Healing Reaction: Sometimes Part of the Road to Better Health

You May Feel Worse, Before Better

When you begin to cleanse for healing, every system in your body will start eliminating built up, stored waste.

Bringing toxins out of storage and into motion for elimination often causes uncomfortable (sometimes painful) symptoms. This is called a Healing Reaction.

Because we eliminate toxins through four different channels (kidneys, bowels, lungs and skin), the symptoms of a Healing Reaction can vary:

  • Excess mucus in sinuses and lungs
  • Fatigue
  • Aches and pains
  • Diarrhea
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Slight fever
  • Skin eruptions.

Usually short lived, but sometimes may be rather violent. Symptoms of healing often follow the reverse order in which they appeared on your way into un-health. Influenced by the intensity of poor health.

The symptoms may come and go. Each period of time between symptoms will be longer. And you’ll feel better. The length of time for a Healing Reaction will vary with each person. A lifetime of built-up up toxins will take time to eliminate.

This experiencing can be distressing. We’re taught that symptoms are bad. Taking pain killers, antihistamines or other drugs will interrupt and delay your healing process.

It’s important to not suppress these temporary symptoms. Please know that the discomforts will pass, as your body normalizes to a new level of health.

Don’t Fight the Healing Process

Support Yourself Through a Healing Reaction

When properly supported, you will feel better, faster.

1. Rest
Allowing yourself to rest will free-up energy for healing. Instead of plowing through your everyday physical and emotional stresses, take a break if you can. Connect with nature and loved ones. You’ll have extra energy to get through any discomforts.

2. Energized Water
Adequate hydration is critical in this stage. Energized Water will give you better results. Its molecules are returned to their original pure, super-moisturizing state. This allows maximum moisture absorption, and toxin elimination too. Both are major keys to regaining and maintaining your health and vitality.

3. Probiotics
During a Healing Reaction, your immune system is under great strain to keep you healthy while those toxins are being eliminated. To support your immune system, you need Probiotics. They are good, friendly bacteria that naturally promote your resistance to diseases. When the nasty bacteria in your gut are properly balanced with good bacteria, you’re much better equipped to absorb nutrients and get rid of toxins.

4. Eat Nutrient Dense Food
If you don’t have time to prepare the required 6-10 servings of fruit and veg every day, consider taking a Superfood Blend. All contain a wide range of vitamins and minerals. Amino acids, enzymes and so much more. Because of industrial agricultural practices, raw food is deficient in nutrients. A daily routine with SuperFoods provides your body with those missing nutrients. Can enable you to regain and maintain your health and thrive.

5. Spirituality and Energy Work
In the beginning, your Healing Reaction may be mostly physical. But every discomfort, disease, accident, injury or surgery has a strong emotional component. You need to work on feeling unconditional love, patience and forgiveness. They are major emotional keys to healing. Resistance is common, yet once applied these factors will accelerate healing exponentially. If not addressed, total healing will remain incomplete. And the problem may present again later. Sometimes at an even deeper level.

Mainstream vs. Holistic Medicine

The concept of a Healing Reaction shows the opposite methods of mainstream and holistic medicine.

Mainstream medicine practitioners prescribe drugs to remove disagreeable symptoms. A patient who is free of symptoms is considered to be healthy.

Holistic medicine aims higher. Health is regarded as a state of profound physical, emotional and mental well-being. Not a temporary absence of disease symptoms.

If you want outstanding health, you must continually and consciously work for it. By minimizing all negative influences, and maximizing positive factors.

Most people don’t follow a straight line of either health improvement or deterioration. There are ups and downs on both roads.

  • The road to deteriorating health slopes downhill. Often has lengthy periods of poor health. It’s coasting and you don’t need to do anything about it. It requires less energy and attention.
  • The road to health improvement is uphill. It needs consistent effort. The dips on the uphill road are usually short and sharp.

After each Healing Reaction, you advance to a higher level of health than before.

Learn to Listen to Your Body

Aim to become independent from outside expert advice. Do what our intuition tells you. For everyday living, and important decisions too.

Your inner intelligence can guide your healing path. It has your best interest at heart. The release of emotional blocks can speed recovery and uplift your consciousness.

Your body quietly attempts to convey its requirements with its own language of symptoms. Maybe an intestinal rumbling, an itch, a slight muscle weakness or a passing pain.

If you’re honest and persistent, you can learn your body’s instincts.

Many bodies don’t seem to react to harmful foods or drugs. But the lack of reaction can become more often and forceful. Habits that seemed ok, may now cause discomfort or pain.

If you feel better physically, you will feel better emotionally and be able to handle daily stress more effectively. When you handle stress very well, you feel better emotionally. This whole circle really benefits your immune system, and of course your overall well being.

When your body gets its required nutrients, it can clean, repair and maintain itself. Find your specific Metabolic Type to determine what foods contribute to your health. And which foods take away your well being.

True Causes of Health and Longevity

If you are interested in learning the true causes of health and longevity – or of chronic degenerative disease, start reading our Blogs. These pages are built from information I gathered and used. To reverse my own whole body pain. I figured out that mainstream medicine did not have the answers to curing a disease they label “syndrome”.

It took me 10 years to learn and test the answers. Now it’s all here for you to regain your health in less than a year.

If you do not make changes, and continue relying on pharmaceutical drugs, be resigned to the probable gradual decline into degenerative disease.

Here’s a very informative blog: “Basics of Cleansing to Detoxify

Author: Ann-Louise Evanoff with Martin Pytela