Heart and Circulation Basics

We can help to free you from poor heart and circulation health that can cause pains and a debilitating lifestyle. Your body strives for health at all costs: it is self-cleansing, self-healing and self-maintaining. When given adequate nutrients and supplements, all your internal systems will function in harmony.

Recent medical research shows that proper dietary supplementation is essential for health. Natural solutions for regaining and maintaining vibrant health are conveniently and economically available to you here, for anyone desiring natural, higher levels of health and longevity.

The generally practiced Standard American Diet and entrenched ways of thinking are causing needless ill health and numerous deaths. Unfortunately, even a good diet combined with mainstream supplements does not contain enough specific nutrients for optimal health. We have potent, affordable supplements that can enable your body’s natural inner healing powers to restore your health and vitality.

By creating and maintaining a healthy internal environment, you can regain and maintain a state of vibrant health. We all have natural healing powers within ourselves. Learn how to use your power.

The Causes of Poor Heart and Circulation Health

The cardiovascular system and heart are one of the largest and most important body functions. Its primary purpose is to deliver oxygen and nutrients to cells, and to help eliminate toxic waste products. Heart disease and stroke are often referred to as “silent killers” because the first symptom can be a fatal event. That’s why it’s so important to address your state of health, even while you’re still without symptoms. We are making preventive care available, to aid your recovery and maintain your health and vitality.

High Cholesterol

The Most Known Cause of Poor Cardiovascular Health and Heart Diseases

For many years, cholesterol and calcium deposits on your artery walls were thought to be the cause of heart disease, and low-fat, low-cholesterol diets were recommended. After more than ten years of these diets, cardiovascular and heart problems have increased in epidemic proportions. Either there’s a lot of diet cheaters, or the diets are ineffective. We believe that with specific, potent supplementation, you can remove the underlying conditions that create high cholesterol. You can then return to a vital state of health.

Recent scientific research shows that the underlying reason for a person to have high cholesterol is a chronic inflammatory condition. This inflammation causes free radical damage to your artery walls. Your body then calls up a natural response for cholesterol and/or calcium patchwork to repair the free radical damage. Thus you may have atherosclerosis (fat deposits), arteriosclerosis (calcium deposits), or both, often called arterial plaque.

This plaque builds up on the inside of arterial vessels, reducing the inner diameter and dangerously decreasing or stopping blood flow. Every cell of the body is impacted, but heart muscle and brain tissue suffer the most injury the soonest.

If not enough oxygen-carrying blood reaches the heart, the result can be pain (called angina), usually felt in the chest, or the left arm and shoulder. The same inadequate blood supply may cause no symptoms (silent angina). Regardless of the level of discomfort, angina is dangerous, because it often precedes a full heart attack; complete cut off of blood to the heart. The part of the heart that does not receive oxygen begins to die, and may be permanently damaged.

Controlling free radical damage (that causes high cholesterol, then plaque) with our specific, potent supplementation is a very successful strategy for preventing and curing poor cardiovascular health and heart disease. Much more successful than restrictive fat and cholesterol diets, that are failing in dramatic proportions.

We repeat to stress: It is the underlying conditions that cause high cholesterol, that in turn can cause poor cardiovascular health, related heart diseases, and many other serious illnesses. High blood cholesterol levels may have no visible symptoms, but are generally very responsive to diet, supplementation, and lifestyle changes. Medical intervention with cholesterol-lowering drugs carries a very high risk of causing other serious health problems. We cannot overstress the value of prevention with specific, potent supplements that will enable your body’s natural inner healing powers to restore your health and vitality.

Five Less Known Causes of Poor Cardiovascular Health and Heart Diseases

Numerous published articles show that some specific blood tests can be strong predictive factors for determining who will develop poor cardiovascular health and heart diseases. Conventional physicians often overlook these risk factors, to the detriment of their patients.

Many physicians require a higher standard of proof before ordering blood tests, for what they consider to be “newly identified” cardiac risk factors. Insurance may not pay for the tests, and sadly, physicians may not be aware of how to properly correct the conditions that create these risk factors.

The good news is that along with diet and lifestyle changes, we have specific, potent supplements that enable your body to overcome these dangerous risks that show up in your blood.

If you have concerns, ask your doctor to order the blood tests for the following risk factors.

1. Elevated Blood Levels of Fibrinogen

One dangerous risk factor that will show up in blood work is a coagulation protein called fibrinogen. In plain words, high fibrinogen levels can induce a heart attack in two ways. One is by coating the corpuscles of your blood, making it too thick and sticky. Another way is by coating vessels, thereby reducing blood flow, oxygen and nutrients to your heart. Published scientific studies show that persons with high levels of fibrinogen are more than twice as likely to die of a heart attack.

Fortunately, fibrin can be cleaned off artery walls by digestive enzyme supplementation.

