Green Leaf Juice

Green Leaf Juice of Barley, Wheat, & Kamut Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Japan & California Unique enzymes help orchestrate repair of cellular blueprint, creating youthful and more optimal function cell by cell. Cleansing and rebuilding enzymes, trace minerals, enzymatic pigments, for energy and youth, blood builders, anticancer, immune boosters. Regarded as a sexual tonic. Considered to be superfoods for longevity. Dozens of Antioxidant Enzymes, Cleansing Enzymes, Repairing, Rebuilding & Healing Enzymes. Carotene & Chlorophyll, Vitamins, Potassium and other minerals. Green juice of Alfalfa (leaves) Remote Southwest USA (Leguminosae Medicago Sativa)

A favorite of ancient Chinese physicians, Ayurvedic physicians, the Arabs, the Spanish, American pioneers and health enthusiasts and athletes. The roots of alfalfa run as deep as 30 feet – deep enough to get at minerals other plants can’t reach. A general tonic especially useful to the cardiovascular system and to reduce cholesterol. Recent studies focus on alfalfa’s ability to bind carcinogens and speed their elimination. Used to reduce bad breath and body odors.

Minerals, Trace Minerals, Chlorophyll

Author: Life Enthusiast