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Headaches and Migraines

Headaches and Migraines

Headaches & Migraines

Migraines can be caused by many, many different things…they are a symptom, not an illness.

Some of the causes can be: dehydration, sinus infections, airborne allergies, food allergies, spinal alignment issues, and about a million other things. Hopefully you are willing to approach a “cure” from a number of different perspectives, and keep trying things until you find the answer for your body that will alleviate the symptoms. One possible solution to recurring migraines: Take 500 milligrams of magnesium, 400 milligrams of B2, and 30 milligrams of feverfew (Mygrafew) each day. After a couple of months headaches should decrease in both intensity and frequency. Having dealt with these for over ten years now we are quite happy to finally have found relief.

Once daily MygraFew contains Partex, the feverfew extract which is the subject of the most current scientific research. Studies on feverfew demonstrate the importance of sesquiterpene lactone (STL) content, and particularly the STL parthenolide for providing desired health benefits. MygraFew is standardized to 5% parthenolide, 7 times more potent than other feverfew extracts. Studies at the London Migraine Clinic have increased interest in the parthenolide in Feverfew for it’s role in helping to maintain blood vessel tone. MygraFew helps maintain normal blood vessel tone by reducing platelet aggregation, serotonin release from platelets and blocking the formation of pro-inflammatory mediators.

MygraFew provides the level of parthenolide recommended by Canadian and British health authorities for optimal results. Each tablet provides the recommended level of 600 mcg parthenolide in a once daily dosage. It is the only feverfew extract with guaranteed parthenolide stability for three years.

Other Personal Stories

I got rid of my migraines, depression, and a reoccurring rash by cutting wheat out of my diet – I figured out I am gluten intolerant, and have a mild case of celiac disease. I felt better after just 3 days with no wheat, barley, or rye. That means no bread or pasta, or hydrolyzed vegetable protein, and reading all the labels. Rice and corn are OK, so go Mexican and Chinese for a few days, and see what happens! Jane

I just found out the horrible headaches I’ve had are because of allergies! I never had a runny nose or burning eyes so I didn’t think it could be allergy. I have had very bad headaches and fatigue since last fall. If I had ever taken an antihistamine instead of a pain killer I might have discovered it myself. It’s worth experimenting to see. There is a simple new blood test now to check for allergies:

I don’t personally know anyone who has been on a well balanced raw food diet for any prolonged time who ever gets headaches. Not to say they’re not out there, I just don’t know them and I know a lot of raw-foodists. I can’t relate personally, because I’ve never gotten a headache in my life, but I have a friend who used to get migraine headaches almost every day. She switched around her diet to where 80% of her food intake was raw fruits and veggies, with the rest being a cooked vegetarian. She hasn’t gotten a headache since. In my opinion, almost all chronic ailments are caused by the following factors (in the order of importance):

  1. mineral deficiency
  2. vitamin deficiency
  3. toxicity
  4. lack of sunlight, fresh air, rest, and love

Consider a serious remineralization program and switching to a mostly raw, mostly vegan diet balanced according to your metabolic type. Consider reading Conscious Eating by Gabriel Cousins. He just finished a book called Spiritual Nutrition where he discusses alchemically transforming your body to awaken your kundalini energy as well.

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