2. Elevated Blood Levels of C-reactive Protein

Another dangerous risk factor for poor cardiovascular health and heart disease is C-reactive protein. This indicates an increased risk for abnormal blood clotting in your arteries. Also an increased risk for atherosclerotic plaque to break free, blocking blood flow through a coronary artery, resulting in an acute heart attack. Some studies show that people with high levels of C-reactive protein are almost three times as likely to die from a heart attack.

3. Elevated Blood Levels of Homocysteine

Now widely recognized by scientists as the greatest biochemical risk factor for poor cardiovascular health and heart disease. It’s accumulation may be a participant in 90% of all cardiovascular problems. Excessive homocysteine in your blood will cause you harm in a multitude of ways:

If homocysteine accumulates, it triggers atherosclerosis: plaque builds up in arteries.

High homocysteine can trigger a heart attack because it blocks the natural breakdown of fibrinogen, making your blood too thick and sticky. This reduces blood flow, oxygen and nutrients to your heart. Elevated homocysteine promotes coagulation factors, increasing the incidence of blood clots that can be fatal.

Homocysteine significantly impairs vascular circulation by decreasing dilation functions: vessels lose their expansion capacities. They become less pliable and even more susceptible to plaque buildup.

Supplements can protect you from the lethal effects of elevated homocysteine, but the amount of supplementation required varies from person to person. You may have dangerously high levels of homocysteine, despite taking the recommended (and higher) doses of supplements. You need to have blood tests to determine the amount of supplementation that will bring your homocysteine levels down.

Also, new scientific research shows that there is no safe normal range for homocysteine blood levels. Commercial laboratories state that normal is from 5-15 micromoles per liter (umol/L) of blood. But an American Heart Association’s journal states that homocysteine levels above 6.3 cause a steep progressive risk of heart attack. The only way to really know if your level of supplementation is effective, is to have your blood tested to make certain your homocysteine levels are under 7.

4. Excess Insulin, or Hyperinsulinemia

Many surveys show that most of our western society is overweight or obese. And all this extra fat is clearly associated with cardiovascular disease, diabetes and excess insulin.

All these overweight, obese and diabetic people usually have seriously high levels of insulin in their blood. If your blood is saturated with insulin, your body does not release significant fat stores, even with restricted calories and exercise.

Additionally, excess weight corresponds with a very high risk for developing diabetes. And having diabetes sharply increases your risk of heart attack. Therefore, to prevent cardiovascular disease, you must lose excess body fat, normalize insulin levels, and reverse the diabetic process.

So, which came first? The extra fat? Or the excess insulin? Either way, the results are the same: poor cardiovascular health and heart disease.

We repeat to stress: Underlying conditions, such as excess insulin can cause poor cardiovascular health, related heart diseases, and many other serious illnesses. Diet, lifestyle changes, and our supplementations can enable your body’s natural, inner healing powers to restore your health and vitality.

5. Too Little Free Testosterone in Men

Testosterone is a muscle-building hormone, responsible for maintaining heart muscle protein synthesis, helps to maintain healthy cholesterol, and promotes coronary artery dilation. Your heart has many testosterone-receptor sites, and weakening of the heart muscle can sometimes be attributed to testosterone deficiency. More and more studies (in men) show a link between high testosterone, and low rates of cardiovascular disease.

When low testosterone levels were corrected, most men show improvements in symptoms and EKG measurements. When testosterone therapy was administered to elderly, male coronary heart disease patients, one study showed over 68% more blood flow to the heart. In China, physicians successfully treat angina with testosterone therapy.

Magnesium Supplementation for Hormone Balancing (Testosterone)

Low levels of both magnesium and DHEA characterize most illnesses. The hormone DHEA is required to manufacture testosterone. It’s produced in the adrenal glands: women produce about 1/3 less than men, as men also produce DHEA in their testes.

Connecting these essential chemicals leads to a basic understanding of health & wellness, and the restoration & maintenance of youth. Decreasing DHEA levels are inevitable with aging: most Americans lose 80 to 90% of their optimal levels of DHEA between ages 30 to 80. With few exceptions, low DHEA levels are found in every illness.

If your DHEA is low, then your magnesium is also low. They go together. Even a 10% increase in magnesium and DHEA levels is associated with a 48% decrease in death from cardiovascular disease, and a 36% decrease in mortality from all causes.

How To Naturally Prevent Heart and Circulation Health Problems

The most important route to vital health, and to naturally prevent and cure heart and circulation problems is

  • Cleanse and Detoxify
  • Adequate nourishment
  • pH Balancing.

Step One: Cleanse and Detoxify

Regular cleansing of your body will begin the healing of discomforts and diseases, and bring you into a more vibrant state of health. Every system in your body will function more efficiently.

To be free of discomforts, you must remove the underlying cause, or the condition will return. It takes time to clean a body that has been accumulating toxins over a lifetime, but the rewards will be well worth the time and effort.

