The 24-Seven Health Plan

Following this regimen will help to not only maintain, but also to detoxify, replenish, repair and rebuild your body. In other words it will maximize your health and longevity potential. This is by far the better option, preventing problems is far easier than treating them! Please be aware that even organic foods lack many, many nutrients. The main reason for this is that the soils in which they are grown are severely depleted of minerals. This has a ‘knock on’ effect, in that the crop and livestock therefore also lack many nutrients. If the nutrients are not in the food, they are certainly not in us. This is the reason why I take around 15 different supplements daily! The sad reality is that we all have to rely on food supplements to enhance even the very best of dietary measures and I cannot see this situation ever changing. Ideally, it would be better to have a complete body screen to determine the state of your health before you start any plan. You can then supplement at an optimum level. I fully understand that these can be expensive and may be out of the reach of some people. However, The 24-Seven Health Plan is not dependent on them in any way.

If you do wish to undertake initial testing I strongly recommend the following:

  • Nutritional urine screen available from Advanced Nutrition Ltd (U.K) 0870 104 3502. This is the screen that provided the results for my research. It is very cost effective at around 70.00
  • Candida Test Kit (as well as vaginal thrush) this simple kit will tell if candida has got into other areas of the body (systemic) this is of vital importance. Advanced Nutrition LTD (U.K) 0870 104 3502
  • Elemental Hair analysis (tests for 12 toxic metals such as mercury and aluminum and 16 nutrient levels. Available from Nutri LTD (UK) 0800 212742. In the USA from Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory.
  • Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis (looks for parasites, candida, metabolic markers, digestive factors, absorption factors, good and bad gut bacteria, etc. Available from Nutri LTD (UK) 0870 104 3502. In the USA from Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory.
  • Full nutritional body screen (computer based) Biotech Health (UK) 01730 233414.

There are many other companies who offer various testing and screening procedures. If you undertake any of these tests and identify a problem, it will require individual & specific treatment under the care of a qualified health professional. The 24seven Health Plan regimen should still be adhered to unless your health professional advises otherwise. Based on scientific tests conducted in the USA, it is reliably forecast that 60% of the western population is infested with parasites. Candida albicans (thrush) overgrowth is at epidemic proportions in the western population. From my research work around 40-50% of those people on a western style diet, have a toxic bowel.

Step 1. Supplementation

This is of vital importance – no matter who tells you that you will get all the nutrients you need from a balanced diet – they are wrong, wrong, wrong! See the nutrient level tables elsewhere in this work, they tell the truth! Purchase a good quality multi vitamin complex, ionic minerals and an antioxidant complex from your health shop. These should be in capsule form, if possible. Take as directed on the label. If you are pregnant or thinking of becoming so, please heed any warning on the label. This normally would only relate to the amount of vitamin A. Pregnant women should not take more than 800 mcg (2664 IU) of vitamin A, daily. Your urine may well turn bright yellow/orange when you supplement. This is normal; it is the excess B vitamins being excreted.

Taking this very basic supplementation will provide your body with some of the required daily nutrients and help you to gain benefit from this plan. Even if your diet were totally organic, you would still lack many of the nutrients that are required to run and repair your body correctly. Remember, as with just about everything else, you will get what you pay for in supplementation, so buy the best you can afford. Supplement with sunlight. (With care and the appropriate UV protection). Sunlight is a forgotten nutrient; it has a positive impact on all metabolic processes and therefore life. Most of us spend our lives under artificial light and this contributes to ill health both physical and mental.

For instance, it has been found that people exposed to artificial light had higher levels of the stress hormones *ACTH and cortisol than when exposed to full-spectrum lighting. Full-spectrum light bulbs can be readily purchased and are an excellent investment in your health. *Holwich, F (1979), The influence of ocular light perception on metabolism in man. Supplement with health-promoting negative ions. There are two ways to accomplish this. Go on holiday to the sea or mountains all year round (we wish!) or purchase an ioniser for home, car and office. These are readily available and are another excellent and economical investment in your health. Crystal salt lamps work extremely well.

