Heart Studies Formula is Circulation Nutrition

Help Your Body Tune-up the Heart and Clear Cholesterol Plaque Fast!

What Is Arterial Plaque?

Arterial plaque is a sticky solid fat combined with protein. These lipoproteins, as they are called, buildup on the inside walls of arterial vessels. This reduces the inner diameter of the vessels and dangerously reduces the flow of blood. Every cell of the body is impacted, but heart muscle and brain tissue suffer the most injury the soonest. The plaque is built up gradually over years of time by certain types of “sticky” fats in the foods we eat. Some sticky fat is also produced by the body regardless of the foods we eat – cholesterol for example. These sticky fats combine with certain proteins to produce these “sinister” renegade lipoproteins, while certain other essential fatty acids combine with certain other amino acids to form “friendly” lipoprotein forms, which actually dissolve the stagnated and toxic forms which are gumming up the works.

What Is Hardening Of The Arteries?

The natural, youthful state of the arterial wall Is sort of like the rubber of a new rubber band. It is smooth, pliable, firm and strong. Its flexibility acts as sort of a balloon or shock absorber to dampen the pressure spikes from the surges of blood of each heartbeat. As the decades pass, and the effects of chronic marginal nutrition and free-radical damage accumulates, pliable materials in the cells of the arterial walls are replaced with more brittle materials as the only available substitutes. For some worn out cells there is no replacement to be found.

A microscopic view shows that a rough porous texture has appeared which is more like that of an old dry sponge or the cracks of a brittle, old, sun-baked rubber band. These rough spots allow the arterial plaque to cling to the arterial wall and begin their build-up, and the weakened vessel wall becomes much more prone to failure. The answer to this problem is to feed the cells of the arterial walls an abundance of the nutrients they need to rebuild. Each cell contains your Creator’s entire original blueprint and construction standards, and is eager to go to work restoring your arterial structures to their youthful optimum.

Harvard University Medical School, Nurses Health Study – Folic Acid above 400mcg with vitamin B-6 above 2,000mcg per day achieved a 50% reduction in death due to homocysteine related cardiovascular disease. (As published In the Journal of the American Medical Association, February 4, 1998.) Dr. Linus Pauling & Dr. Matthias Rath, M.D., Linus Pauling Institute of Science and Medicine -Vitamin C at 3,000mg with L-Lysine at 3,000mg per day – “Entirely dissolves Lipoprotein (a) related 50% blockage of arterial plaques within one month.” Framingham Heart Study – Vitamin E and 70% Reduction and countless other studies…

The Concept: The Heart Studies Formula concept, developed by Jevari Oberon, is to look at the best-of-the-best of hundreds of heart studies and weave them together into one awesome and practical formula. The objective of this formula is to nutritionally support your body to quickly reestablish the near invincible state of cardiovascular health you enjoyed as a teenager. We refer to this as ‘resetting’ the system. Compare: To delaying action until one needs surgical alternatives costing $200,000 and up…

In a clinical or any other setting, the cost of this 34 nutrient, 2 month “nutritional technology option” program would be in excess of $500.00. Every component is chosen for highest quality, bioavailability, bioactivity and synergy – and especially for Its recommendation by the world’s top doctors and scientists in their own controlled and published studies. (Note: Best if taken as a full, 6 bottle, 2 month course with at least 2 bottles of Iridesca for foundational and accessory nutrient support.)

Golden Flax Seeds – Circulation & Immunity

“Cracked Organic Golden Linseed” – Highest omega 3 oil content (seeds) (Linum usitatissimum). An entirely unique feature of flax is its content of a prostaglandin-like substance. No other plant can match this property. Prostaglandins are produced in abundance in healthy young bodies. They decline as we age and prior to dysfunction of one’s circulatory and immune systems. In a healthy person, certain prostaglandins regulate blood pressure and are essential to arterial efficiency. Compare: The “golden” variety of flax seeds is more than twice as expensive as common flax seeds typically sold, but is superior in EFA content and results. Oxygen & moisture-free packaging environment extends freshness. (Note: Flax is not in Iridesca, but is part of the Heart Studies Formula.)

Sunflower Seeds – Circulation and Vitality

Organic, Plump & Sproutable – The highest food source of omega 6 essential oil in the full, natural, unrefined context that nature intended 99% of us desperately need more of this essential nutrient. Compare: Other sources of sunflower seeds are typically old, rancidifying, shriveled, dry and broken – and not organic – a very important consideration for long-term use. (Note: Sunflower (or optionally hemp) seeds are not in Iridesca or the Heart Studies Formula They should be incorporated separately as a foundational part of a healthy diet.)

Author: Jevari Oberon