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Fosamax: Turning Bone To Marble

Other non-estrogen drugs which are prescribed to supposedly reduce the chance of osteoporosis, have serious side effects. In his video, Dr. James Lee outlines the dangers of a very popular drug named Fosamax. It’s actually quite simple. Again, living healthy bone must go through a constant process of old cells being replaced by new cells, so that every few years we have an entire new skeleton. Osteoclasts are cells that tear down bone; osteoblasts build new cells in those spaces. Got that? OK.

The intellects behind Fosamax have decided that if they can stop the osteoclasts from doing their normal job of tearing down bone, this will prevent osteoporosis. How? By the buildup of Fosamax crystals in the bone, which just stay there long after a normal lifespan, which artificially stops the removal system – the osteoclasts. Now there are no spaces in which new bone cells can form.

The Fosamax crystals cannot be broken down by the body, and remain in the bone for 15 or 20 years, taking up space, and offering an artificial, plastic-like composition in what should be normal healthy bone. Dr. Lee tells us that modern Fosamax is 1000 times more potent than the original drug. Even the manufacturers caution against indiscriminate long-term use of this drug: on p 1657-8 of the 1998 Physicians Desk Reference we find that: “bone formation is ultimately reduced Fosamax decreases the rate of bone resorption [tearing down] directly, which leads to an indirect decrease in bone formation.”

Decreased bone formation? Does that sound like something that’s going to maintain normal bone and prevent osteoporosis in your golden years? Dr. Lee and many others don’t think so. The PDR also tells us that they have no idea what effects Fosamax may have after four years! (p1661) Here we have a prime example of the philosophical difference between allopathic and holistic medicine: they forgot that Mother Nature Always Bats Last. You can’t arbitrarily interfere with one half of a complete life process like bone synthesis and expect no adverse consequences.

With Fosamax, we have arrogantly overpowered the body’s normal system of bone-building which has developed and maintained the skeleton just fine for the person’s whole life, by pretending that one phase of that system exists in isolation from the whole rest of the endocrine Internet, and can be omitted with no consequences.

Doctors trick women by telling them that Fosamax will increase “bone mineral density” but what they don’t tell them is that the new mineral is not calcium and is no longer part of the living dynamic process which has maintained their bones their entire lives. This is not yet even mentioning the side effects of Fosamax: – kidney disease – ulcers – heartburn – joint pain – headache – rash

Fosamax is a risky, artificial approach to osteoporosis which pretends like the problem can be divided up into separate, distinct unrelated phases, like with a car. Same old idea, over and over: another drug in search of a market. Same old story. Osteoporosis is a big business. Big business to keep it happening, and big business to treat it. The dairy industry, the meat industry, the soft drink industry all keep it happening. The HRT industry, the nursing home industry, and the hospitals gain from the treatment of osteoporosis. John McDougall explains:

“The diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis are so profitable because millions of people unwittingly weaken their bones, making them dependent for the rest of their life on diagnostic tests and drug therapy that slows the disorder but never cures it.”
– The McDougall Plan – p17

Author: John McDougall