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Natural Medicine for the Times

A brief introduction. I am a naturopathic doctor, meaning I seek natural remedies for body wellness. I received my degree from Clayton College of Natural Health. I am also an herbalist.

For the past five years I have written a natural health column in a New Mexico magazine, Prime Time. For three years I presented natural health reports on the CBS station in Albuquerque. I have been in private practice for five years. I have studied natural medicine for over thirty years informally with Native American medicine men and women, Spanish curanderos and curanderas, African American healers, and just about anybody who had knowledge and would share it. Although I made my living in other fields, it was always a passion and as with any passion, I have read hundreds of books. Perhaps my best teachers have been my clients and the feedback they have generously shared. As many of you know, some states license naturopathic doctors. However, most don’t. So, by law, I cannot diagnose or prescribe.

I can educate and inform using current research, formal and informal education and life experience. This is what I hope to do here. It is very important that you understand that I am sharing general information and not prescribing. If you choose to incorporate ANY of this information into your health care regimen you must tell your health care practitioner. If you are on ANY medications, either prescription or over-the- counter, it is critical that you not only tell your health care practitioner but your pharmacist about any new additions you make. Even a simple vitamin or mineral can contraindicate with certain drugs and cause harm. Again, take this information to your health care practitioner and discuss any changes before making them. I stress this, not only because of the laws, but it has been my experience that people who self-medicate without guidance can sometimes do more harm than good.

First Things First

I know you have heard it, but believe it. Food is your remedy, your remedy is food. That’s a quote from Hippocrates and it still holds true today. I recently read the average American consumes 150-pounds of chemicals in his/her diet every year. That’s an astounding amount of work for our immune system, filtration systems (liver, kidney, bladder, etc.) to handle. Many of these additives and preservatives are toxic. All treated fats, we know through current research, are harmful to the body. So, begin by eating the most pure, whole foods you can find. Look for a local health food store and start shopping. Free range meats, if you eat meat, are the healthiest because they aren’t treated with hormones, antibiotics, etc. They tend to have a more humane life as well. Olive oil, as shown in research, does wonders for many parts of the body.

Most health practitioners agree that real butter is far better for us than any of the substitutes. If you are drinking diet anything, stop. A great deal of research is available on the hazards of chemical sweeteners. You can look up Aspartame on the Internet and decide for yourself. Most health stores carry healthy alternatives for people who need to avoid sugars. For those who don’t have blood sugar problems, regional raw honey is a good alternative to refined sugar. Remembering we are essentially a small ocean, about 70-75-per-cent water, good bottled water is a great choice of beverage. Fruit and vegetable juices are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals. Sodas between meals are less harmful as calcium and phosphorous share the same absorption sites. If you drink a soda with the calcium in your meal, the calcium may not be absorbed.

Herbal teas are wonderful, healthy beverages.

There is a great deal of research being done on the nutritional value of organic foods vs. conventionally grown foods. It is not surprising that most organic foods seem to be much richer in vitamins and minerals than the chemically grown variety. Taste alone will indicate this. I personally eat organic foods and feel that it does good work for my body. If your goal is to strengthen and support whole body health, this is something to be considered. For many, these insights will be old hat. For others, news.

Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

It is difficult to find total agreement on whether we should supplement our nutrients if we eat well. I, for one, like to ensure that my body system has all of the tools it needs to heal, detoxify, and rebuild. I take a liquid multi-vitamin and mineral everyday. I buy a good brand at the local health store. As a naturopath, I like nutrients from natural source vs. the lab. I also like liquids because they are more bioavailable, meaning ready to be absorbed. If you can’t find a good liquid, capsules are the second best for breaking down in the stomach. Some will argue that there are tablets that are easily broken down. Maybe so. During these times, I also supplement in extra Vitamin C. We know through research that they should contain some bioflavonoids for good absorption. Consult with your health care practitioner about amounts. Some of my colleagues take a full-spectrum antioxidant supplement as well as their multi-vitamin and mineral.

