Fulvic Acid by Dr. Richard Drucker

Electrolyte Abundance and Hydration

An Electrolyte is an element or compound that, when melted or dissolved in water or other solvent, dissociates into ions and is able to conduct an electric current. Electrolytes do differ in their concentrations in blood plasma, interstitial fluid and cellular fluid and do affect the movement of substances between those compartments. Proper quantities of Poly-electrolytes (many electrolytes) and a balance among them are critical to normal metabolism and cellular function. For example, calcium (Ca+ +) is necessary for the relaxation of skeletal muscles and the contraction of cardiac muscles; potassium (K+) is required for the contraction of skeletal muscles and the relaxation of cardiac muscles. Sodium (Na+) is essential in maintaining systemic fluid balance. There are approximately 10 Poly-electrolytes required to survive; however, as many as 60 or more are essential for optimum health, energy, strength, stamina and recovery. Certain conditions and medications may lead to a deficiency of one or more Poly-electrolytes as well as an imbalance among them all.

Why are carbon-bond Poly-electrolytes so critical for Professional Athletes?

It is a scientific fact that athletes, sports enthusiasts, runners, outdoor workers, etc. are subject to potential physical dehydration, heat related fatigue and/or exhaustion, and should first and foremost replace fluids and Poly-electrolytes. Under these circumstances, replacement of Poly-electrolytes (just before, during and immediately after exercise, heat and/or physical exertion) may prevent serious physical problems. Thus, regular, adequate and rapid replacement of both fluid and Poly-electrolytes may keep the body functioning at it’s optimum. Many of these symptoms and others not mentioned, can occur just minutes (and/or sometimes up to hours) after initial and systemic loss of Poly-electrolytes and/or dehydration takes place. Other examples of individuals who are subject to Poly-electrolyte loss may include athletes, workers who are often exposed to heat and/or sun, and/or anyone involved in virtually most any type of strenuous activity.

How many different products are available with Poly-electrolytes?

Unfortunately, most readily available electrolyte replacement solutions consist of only 1 or 2 electrolytes, such as sodium and/or potassium and are synthetic (inorganic or dead ), full of artificial colors and/or flavors, etc. Other replacement solutions claim to be more sophisticated, but may only contain approximately 5 (or less) Poly-electrolytes. However, our body may require many more then 10 electrolytes to maximize energy, stamina, wellness, and recovery. The 10 most common Poly-electrolytes are: Sodium (NA+), Potassium (K+), Calcium Ca++, Magnesium (Mg ++), Chloride (Cl-), Bicarbonate (HCO3), Protein (Prot -), Phosphate (HPO4), Sulfate (SO4), and Organic acids.

What are the most scientifically advanced and carbon-bondorganic Poly-electrolytes available?

Which Poly-electrolytes are virtually 100% bioavailable (absorbable) and contain over 65 Poly-electrolytes with NO artificial colors, flavors, etc.?

Perhaps, the best form of readily available Poly-electrolytes are found in intraMIN and intraMAX as part of a unique and proprietary intraCellular ENERGY System. These products contain over 65, carbon-bond organic microcomplexed Poly-electrolytes and Metalo-enzymes (as compared to the leading sports drinks that have approximately 2 to 5 synthetic (inorganic) electrolytes, and also contain approximately 70% to 80% sugars (i.e., glucose, sucrose/dextrose and/or maltodextrine). The differences are significant! No one single electrolyte will be electromagnetically under-charged and/or “out of balance” with all the other systemic Poly-electrolytes. Thus, to maximize energy, strength and stamina, we recommend taking products with intraCELL V before, during and after physically strenuous sports and/or heat related activities. Why? Because the direct cellular and physiologic response has a similar metabolic effect to an almost immediate infusion of over 65, carbon-bond organic intra-cellular “Spark-plugs”, in practically every cell of your body! The results are 100% maximized and sustained – Energy, Strength and Stamina!


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Author: Dr. Richard Drucker