Free Online Metabolic Typing

The Metabolic Typing Test is available in three versions.

I consider the Basic level helpful for young and healthy people who want to know enough about their nutritional needs to prevent future problems. I don’t think it is precise enough to help you deal with any serious or complex health challenges. In other words, you get back the value of your payment.

  1. The basic level test is based on the book by Dr. William Wolcott and it is also given away for free by Dr. Mercola.
  2. The Intermediate level test is offered for $39.95 at and it includes an in-depth evaluation of your metabolic dominance, and very useful charts and reports to help you with your nutritional needs.
  3. The Metabolic Typing Advanced Program asks an expanded range of questions, and evaluates the body for not only the metabolic dominance, but also for glandular dominance, allowing us to manage both energy and weight, mental and emotional states, and to address degenerative health issues.

The Metabolic Typing Advanced Program is supported by consultations with our Metabolic Typing Advisor, and personalized and customized nutritional recommendations. It is important to realize that there is no food or nutrient, or one diet program that is universally good or bad. Which nutrient or diet is right for you or for treating a specific condition does not depend on the nutrient itself, but instead on the interaction of the nutrient with the fundamental homeostatic control system directed by your Metabolic Type.

For this reason some people do better on the hunter (Paleo) diet, while others prefer the fisherman or farmer diet, and also why some people do well with fruit, while others feel unwell without high protein intake. With the Metabolic Typing Advanced you gain access to the specific information you require to know which foods, food combinations, supplements and their dosage, that will enable you to control your physiological outcomes to manage not only your overall health, but also your mental, emotional and physical states with every meal you eat. Your body’s homeostatic controls are designed to express your genetically inherited talents and preferences, and to maintain a dynamic balance of all life processes. To work at its best your body requires the foods for which your ancestors adapted through many generations.

Learn more about Metabolic Typing in a video series called MetabolicMe

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Author: Martin Pytela