I personally add those in when I begin to feel “punk.” Again, talk with a professional to work out what’s best for you. There are some herbs that seem beneficial during these times. I like to take ginger root everyday. It helps with the nausea and keeps blood running thin. However, if you are on any blood thinning medications, NEVER take ginger root as you risk getting your blood too thin and unable to clot. I take Flaxseed Oil everyday as it is a wonderful source of essential fatty acids. Flax Oil is very helpful to the body and especially important for brain function. I am told by a research doctor who specializes in heavy metals that if you have enough essential fatty acids in your body, your brain can push aluminum out of the brain and into the hair. It comes in a liquid form which can be bitter to some people so they prefer the capsules. ALWAYS keep Flax Oil in the refrigerator. Noni juice is part of my morning regimen.

When I was studying medicine in Maui with a Kahuna, he told me his grandmother used Noni for everything-cuts, stomach aches, sore muscles, etc. Modern laboratory research tells us that Noni is rich in antioxidants and may detox the liver. Perhaps that is why so many people report so many different results to me. We know that the health of the liver is critical to whole body health. I will say the pure Noni I experienced in Maui is a far cry from the bottled variety available to most of us here in the mainland. Even so, I feel a positive difference when I drink my morning Noni. A caution: if Noni does detox the liver, anyone on medications should avoid it as it may take them right out of your system. Also, the bottled Noni has lots of fruit juices, so anyone on a restricted sugar diet needs to talk with their health care practitioner before using it. For years now I have supplemented natural Vitamin E into my regimen. It has done wonders and I won’t stop now. You can tell if it is natural Vitamin E if it lists the source as d-alpha. If it says dl-alpha, then it was made in a lab. I keep mine in the refrigerator.


Whenever our bodies are being insulted by toxins, one of the best things we can do is to help it detoxify quickly and effectively. There is a tea called Yogi Detox Tea that many of my friends and clients have used. It is designed to clear the liver, kidneys, bladder, etc., or the filtration systems, in our bodies. It has many powerful herbs that seem to do the trick. However, if you can’t find this brand, most health stores have teas designed to detoxify. Again, if you are on meds, be aware it is likely to take these right out of your body as well. Talk to your health care practitioner about a way to keep the medicines and tea apart so that you can safely use this method.

Heavy metals are one of the hardest elements to detox from the body. However, there are some who have used Food Grade diatomaceous earth with good results. I am told by my friend who is a research doctor and specializes in heavy metal detox that he has used this with great success in getting nickel and other heavy metals from his body. You can reach Dr. Galen Knight at “”. He is a specialist in heavy metal detox and can give you his data.

Respiratory Ailments

Without a doubt, the most frequent and intense health problem I am seeing in these times is respiratory distress. Starting with the sinuses and moving into the deepest part of the lungs, many people are suffering. Here are the best natural medicines that I personally have tried with success as well as my family, friends, and clients.

Sinus infections

By far, without contest, the best natural remedy I have found for sinus infections is Colloidal Silver, 10ppm. It can be found in most health stores and is in a nasal spray applicator. Colloidal silver is an old medicine that is being confirmed by modern research. Apparently, the tiny (ppm=parts per million) particles of silver attach themselves to bacteria and kill them rather quickly. At the first sign of a sinus problem I spray each nostril three times with the Colloidal Silver. One application usually works for me. Others report that if the infection is chronic, it takes a few more doses. Some important information: most agree, this spray should only be used when there are symptoms, not as a curative. Silver is a heavy metal and can accumulate in the body causing harm so it is used only when a problem shows up. It does have a long shelf life and should be stored in a cool, dark place. Talk to your health care practitioner and get more information before deciding if this is a good remedy for you.

Coughs and Lung infections

Years ago when I was studying with a Native American medicine man I got a very bad, deep lung infection and cough. He told me to get Tea Tree Oil and some distilled water. He told me to put two drops of the tea tree in a mug and pour rapidly boiling water over the drops until it reached the top of the mug. I stood next to the kitchen sink and sniffed, then deeply inhaled the steam. I kept at it until all of the steam was dissipated. He told me NEVER to drink the tea tree, so I poured it down the sink. He told me to do this twice a day until my lungs were clear. It worked so well that I have used this remedy and passed it on to hundreds who have reported good results. Years later I was reading a research paper from Australia (home of the tea tree) which explained its effectiveness. Apparently tea tree has antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and antiparasitic properties. Never take tea tree internally as it is toxic when ingested.