Step Two: Adequate Nutrition

When supported with proper nutrition from food, your body can heal arthritis and maintain a state of health. With the proper foods eaten at the right times, your body efficiently absorbs nutrients, and eliminates toxins, resulting in a healthy immune system that can heal and be free of pain and disease.

Learn to obey the laws of nature: eat simple & natural foods, properly prepared & combined, and your body will be happy to restore and maintain vibrant health.

Nourishment from food should maintain your ideal weight. Your ultimate diet is 80% raw food (organic, if possible), including some live foods, that are still growing (sprouts, wheat grass, fresh picked garden salads). This diet includes more grains, vegetables and fruits than protein, which should come mostly from non-animal sources like nuts (almonds, apricot nut, hazelnuts), legumes (beans, peas, lentils), and seeds (hemp seed hearts, flax, sesame).

Step Three: pH Balancing

A critical factor in curing arthritis is balancing the pH in your body. This creates a healthy internal environment and immune system.

Total healing of chronic illness takes place only when your blood is restored to a normal, slightly alkaline pH. The magnitude of this is of incredible importance to someone who is fighting a disease, overcoming an illness, or just wanting to feel better. Our overly acidic society is producing very high rates of diseases.

Your body is an amazing naturally self-correcting system: if you work with it, it is capable of tremendous self healing.

Natural Therapies for Pain Relief and Healing

Exercise is Essential for Vitality And To Be Free From Heart and Circulation Health Problems

Exercise, to be rid of arthritis pains, should include stretching to maintain & increase all joints’ range of motion, strengthening to stabilize joints, and endurance to increase stamina. You should also reduce repetitive joint use, and avoid sports injuries with proper warm-ups, and choose appropriate sports equipment.

Calcium and Magnesium

Their Connection to Heart and Circulation Health

The heart muscle continually expands and contracts, creating your heartbeat. The muscle fibers of your heart contain both calcium and magnesium: your heartbeat is produced with the help of calcium, and then relaxed by magnesium. Thus, calcium and magnesium help to produce and regulate your heartbeat.

Several researchers have shown a loss of magnesium seriously disrupts the energy potential of your heart muscle. This situation can be prevented by increasing your magnesium. In clinical practice, administration of magnesium salts has proven very useful, and is highly regarded to protect the heart during an attack. An interesting fact: Canadian surveys of post-mortem heart tissues show approximately 24% less magnesium damaged hearts, than in healthy ones.

Without adequate levels of magnesium, your heart will suffer. This mineral helps coordinate the activity of the heart muscle as well as the functioning of the nerves that initiate the heartbeat. It also helps keep coronary arteries from spasming, an action that can cause the intense chest pain known as angina. If you have a deficiency of magnesium often true of those with angina and abnormal heart rhythms supplementing with magnesium may help.

In a recent study of more than 230 people with frequent arrhythmia, the likelihood of these abnormal rhythms dropped significantly within three weeks after the participants increased the amount of magnesium and potassium in their diets. In addition, when given by injection in a hospital setting, magnesium has been found to aid recovery from a heart attack by stabilizing heart rhythm, inhibiting blood clots, and expanding coronary arteries. Some studies even indicate that drinking hard water, which is high in magnesium, lowers the risk of death from heart attack.

Drinking Water’s Contribution to Your Magnesium Levels

Drinking water can significantly contribute to your magnesium intake, with 9 to 29% of your daily intake coming from hard water. Because of the metabolic antagonism between magnesium and calcium, the ratio between these two minerals in the drinking water is of considerable significance. The ideal ratio for most people’s needs is an equal ratio of calcium and magnesium.

In a survey of 25 cities in the US, the lowest death rates from heart disease were found in areas where the drinking water supplied above average levels of magnesium. Part of Texas has the highest levels of magnesium in drinking water, and also the lowest cardiovascular mortality rates in the US Australia has some of the lowest drinking water magnesium levels, and also the highest cardiovascular death rate in the world.

Risk Factors That You Can Change

  • Cigarette Smoking: Increases your risk by 70 percent.
  • Blood Cholesterol levels: Major risk for poor cardiovascular health and heart disease.
  • High Blood Pressure: Major risk for poor cardiovascular health and heart disease and heart attack.
  • Diabetes: Increases your risk of heart attack.
  • Poor Diet, Excessive Alcohol Consumption, Overweight and Lack of Exercise: Contributes to high blood pressure & cholesterol.
  • Stress: Contributes to high blood pressure and almost any disease.

Risk Factors That Are Outside of Your Control

  • Heredity: The tendency to develop heart attack seems to run in families.
  • Gender: Men are at greater risk than women.
  • Race: Black Americans have a 45 percent greater chance of developing heart disease than whites. Another study found that people of Asian origin, who migrated to the USA have a higher incidence of heart disease than the general population.
  • Age: Risk increases with age.
Author: Life Enthusiast Staff