First Cleanse, Then Nourish​

If you are a typical baby-boomer, you have seen thousands of TV commercials, billboards, advertisements, and other messages directed at you by the commercial advertisers, the companies with an interest in molding and shaping your behavior. Like the proverbial frog in a pot of hot water, you have not noticed it coming slowly to a boil. The cultural shift was gradual, yet we now live in a culture that is shaped and controlled by the major advertisers in the commercial media. The influence of large publicly traded corporations is felt in every aspect of our lives, including the political process. TV stations are owned by industrial interests. The biggest advertisers these days are pharmaceutical companies – over half of TV network revenues comes from them. Alternative (sic) health care has been actively suppressed and repressed for over 50 years.

The regulatory system is now funded by the pharmaceutical companies. Its nature is to ignore inexpensive (often natural) solutions while pursuing patented (or patentable) chemical treatments. Notice their overwhelming emphasis on treatments – it is much more profitable to pursue a long course of treatments rather than a simple cure. You have been trained to believe that the scientific method produces reliable results, that a double blind study of a single nutrient separated and isolated from its synergistic support is the only way to prove effectiveness of a treatment, and that illness attacks you from the outside of your body.

There is a whole OTHER body of health science out there, and although ignored by the mainstream media, it is doing rather well. It has long known and proved that it is the cellular terrain within, and not the microbe without, that determines the health of any individual. It uses dark-field microscopy and live blood analysis to study and document the pleomorphic nature of microbes, and the progression of illness in direct correlation with the conditions in the cellular terrain. What does that mean in simple terms? When you create a healthy cellular environment on the inside, degenerative illness disappears. That’s right! Your body will heal itself when you cleanse and detoxify it, and feed it with the right nutrients.


An adept shows up at a monastery seeking wisdom and enlightenment. He asks for an audience with the great master. The master invites him in, sits him down and asks: What do you wish? Our man replies: I am seeking wisdom and enlightenment. What should I do? Before answering him, the master offers him a cup of tea. He starts pouring, and keeps on pouring even though the cup is overflowing. Our man calls out: Please stop, the cup is already full! And the master replies: Precisely. Until you empty your mind there is no space for enlightenment in it. Well, much the same with nourishment. If toxins are blocking your energy flow, clogging your arteries, and choking your organs, there will be precious little rebuilding taking place. This is especially true of your digestive system and its microbial terrain (the micro-biome).

First cleanse. In this order: bowel, liver, lymph, kidneys, blood.

It also means to first stop poisoning yourself. Your body is to be treated like a temple, right? So no more toxic concentrated drugs, stimulants, empty calories and dead food. Do remember the 80/20 rule, perfection is not required.


Do you need wait until you are completely cleansed before you introduce proper nourishment? Not if you don’t want to starve! You need to feed your body, and the sooner you start with good quality nutrients, the better. Some foods are better, and some supplements are better. You already heard that organic produce is healthier. Maybe you don’t realize just how big the difference is, energetically speaking. Produce sold in grocery stores is sorely lacking nutrients and enzymes. These days it is NOT possible to remain healthy while eating foods sold in grocery stores, regardless of what the mainstream advertisers say.

And don’t get me started on the RDA boondoggle. Just remember that they are calibrated to suppress visible symptoms, not to promote optimal health. Do you remember the iceberg metaphor? The symptoms are just the tip of it. We seek out best-in-class products, focusing on quality. We work with small companies where bottom line profit is not the one and only criterion for measuring success. Our suppliers still believe in serving their fellow man with quality products. The supplements and meal replacement drinks you see advertised on television don’t nourish you nearly as well as the ads would have you believe. They fill you, but they don’t rebuild you. If you are not sure what to choose, call our Health Coach service.

Author: Martin Pytela