Recently a fellow naturopath told me she had severe bronchitis. She just couldn’t get the infection out of there. She says she took Colloidal Silver, 30ppm, for five days and it was gone. It is widely held that Colloidal Silver should never be taken for longer than 10-days as silver poisoning may result. Now, I have heard many stories like hers, but haven’t needed this remedy myself. However, recent research indicates that Colloidal Silver is effective against over 600-bacterias. However, some in my field don’t like the idea of ingesting any heavy metals, even if they are extremely small amounts. So, there is another good natural antibiotic that was discovered by the Pasteur Institute in France. They spent years testing natural sources looking for a reliable, effective antibiotic and came up with grapefruit seed extract. Capsules are what most people take as the liquid is very, very bitter. CAUTION: many of the current heart medications contraindicate with grapefruit.

As always, please talk to your health care practitioner before using anything new. I personally installed a good Hepa air filter in my bedroom that runs 24-7. Yes, my electric bill has gone up, but I noticed a significant difference in my lung health. Recently on THE TODAY SHOW a respiratory specialist who has written a book about the “alarming” rise in respiratory disease and resulting mortality rates recommended exercising indoors. I used to walk a brisk mile or two every morning around the mesa. Now I have a tape I use in my home to get my daily exercise. I think the doctor on the TODAY SHOW was on the right track. Many of my friends, self included, have taken to wearing masks outdoors. Yes, it looks a little funny, but I feel so much better. When asked, I say it helps with my allergies-and I am allergic to the air these days. Buy your household cleaners at the health store. Most commercial cleaners, especially glass, tile, etc. are really hard on the lungs.

Some of the chemicals used in home cleaners are actually forbidden to be used in warfare, so go for the more natural, safe products. I don’t drive with my windows down anymore. It used to be one of my favorite things to do, but about 4-years ago I found the air wasn’t invigorating me anymore-quite the opposite. Keeping our respiratory system moist is always a good thing. Many remember Grandmother putting them in the bathroom with a hot shower running when they had a cold. The respiratory system needs moisture to work effectively and it is simple to do. Put your head over a pot of boiling water and inhale the steam. I like to use distilled water as it is clean. Another thing that seems to help is irrigating the sinus cavities. In most stores there is a baby section. You can find a little blue bulb used to extract mucus from the nose. If you fill it with distilled water, a SMALL pinch of sea salt and squeeze the bulb into one nostril, holding the other closed, it does a good job of washing out the sinus cavities. Repeat in the other nostril. I like to do this at least once a day at the bathroom sink. It seems to help rinse out whatever accumulated during the day.

Blood Clotting

Another rising syndrome is blood clotting too quickly. One of the things that traditional Chinese doctors and Eastern Indian medical people have used for centuries to prevent blood clots is ginger root. I am told by a physicist that Al ions when combined with Mg ions can cause blood clots. Although I personally have not had that problem, I take ginger root in capsule form every day. The herb ginkgo biloba has been shown in trials to prevent platelet aggregation. Recent research has indicated that ginkgo has helped people with memory problems. Perhaps this is because it thins the blood and allows more free flow to the brain. Caution: if you are taking any pharmaceutical blood thinners, DO NOT take ginger root or ginkgo biloba. If you believe for any reason your blood is clotting too readily see a health care practitioner immediately as blood clots can be fatal.

Memory Loss

It isn’t just old folks having “senior” moments. Nearly everyone I know says that they are having real memory problems. I noticed this myself starting about the four years ago. Suddenly I couldn’t spell a certain word, or forgot an appointment, couldn’t remember what I had gone to a room to retrieve, etc. This was extremely disturbing to me as I have always had an excellent memory. Then I began to get the calls from friends, clients, family expressing the same concern, that they just weren’t thinking clearly. They said they couldn’t remember the easiest of things and I began to get to work on what medicines might help. I was experiencing and hearing that it was mostly short term memory problems. The first thing I did was incorporate Flax seed Oil in my daily regimen. And I kept upping the dosage until I began to see a difference.