Step 2. Reduce Exposure To Toxic Substances

Reduce your exposure to toxic substances such as cigarette smoke, vehicle exhausts and environmental fumes in general. Watch your intake of the health-sapping additives and potential carcinogens in processed foods (better still – eat organic food) and avoid the toxic elements in tap water. Severely limit the frying and barbecuing of foods, this method of cooking produces carcinogenic (cancer-causing) substances. Dump any cooking utensils that are made from aluminum, or are coated with teflon. This metallic source of aluminum leeches into the food and is toxic). Dump your microwave, these can change the molecular structure of food. Be wary of acidic foods and liquids that are wrapped or bottled in plastic.

These can leech substances into the food that act as synthetic hormones (oestrogens). For the same reason, avoid cans that utilize a layer of plastic on the inside. Be aware of the dangers created by the overuse of antibiotics, certain prescriptive drugs and all recreational drugs. Watch your alcohol intake! Please be aware that fruit juices are usually made from concentrate. As well as concentrating the juice you may get a concentration of undesirable substances such as insecticides and pesticides. Buying organic juices is the answer to this. However, if you drink a lot of juices you may upset your sugar balance regulation – moderation is required. Beware of hair dyes, some have been shown to be carcinogenic.

Keep up step 2 for the rest of your life.

Step 3. Learn To Interpret Nutritional Labels

Learning to interpret the so-called nutritional labels on foods is very important. Many food manufactures and producers seek to confuse and mislead us. They go to great lengths to hide the true content of their products. For instance, sugar may be called maltose, dextrose, fructose, sucrose, lactose, glucose syrup, maltodextrin, brown sugar, cane sugar, etc. (Please see the chapter on sugar). Loud labels proclaim, “80% fat free”, but the product still contains 20% of fat and almost always of the hydrogenated variety. Another ploy is to say ‘fortified with vitamins and minerals’, no mention of the high sugar and fat content. The levels of vitamins and minerals usually present wouldn’t nourish a hamster! Parents, please be especially vigilant where breakfast cereals for kids are concerned.

These usually have a very high sugar content that is seriously detrimental to your child’s health. This is a despicable practice and should be legislated against. Sunny Delight is a prime example of a cleverly target marketed product, specifically for kids. It has very high sugar content and is in my opinion, an absolute junk drink. By law labels must state in descending order, what the product contains. So, if sugar is the first listed ingredient, the product contains more of that substance than any other. Beware! Try to become familiar with the possible problems that are created by the addition of additives and E-numbers in foods (many books are available on this subject). Many children react within minutes of taking products containing these. Keep up with the changing ‘face’ of nutritional labels regularly.

Step 4. Improve Your Diet

Some general guidelines to follow are to cut out or cut down on refined wheat products and other ‘whitened’ products such as pasta & rice – use the natural brown variety. Eat dairy products in moderation, cut out as much hydrogenated fat as possible. Limit the intake or cut out all processed and junk foods. Limit the consumption of smoked and heavily salted foods cut out or cut down on tea, coffee, alcohol, soft drinks (carbonated & non-carbonated). Cut down or cut out refined & unrefined sugar in all forms. Replace all refined salt with natural salt. Do not eat margarine (butter or olive oil is far better). Unfortunately many sugars are ‘hidden’ in many foods besides the obvious ones such as biscuits, cake and sweets. Do not use sugar substitutes such as aspartame. Drink around 2 liters of filtered or bottled water daily. I strongly suggest that you do not drink plain tap water.

Fresh clean water is indispensable to life and if money in no problem, get hold of a reverse osmosis water-filtering unit. These provide the purest of water. Structured water vastly improves water’s ability to carry nutrients, and many affordable systems are now available. Prepare your own food from fresh organic ingredients where possible. Do eat three meals daily comprising of protein (in white & red meats, nuts, seeds, legumes, etc.). Essential fats (in nuts, seeds, oily fish, white & red meat etc) and carbohydrates (pasta, brown rice, potatoes, vegetables, fruit, etc). Consume plenty of high fiber foods (brown pasta, brown rice, potatoes, vegetables, fruit, whole grains, etc) in your daily diet. Eat lots of raw or steamed vegetables, not boiled. (Boiling removes or deactivates around 80% of the nutrients (especially vital enzymes) in organic & non-organic food, steaming retains around 80% of them). Try to consume 4 or 5 portions of organic fruit and 3 or 4 servings of organic vegetables daily.

