Guggul or Myrrh

(2.5% Guggalsterones – 44mg per serving)

The Three Wise Men And Their Guggul?!?

Guggul is the Myrrh of the Bible’s Sacred formulas. Guggul is the resinous sap of a tough little ten foot tall tree that grows amongst the rocky hillsides of India’s least populated arid regions. The tree’s pink to brown flowers produce a small red fruit. Each tree yields only about one pound of Guggul resin per year, which then requires further reduction and purification to provide a standardized level of the most highly valued constituents. Its mention as treasure in the Bible is over 2,500 years old and its mention in ancient Ayurvedic texts goes back nearly as far.

It too is an anti-inflammatory benefiting respiratory concerns and arthritis. Most interesting however, is how Guggul bolsters the thyroid, bringing this often sleepy organ closer to its full, vital, youthful efficiency, and enhancing your utilization of essential iodine – and creating a more youthful level of hormone production – LIFE. Thyroid hormones are essential for turning couch – warming flab into productive energy at the potential net increased rate of one pound per week, until reaching the optimally youthful fat to muscle ratio, which your genetic blueprint specifies.

Guggul is one of the most fascinating and complex herbals with dozens upon dozens of hyper-exotic phytonutrients. A small handful of these have been identified as the primarily active components, but when isolated from their vast and complex life-created phytonutrient matrix, they do not function as anticipated. Instead, the best material contains the full compliment of phytonutrients, pure and clean of extraneous material, and with the primary constituents developed to a standardized level.

As with all complex phytonutrient blends, Guggul’s beneficial results are diverse and far reaching. Guggul is a star among the Ayurvedic herbs as a catalyst of optimum lipid efficiency in the body. It positively impacts cholesterol as well as obesity – profoundly important when one considers the high tolls levied by cancer, heart disease and diabetes. There are of course no guarantees, however, a complete elimination of these three diseases alone would eliminate nearly 7 out of 8 causes of death and roughly the same percentage of disabilities. And as you know, with Iridesca, Guggul is not working alone.

Guggul both slows the biosynthesis of cholesterol (your primary source) and facilitates excretion of excess cholesterol from the body. Other components in Guggul inhibit platelet aggregation (synergistic to Lecithin, Garlic and Ginkgo…) resulting in improved efficiency of blood. This means you get better cellular oxygenation, better nutrient delivery, and better toxin removal. With better protecting against the hazards of aggregation there is less risk of stroke. Also understand that “better oxygenation” = “better sex”. Guggul is also typically supplemented where there are gynecological disorders, a sluggish immune system and fungal infestations. Guggal’s combination of enhanced energy, improved sense of well-being, and accommodation of a more youthful level of essential fatty acid utilization and hormone levels, have given Guggal a bit of a reputation as an aphrodisiac.

Author: Jevari Oberon