Again, work this out with your health care practitioner if you decide to use Flax. Knowing that the B Vitamins were critical to brain function, I began to supplement in extra B’s. I found a product called Emer’gen-C that is a powder that you mix with water that has all of the B’s. This also helped. Be sure to use good, pure bottled water with Emer’gen-C. Most health stores carry this product. Wearing my mask helped as did the air filter. However, I am still struggling with occasional memory problems and can only mitigate. Some report the herb Ginko Biloba is helping. It is an old Chinese remedy and seems to help many. In essence, it thins the blood allowing more to get to the brain. Again, if you are on blood thinners, DO NOT take this herb as your blood may not clot properly. Always buy your herbs from a good, reputable health store as many of the “drugstore” variety have questionable value.

An herb, which is a plant, must be grown correctly, harvested correctly and processed correctly. Many of the cheaper brands don’t meet this standard. I have always had good luck with Nature’s Way. Amino acids are important for all brain function. The way I like to get mine is with Bragg’s Amino Acids. Most health stores carry this brand. It is a liquid and tastes like soy sauce. It’s great on potatoes and rice and is much cheaper than buying the aminos in capsule form. As a liquid it is bioavailable. “Exercise” your brain. Like any body part, the more you use it, the stronger it becomes. I recently saw a memory specialist on a talk show saying the same thing-people who put their memory to the test had better memories than those who were lazy about it.

Loss of Energy

We know from Mr. Carnicom that our oxygen supply is being displaced and this spells trouble for ALL body functions. Every cell in our body needs oxygen and we are dangerously low, especially those of us at higher altitudes. Nearly everyday I get someone telling me that they are so tired, without energy. Many say “I feel so old.” My muscles ache, I can’t get enough sleep, I just drag through the day waiting to fall into bed. This is not good. This complaint has sky-rocketed in the past four years and loss of oxygen is, in my opinion, the biggest culprit. However, we are learning that many heavy metals are coming into our systems, taxing the immune system and poisoning the whole body. We talked about detoxifying earlier and getting oxygen into the body is tricky at best. Clearly those at sea level have an advantage. I have many clients who found “liquid oxygen” at the health store and say it helps.

My neighbor asked his doctor to put him on a tank while he is sleeping and he is doing much better. For most of us, I guess the answer is we need to be proactive in getting a public discussion about our air supply. If we don’t ask for a change, it won’t be coming. Going back to the beginning, eating good food and getting all of the right vitamins and minerals will help our bodies. Detoxing will help as we expend more energy detoxifying than any other bodily function. I find sitting quietly, some would call meditating, very helpful in directing my thoughts-body into a stronger position. As I’ve said to anyone who asks, the best solution is to get rid of the problem. I can help to mitigate, not eliminate these health concerns.

Gastrointestinal Distress

This is another health issue that has increased dramatically in the past four to five years. People who eat a poor diet are suffering more than ever so clean up your eating habits. This is the first step. Secondly, if you are getting excess acid, there is a product in the health store called DGL that many say really helps. It is basically licorice root that has been modified. There is a constituent in licorice root that some believe can cause high blood pressure. DGL is licorice root without that element. Another remedy that I have used and is really helpful for nausea and general stomach distress is food grade diatomaceous earth which I discussed earlier. I have used probiotic bacterial replacement with some good results, in myself and others. Most health stores have these in full spectrum formulas as just acidophilus may not do the trick. For anyone not familiar, these are the good bacteria in the digestive track that help us break down and absorb our nutrients. They are especially valuable after antibiotic treatments, natural or pharmaceutical.

Most health stores carry digestive enzyme replacement capsules. Solaray makes one called Super Digestaway and many say this helps with their discomfort and distress. Enzymes are very delicate and are easily destroyed in cooking, processing, and toxic assault. They play a critical role in breaking down our foods and making them available as nutrients. Most Americans today, we know through research, are deplete in digestive enzymes. Many, many people are complaining of nausea, self included. I have found that if I eat small amounts of food at the onset of the nausea it is very helpful. Children have this problem quite a bit these days. One little boy who was brought to me by his mother said if he just ate a little bit at night he didn’t want to “throw up.” His mother was confused. Another child, about 7-years-old” told me it felt like a dragon was getting into his stomach and killing him, but if he ate peanut butter crackers, it killed the dragon.

