. When you stop buying the ethically challenged products, such as farmed salmon, or crowded chicken, or feedlot beef, or genetically modified corn, you exercise the greatest power of the entire economy: consumer choice. Your dollars are the life-blood of the industries that through the lack of moral compass are bringing us to the brink of extinction. You are the one we have been waiting for.

The oceans are not doing well. Large scale fishing has brought many species to the brink of extinction, and pollution from farms, cities, and factories is making much of seafood too toxic to eat. The acidification of the oceans is creating large oxygen deprived areas that experience recurring complete die-offs.

The fishing industry claims that aquaculture fish farms can solve the crisis of overfishing and pollution. Yet, most industrial scale fish farms are neither sustainable nor healthy. I think you need to stay away from the genetically modified salmon for sure, and the farmed salmon as well. Maybe you could also consider some hemp protein instead. It is way more ecologically friendly.

Check these videos where Pure Salmon Campaign exposes the problems with salmon farming.

Farmed Salmon Exposed:
The Global Reach of the Norwegian Salmon Farming Industry

Author: Martin Pytela