Of vital importance is to eat 80% alkaline forming food and 20% acid forming. (See Acid – Alkaline food sheet). Do not be afraid to eat moderate amounts of saturated fat, including butter, extra virgin olive oil, and raw coconut oil. If you are worried, log on to the Weston A Price foundation website for the truth of the matter. Freshly frozen, natural foods are fine. In this state, they retain the more unstable nutrients. It has been estimated that most people overestimate their calorie intake by 50%! Don’t fall into this trap. If you wish to take this further and learn more about food groups, healthy versus non-healthy foods, organic produce and healthy eating and cooking, there are many books available at your bookstore. Source as much organic food as possible. The Soil Association in the UK (0117 929 0661) can send fresh organic food to your door.

Cleaning organic food with a soft brush and fresh water is usually sufficient to remove any ‘nasties’ that may lurk on the skin. Non-organic food should be treated in the same way with the addition of a ten-fifteen minute soak in clean water. This should remove most of the chemical residue on the outer part of the produce. Some health food shops sell nontoxic preparations for this cleanup procedure. Produce that is waxed (to make it look healthy!) should be lightly peeled. Much of the ‘good stuff’ is in the skin, so only peel where necessary. Water structuring energy chargers are available to improve the vibrational quality of your foods. Fiber has many benefits, including binding with toxins and other unwanted substances such as ‘spent’ oestrogens, facilitating their expulsion. Fiber is also a highly important factor in the regulation of bowel movements and is protective against colon and other cancers.

The sugars present in fruit are health promoting, however you can overload on these if you drink excessive amounts of pure fruit juice. This can create low blood-sugar problems among others. As a general guideline men require around 2700 kcals daily. Around 10 -15 per-cent of theses calories (67-101 grams) should come from protein, 15-20 percent (45-60 grams) from unsaturated & animal saturated fats (see chapter two- Unsaturated & Saturated fats) and the remaining percentage from carbohydrates (438-506 grams). Females require around 2200 kcals daily. The same percentages of the food groups apply, as above. However, as a guide, protein intake would be around 55-82 grams, unsaturated & animal saturated fats 36-48 grams and carbohydrate 357-412 grams.

  • Note: Keep saturated fat to around a maximum of 10% of total fat intake.
  • Carbohydrates and protein provide 4 kcals (calories) per gram and fats provide 9 kcals per gram.

Keep up step 4 for the rest of your life.

Step 5. Improve Digestion

The more efficient your digestion becomes the more nutrients you can metabolize – the greater is your potential for health. It is important to chew food correctly to release the enzyme ptyalin, which digests carbohydrates. Eating raw organic vegetables with each meal is very beneficial as they contain powerful digestive enzymes. If you eat cooked food, supplement with digestive enzymes. The multi vitamin/mineral supplement you are taking will supply some of the factors that are required to enable your stomach to make sufficient hydrochloric acid (HCl). If you do not have enough of this substance, digestion, metabolism, absorption and therefore your health potential will not stand a chance. Supplement with natural crystal salt for plentiful digestive strength. If you suffer from heartburn or stomach cramps See chapter 4 – Digestion & Absorption.

Keep up step 5 for the rest of your life.

Step 6. Nutrient Saturation

Nutrient saturation is a fundamental requirement to maximize your health potential. Supplement with enzymatically rich green foods, major minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium), and minor minerals (sulfur, phosphorus, zinc, copper, iron), and trace minerals (chromium, iodine, etc.). Add free form amino acids, chlorophyll, vitamins, enzymes, and other nutrients as required. It will provide your body with everything that it requires. Extremely importantly, it also provides nutrients that fuel the detoxification process as outlined in step 7 below. Attempting to detoxify your body without the required nutrient back up can cause more problems that it cures, in most cases. I would advise that you seek professional help with this if you are able. You will get dietary advice, help with testing procedures and an overview and advice on optimum nutritional intake.

Keep up step 6 for the rest of your life.