Clogged Lymphatic System

Because of all of the toxic insults to our bodies these days, it is critical to keep the lymphatic system open and running. Briefly, the lymphatic system is responsible for gathering and clearing toxins from the body. It is essentially one long railroad track running through the body, stopping at “stations” to pick up debris. If it becomes clogged and overloaded, we get lumps, cysts, sore, swollen areas. Many are complaining of soreness and swelling under their ears and chins. This makes sense because these are the primary lymph glands that gather up toxins coming into our eyes, nose, and mouth. Unlike blood which is pumped through the body by the heart, the lymphatic system must be moved, either through exercise or manual manipulation. Gently stroking the swollen area often helps.

Here are helpful ways to improve lymph drainage:

  • Get all of the additives, preservatives, etc. out of the diet.
  • Drink lots of water, juices and herbal teas as they help detox the lymph.
  • Get a good massage from a practitioner who focuses on the lymphatic system
  • drink lots of water after the massage to wash the debris out.
  • herbs may be good for you.
  • All tight clothing restricts the flow of the lymphatic system- it takes very little pressure to completely shut the system down- bras are especially bad because they shut down the system right under the chest which clears toxins from the breast and lungs. If you must wear a bra, make sure the pressure is over the ribs, not directly under the breasts. Sports bras usually work well.
  • Vitamin E often helps with cysts which may indicate a blocked lymph area.
  • Simply jumping up and down helps to move the lymphatic system.

Depression and Anger

I don’t think the word “epidemic” is too strong for the number of people telling me they are depressed. Depression has many sources and it is important to talk with a professional about this problem. However, if it is mild and occasional, there are some natural remedies that seem to help.

  • Pure, whole foods-avoid all chemicals in the diet.
  • A good, multi-vitamin and mineral- current research is linking nutritional deficiencies with depression.
  • The herb St. John’s Wort is used worldwide for mild depression. In fact, it is the number one prescribed medicine in Germany for this condition. Research indicates that most people need at least 950-mg per day for it to be effective. Talk to your health care practitioner to decide if this is right for you.
  • Essential fatty acids seem to play a role-Flax Seed Oil is a good source.
  • Potatoes Not Prozac is a book about depression that has good information.

Anger is, in many ways, depression turned outwards. Obviously, there can be many, many reasons for anger. However, it seems in the past four years it is becoming a real societal problem. Road rage, spousal abuse, etc. are quite common. First we need to get control of it if we can. If not, see a professional trained to get to the root cause and to help you to reprogram yourself. For mild, occasional anger, I have found the herb Kava Kava to be very helpful. It comes from the Pacific Islands and has been used for hundreds of years. I was surprised by a report recently that said Kava Kava harmed the liver. However, with further investigation it was determined that the wrong parts of the herb, or plant, were used in processing.

This is why it is so important to buy your herbs from a reputable company from the health store. I find the extract the most effective and best to use because it can be put under the tongue when needed and absorbed into the blood stream quickly. I have a client who said he was fine until he talked to his ex-wife on the phone. He said he just couldn’t control his anger. So, he decided to try the Kava and put the extra next to the phone. When she called he put about 30-drops under his tongue and asked her to hold on a minute. He reported to me that he still has anger, but he can control it and have a productive conversation with her.

Night Sweats

I have always had women in menopause complaining about night sweats. But in the past four years I am getting men, teens, and the unexpected client with this problem. Reading Mr. Carnicom’s data, I noticed barium. Interestingly, barium was once used to make people detox through sweating. When it was determined to be very toxic to the body, that practice was stopped. Personally, after I began using the diatomaceous earth, most of my sweats went away. Dr. Knight says the earth has a charge that attracts metals and carries them out of the body. For my part, I must rely on the scientists and research doctors to ferret out the data, but I do know that many of the people who are taking the diatomaceous earth report no more night sweats. As night sweats can often signal a larger health concern, it is important to report it to your health care practitioner.

