The Main Causes of Disease

It starts with well meaning doctors injecting you with toxic vaccinations, good relatives using sweets-as-rewards, the food processors adding neurotoxins to your drink or food, farmers growing hollow foods on depleted soils, grocers soaking their carrots in chlorinated water to keep them clean, teachers sterilizing every surface with antibacterials, soap makers adding “fragrance” to your detergent, and everybody else asking you to sit, take a ride, and avoid hard work.

Toxicity, Malnutrition, Stagnation and Distortion

There are two ways the combination of these three major influences will translate into your life: either through a massive catastrophic event, or through a slow incremental set of changes. You can think either of an earthquake, or a slow drip that builds a stalactite in a cave. Another great saying that illustrates it well is the “straw that broke the camel’s back.” At some point the immune system cracks. It begins to mistake some parts of your body as a foreign invader. Depending on a combination of factors – which nutrient is missing, which toxin has not been eliminated, which virus you contracted, and what type of stress you have endured – you develop one or more autoimmune disorder(s):

  • ADD, autism (brain)
  • Bad back (disks)
  • Tendonitis (tendons)
  • Fasciatis (fascia)
  • Vasculitis (blood vessels)
  • Fibromyalgia (muscles)
  • Multiple sclerosis (nerves)
  • Scleroderma (skin)
  • Psoriasis (skin)
  • Rheumatoid arthritis (joints)
  • Hashimotos (thyroid)
  • Vitiligo (pigmentation)
  • Vasculitis (veins and arteries)

The mainstream medical mind set focuses on symptoms and their suppression. It is possible to suppress a symptom using poisons, but unless the cause is dealt with, it will return with a greater strength, or at a broader and deeper level, which will be even more difficult to deal with. It is known as “aging”, and “you’ll have to get used to that.” We don’t quite agree with this.


Heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, organo-chlorines, volatile organic compounds – they are all around you, in your air, water, food, clothes, beds, homes, cars, schools, offices… The presence of toxins becomes evident in so many ways: your immune system starts with a diminished capacity, so allergies become “normal”. The toxic load causes abnormal digestion, which challenges your immune system – essentially making it dyslexic. A pregnant mother will pass toxins to her developing fetus, perhaps in an attempt to get rid of the toxins, or perhaps because of where they are stored, so that the mother can make a better child later. That is one possible reason why first-born children end up with more trouble of this sort.

Every generation of children born into the industrialized society is more prone to autoimmune disease because the toxins accumulate, and are passed to the next generation. The number of regressive genetic traits is rising with each generation. Note the smaller ears, missing ear lobes, missing wisdom teeth, rising allergic reactions, ADHD, autism, and childhood cancers. Your eliminative organs, when overwhelmed with toxins will try to sequester (hide) them in tissues with low circulation: fat, tendons, ligaments, disks and bones – the connective tissue. Unfortunately, the nerve and brain tissue are closely related to the connective tissue, so it may be affected as well.

In your later years, toxicity announces itself with decreased aerobic capacity and slower recovery. When you start getting winded walking up stairs or hills, when you feel tired from a simple walk, when you need to sit down to catch your breath, it is because toxins are causing your bodily fluids to lose their oxygen carrying capacity. No matter how hard you breathe, oxygen is not getting to your cells. Without oxygen in the lymph, it does not matter how hard you breathe, or how strong your heart is, you are still not getting the energy output needed to match the demand. When a simple scratch festers on your skin for weeks, it is because of your toxic load.

How did I get here?

One day at a time, one meal at a time. Are you digging your own grave with your teeth? Acidification of your bodily fluids creeps in slowly: from excess cooked proteins, baked grains, coffee, alcohol, stress, sleep deprivation, herbicides, pesticides, and hydrocarbons – all the “benefits” of our industrialized civilization.

How do I stop it?

Consider this example of a “solution” to one of the autoimmune disorders offered by the mainstream medicine. Note how it does not deal with the problem (excess toxicity), but with the aftereffect (overactive immune system and resulting pain). How can you possibly get better by adding more toxins to your load?


Is it possible to be fat and malnourished at the same time? Phytonutrients, Minerals, Enzymes, Vitamins, Microbes – the makings of healthy life are nearly absent from industrial processed food. When your food is a hollow, low nutrient density, calorie rich, taste enhanced pretender – you can never eat enough. Even after a meal you body says: “Feed Me!”. There is no wonder you are putting on weight. The rise in genetic abnormalities and decline of our constitutional strength is likely caused by our modern eating patterns – processed food, absence of fermented foods, and declining nutrient density in our foods.

Destruction of Soil

Our intensive industrial agricultural practices – narrow spectrum fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, large scale monoculture planting, tilling and more – the opposite of bio-dynamic farming – lead to decreasing mineralization, and a lowering of humus levels. Top soil is being washed away by rain and irrigation and blown away by wind. Produce grown on or in these soils still looks normal, but is hollow – the mineral content has been steadily declining. In 1936, the US Senate was presented with the results of a scientific study it had commissioned on minerals in our food. In 1936, nearly a lifetime ago! Read details in the article “Soil Depletion“.