Step 7. Liver, Bowel & Lymphatic Fluid Detoxification

To help detoxify the liver and assist the body to liberate stored toxins (remember those 500 man-made chemicals in the single cell of a ‘healthy’ 30 year old) adhere to the dietary guidelines suggested in number 4, above. Additionally, blend six tablespoons of fresh lemon juice (if intolerant to lemons, use pineapple juice) together with three tablespoons of pure virgin olive oil and a pinch of garlic, fresh ginger & cayenne pepper. Take first thing in the morning half an hour before food. Continue for ten days. Thereafter you can do this cleanse for two or three consecutive days, three or four times per year. If this is totally repugnant to you (!), Biotech Health and Advanced Nutrition (see services section) among many others, sell an herbal lymph & liver cleanse in capsule form.

Take these preparations as directed on the label for two months, have a break for a month and take again for one month. Thereafter, it would probably be good insurance to take a one-month course twice yearly. Again, adhering to the dietary guidelines suggested in number 4 above will help to detoxify the bowel. Of particular importance are the high fiber foods such as brown pasta, brown rice, potatoes, vegetables, fruit, whole grains, etc. Additional supplementary fiber may be obtained from your health food store. Usually this is in the form of powdered psyllium husks. Among others, the following herbs help to detoxify and re-liquefy the lymphatic fluid: Burdock, Chaparral, Echinacea, Golden Seal, Pau D’Arco and Fenugreek. In this instance however, I suggest that you purchase a lymphatic herbal cleanse in capsule form and take as per the capsule form of liver cleanse above.

Note: Ionic minerals and digestive enzymes also assist in re-liquefying lymphatic fluid. At the beginning of this chapter I suggested that the best course of action would be to test for everything, including parasites and candida – yet the plan is not dependent on it. If you wish, after you have completed step 7 you can take an anti-parasite supplement and an anti-candida supplement. If you have neither of these problems the supplements will do no damage. You can go on to step 8 at the same time. Those suffering with liver cancer should NOT take any form of liver cleanse. During the detoxification process make sure that you keep up your intake of nutrients together with around 2 liters of filtered or bottled and preferably structured water, daily. This is vital.

Step 8. Rebalance Bowel Flora (Probiotics)

To rebalance the bowel (friendly) flora, consume a medium size tub of live Greek yogurt daily for seven to ten days. This must be natural live yogurt, without additives of any type. Health stores and supermarkets carry these products. Alternatively you can supplement with this flora. You must get the best you can afford; it is usually called lactobacillus acidophilus and is often encapsulated with bifidus. Buy a product that contains at least one billion organisms per capsule (at time of manufacture). I highly recommend a seven day course of Replete from Biocare, who are based in Birmingham (UK) (0121 433 3727). Each sachet contains 30 billion organisms and is therefore expensive 31.00). However, it is worth every penny. G & G food supplies, based in East Grinstead (U.K) ( 01342 812311) sell an excellent range of Probiotics. This regimen should be repeated after every course of antibiotics or yearly. Take digestive enzymes at least three hours away from probiotics. The protease enzyme(s) will ‘eat’ the probiotics.

Step 9. Exercise

As long as we are saturated with nutrients, exercise is a wonderful health-promoting pastime, toning both the muscles and the internal organs, particularly the heart, lungs and circulatory systems. It also helps to detoxify the body via the sweating process. Nutrients must combine with oxygen to sustain life and within reason the more oxygen we can safely and correctly process, the healthier we will be. A minimum exercise program should consist of an activity that raises the heart rate for at least twenty minutes, three times weekly. If you are unsure if you should commence an exercise regimen you MUST consult with your doctor beforehand. Thereafter it would be ‘good practice’ to join a gym. Most good gyms can undertake a fitness assessment for you, design an exercise program and oversee your progress. Exercise, particularly rebounding, propels the lymphatic fluid around the body. (See toxic lymphatic system – chapter four). This helps to stimulate the removal of debris and toxins and to bolster the immune system.

Step 10. Maintenance

Once you feel well and full of energy, it is all to easy to forget how far you have come and what it had taken to get there. Be ever vigilant – bad dietary habits creep in quickly and before you know it you go back to where you started and often further back! I have seen this happen on countless occasions. Once in a while, if you have a binge it isn’t really going to matter in the great scheme of things. Moderation, most of the time, is the key. Regulating your diet together with nutrient saturation will be your greatest allies.

Author: Christopher Pick, ND