I also think eating potassium rich foods will help if barium is the culprit. We know in medicine that potassium is the antidote to barium poisoning. I try to eat organic bananas, lots of potassium rich fruits and vegetables, fish and free range meats. Since barium knocks potassium out of the body, this is a big concern. Potassium is critical to heart, muscle, and nerve function and too little potassium can be fatal. I mentioned a powder before called Emergen-C and it is very high in potassium. A CAUTION: most people are able to eliminate excess potassium very easily, however, some people have a condition in their kidneys that interrupts potassium metabolism. Too much potassium can be fatal for these people so it is very important to talk with your health care practitioner before supplementing in extra potassium.

Colds and Flu

In the past four years I have had more people complaining of colds and flus than in the past 20-years. And, these health problems seem to go on all year round instead of the normal winter season. The same is true for “allergies.” When ever I get the slightest first sign of a cold or flu, I find the following very helpful, as have clients, friends, and family.

  • Increase my Vitamin C.
  • Spray my nose with colloidal silver 10 ppm until my symptoms disappear-usually about one-to-two days-remember, colloidal silver should not be taken for longer than 10-days.
  • Make a soup with distilled water, carrots, onions, garlic, celery, parsley, sea salt, pinch of cayenne pepper and free range chicken drumsticks. I cook the drumsticks in boiling, then simmering water for about 35-45 minutes-remove them and take the meat off. I add the meat back into the same water, then add the vegetables, salt and cayenne. This is then boiled, then simmered for another 30-minutes. You will not believe how much better you will feel with this simple soup. Always try to use organic vegetables.
  • Sambucol is actually the extract from the Elderberry. Research shows it really goes after virus which are the normal cause of colds and flu. I start taking it (read the label) right away when I feel a cold or flu coming on.
  • Recent research is showing that the Chinese mushrooms, reishi, shiitake, Maitake have antiviral properties-you can find these in most health stores. I prefer the extracts as they are more potent.
  • The Eastern Indian spice called Turmeric is showing antiviral properties in lab tests. It is the bright yellow color in curry, so that’s a good thing to add to your diet. Turmeric can be found in many health stores and would be a good thing to take in capsule form at the first sign of a cold or flu.
  • If you have a good antioxidant supplement, now would be the time to add it to your regimen. Antioxidants are critical to the immune system and very important in times of healing.
  • If you are interested in homeopathic remedies, see a homeopathic doctor as many are doing great work with colds and flus. Traditional Chinese doctors are also a great resource and very successful with virus.
  • If you think you need an antibiotic, remember Grapefruit seed extract from our earlier discussion. Share this decision with your health care practitioner.

As always, if you think you are seriously ill, see a health care practitioner immediately as there are some very serious concerns with diseases such as SARS now. These suggestions are for mild colds and flus, however, since many of the symptoms of SARS are similar, it is wise to get yourself checked by a professional to eliminate more serious problems. Also, for some people, even a mild cold or flu can be dangerous, so better to make sure all is in order than to risk a more serious health problem.

Headaches and Migraines

I am getting more and more complaints about headaches and severe migraines. Although I don’t know specific causes through hard science, I can make some logical conclusions. Lack of oxygen puts a heavy strain on the brain. Also, aluminum can cross the blood-brain barrier and insult the brain. We talked earlier about the importance of essential fatty acids as agents to push the aluminum out of the brain and into the hair. Flax seed oil is a great source.

Some of the natural remedies that have helped my clients and friends are:

  • Herbs, Etc. liquid extract called Migrafree. People who take a half dropper under the tongue at the first sign of a migraine and another half dropper about one-half hour later have reported that it stopped the migraine before it really got going.
  • Before aspirin was made into a drug, it was available in its natural state and still is at most health stores. White willow bark is the herb Mr. Bayer took to the lab for a pharmaceutical copy. As many know, the drug version can cause stomach upset and colon distress. I have never known White Willow bark to cause any problems in those systems. However, some people shouldn’t take aspirin in any form, so before using willow, talk to your health care practitioner.

Teeth and Gum Disease

In natural medicine, tooth and gum health is an important indicator of whole body wellness. Pregnant women frequently suffer tooth and hair loss if they aren’t taking a good vitamin and mineral daily. The reason this happens is that the body will “steal” nutrients from what it deems nonessential areas to feed the more important or vital organs. First, support your body as mentioned with a good vitamin and mineral daily. Eat well as we have discussed. My dentist confirmed to me a few years ago what I already suspected- many of the anti-tartar toothpastes actually harm the gums. I use an all natural toothpaste from the health store.