Missing Microbes

When you pull a carrot from an organic garden, rinse it in rain water, and start eating, you are ingesting soil based microorganisms. If you soak these carrots in chlorinated water to make them clean, they will be sterile. If you have a healthy intestinal tract, you have over 400 different species of microorganisms living there. They make up over two pounds of your body weight! When scientists analyzed the bacterial count in the digestive system, they found 100 per ml in the stomach, 1,000 per ml in the small intestine, 1,000,000,000,000 per ml in the large intestine (trillion).

The micro flora creatures are killed off by chlorine (chlorinated water in your school water fountain?), antibiotics (-mycin, -cillin), NSAIDs (advil, motrin, midol), alcohol and preservatives. Sterile Gut leads to immune weakness – illness, fatigue, allergies. The absence of good creatures makes room for the rise in yeast overgrowth – candida, monilia, listeria and other conditions that beset people with weak intestinal cultures. This is especially evident when people from the “clean” countries visit in the developing countries where hygiene standards are “low”. Maybe it is just that the sterile gut is the cause for the weakness, the inability to deal with new microbes. Consider reading the article “Bacillus Subtilis Story“.

Missing Minerals

More than 30 organically complexed trace minerals are necessary to produce healthy, nutrient-rich crops, yet most current farming methods routinely enrich the soil with only three to five of them. And that’s only a part of the problem. Inorganic (synthetic/dead/toxic), ammonium-based fertilizers, along with herbicides and pesticides, kill precious microorganisms in the soil that are essential to the creation of organic mineral complexes. We have used up the available trace minerals in our soil and destroyed the means of replenishing these soil based microorganisms. Farmers used to fertilize their crops with organic substances – such as manure and compost. Unfortunately, modern, cost-based agriculture has virtually replaced all the critical organic complexes with inorganic (synthetic/toxic) fertilizers, which cause toxicity in water runoff and further imbalance the delicate nature of our soil.

In the 1930s, when farmers began to add inorganic fertilizers to the soil, it was presumed that biological organisms could assimilate minerals in any form. Unfortunately,this is not the case. We are now discovering inorganic minerals can’t be assimilated easily by plants; they must first be combined with organically complex matter before they can be used. No wonder our food is less and less nutritious. No wonder it lacks taste, and no wonder modern farmers have to apply more and more toxic pesticides, herbicides and chemicals every year just to get their crops to market. “Soil depletion” is a real problem …

Missing Enzymes

Enzymes facilitate life. Cooking, canning and pasteurization destroy enzymes. Refrigeration does not help either. There are basically three types of enzymes; food enzymes, digestive enzymes and metabolic enzymes. Food enzymes are present in all raw (uncooked) foods, both animal and plant products. They contain active proteins that help break down fat, proteins and carbohydrates in the body, and produce metabolic enzymes in the salivary glands, stomach, pancreas, small intestine or liver that catalyze metabolic reactions with the minimum amount of energy, acting as a life-furnace. Metabolic enzymes facilitate three types of biochemical reactions: anabolic or synthetic (young and growing), catabolic or decomposition (old and shrinking) and redox (reduction-oxidation) reactions.

The more enzymes you ingest, the less your body has to try and manufacture from amino acids. If you want to preserve youthful function, you must provide youthful levels of enzymes. Read this explanation about mitochondria and their role in your metabolism … Researcher Deborah Devardescribes it this way: “The body manufactures molecules that attach onto dangerous chemical molecules in order to pull them out of the body. A common detoxifier molecule is glutathione. Glutathione is a tripeptide manufactured to collect hundreds of types of environmental toxins and eliminate them out of the body. In order for the glutathione molecule to attach itself to a toxin molecule there has to be enough enzymes and minerals present in the system during the set up in order for the detoxification to be carried out to conclusion or the detoxification process will be short-circuited midway.

In today’s toxic environment we are constantly depleting our oxygen and vital nutrients needed to set up this detoxification process so our body has a much harder time ridding itself of poisons. For every toxic molecule that is eliminated we deplete a glutathione molecule, as well as ATP (the cellular energy required for the elimination process). As this process breaks down we collect and store more chemicals within our connective tissue. It works like this: first the body identifies the invader and a defense reaction is triggered. Enzymes go to work to prepare the chemical invader (toxin) to be picked up by creating a site or niche for the “lock on” process. But in order for the enzymes to do their job there needs to be minerals present. The body needs lots and lots of bioavailable, electrical, vibrating minerals. If there is a mineral deficiency the detoxification process will be short-circuited and the body will not completely detoxify.”


All life is based on pulsating energy: inhale/exhale, shorten/lengthen, close/open, squeeze/relax. When these movements seize, you soon are dead. Your body is designed to function under load – it is in dynamic (not static) balance that we find life’s expression. Sedentary life is the antithesis to healthy function. A stagnant body if water is a swamp – rotting, decomposing, putrid smelling. If your feet stink, or your breath is bad, it is because of stagnation – you need movement. Your lymph needs to circulate. Unlike your blood that is pumped by your heart, your lymph moves only when you move: walk, run, dance … There is no better piece of exercise equipment than a rebounder – it exercises every cell of your body on every bounce. It moves your bodily fluids, supporting nutrient and toxin exchanges. Read how rebounding moves your lymphatic system in the article “Prevent Stagnation: The Benefits of Rebounding

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Author: Life Enthusiast Staff