I noticed a significant improvement in my gums with the natural toothpaste. I not only floss when I can, but faithfully every night I Waterpik my entire mouth with warm water and sea salt. This has done wonders for both my teeth and gums. Finally I got rid of the harsh plastic tooth brush and found a natural bristle brush. Again I saw a big difference in my gum health. These are just a few changes that can make a big difference in the health of your teeth and gums and are easy to incorporate into your daily regimen.


I have always encouraged people to drink lots of clean bottled water. Now I think it’s even more critical to our health. I recently traveled to an area that has always been and should be very humid. To my surprise the air was very dry and the skies were heavy with spray. My joints began to ache indicating possible dehydration. I began to drink bottle after bottle of water and around the third bottle my joints began to feel good again. I wasn’t able to avoid the spray very well on this trip so I drank water constantly and it really helped my body to detoxify and stay strong. I don’t recommend most tap water as most is filled with chemicals and pollutants. The facet filters really don’t get it all out so I think good reputable bottled water is the best choice.

CAUTION: If you decide to incorporate the clay into your daily regimen Dr. Knight tells me that it will also attach to important trace metals our bodies need like copper iron etc. So it becomes very important to replace these with a good natural vitamin and mineral supplement daily. Always keep the clay drink as far away from meals and supplements as possible. Dr. Knight recommends taking it right before bedtime.
If you are anemic or have a tendency in that direction it is extremely important to replace the iron. A German company makes a great natural iron supplement called Floradix Herbal Iron.

Heart Health

It is VERY important that you see a professional if you are concerned that you may have heart disease. If you are already on heart medications DO NOT take anything without telling your heart specialist as serious problems can arise. Lack of oxygen puts a heavy strain on the heart. As heart disease is already the leading cause of death in this country more oxygen loss is truly catastrophic. There is a remarkable herb that has been used for centuries to strengthen and regulate heart beat. It is very unusual because unlike most herbs which are unidirectional it is bi-directional. This means if the heart rate is high it has the ability to lower it. If the heart rate is too slow it will increase it. Hawthorne in extract form has given the best results to my clients. It is VERY important that it contain both the fruit or berries and the flowers. If it has just one of those in the formula my clients report that it doesn’t work very well. Again Herbs Etc. makes an extract that contains both.

Please talk to your health care practitioner before taking Hawthorn to decide if it is right for you and how much to take. As hawthorn is a powerful herb I do NOT recommend self-medicating. Olive Oil has been shown in research to do wonders for the heart. We know all treated fats can cause heart problems so make your primary oil for cooking salads etc. olive oil. I urge my clients to get a good organic brand at the health store because the manner in which it is grown and processed has a significant impact on its value. If you want to use butter occasionally real butter melted is the best form for whole body and heart health. Butter substitutes are not in my kitchen. For those who like to bake safflower oil from the health store is a good choice as it has little flavor to interfere with the taste of what you are cooking.

Exercise is critical to heart health and I do recommend you do all exercise inside these days. A recent report linked anger as one of the primary causes of heart disease. This was reported on all of the network news casts and was the finding of Western allopathic medicine which surprised me. Natural medicine has always linked emotion and disease. As any toxic insult to the body if continued has cumulative results I am sure new “syndromes” and health concerns will show up in the future. I will update this information as needed. It is important that you know I have no connection personal or business with any of the companies or products mentioned in this informational.

In fact I don’t have any connections to any company producing natural medicines which allows me the freedom of using and choosing those that seem to work the best for myself friends family and clients. It is my sincere wish that my information has helped you to become healthier in “these times.” I urge you to become active in asking your representatives to create an open dialogue around the aerosol spraying as it is your health at stake as well as future generations. Also the plant and animal kingdom is in our care and surely they are experiencing the effects as well.

Blessings and Good Health to You and Yours.

Dr. Gwen Scott N.D.

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Author: Dr. Gwen Scott, N.D.