Heart Studies Formula Directions for Use

When you are feeling great, your ambition goes right through the roof. It is very important to be aware of what is going on and not overdo anything just because you are feeling so good and having so much fun. Remember to increase physical activity gradually.

Important: Any Delay Of Common Sense Is The Worst Risk Of All!

If you suspect any difficulty with your heart or circulatory system, seek appropriate medical evaluation without delay. The sooner such things are identified, the more likely preventive measures are to succeed. Of course there may be other causes besides nutritional deficiencies, and professional medical attention should never be delayed.

And not always, where health has been eroded by a deficiency, will later supplementation support the body sufficiently to heal. With nutrition, the primary idea is to support the body abundantly to begin with so these situations don’t get concreted into place. Under-nutrition, smoking, lack of exercise, excessive dietary fat, meat, dairy products, sugar, salt, caffeine and alcohol – overeating, obesity, emotional stress, aging and exposure to cold temperatures – these are the primary causes of circulatory failure. When risk factors are combined, the dangers are not merely added, but greatly multiplied. Under-nutrition is probably the easiest risk factor to correct quickly and economically with a minimum of disruption to your daily routine. You can expect to see excellent results for your investment.

Dosage of Heart Formula

6 teaspoons per day is the equivalent of 60 capsules (of 500mg) per day! Yes, you read right! The full-program rate of 6 teaspoons per day provides 30 grams of pure nutrients. This formula contains zero fillers, colorings, sweeteners or flavorings. It is 100% serious nutrient power. A 30 gram (30,000mg) daily supply is like taking a bottle of pure, concentrated supplements in capsule form every day. It is easy to see what an incredible value this product represents. You get 7 full days of super-serious nutrients for about the same price of a bottle of many types of “ho-hum” ordinary single nutrient supplements – and they can’t begin to touch the performance of this formula.

Why Ramp Up?

In the average person, arterial plaque has been accumulating for many years – perhaps decades. This is a substantial amount of material. Kind of like rings of a tree, its layers record many years of stored toxins. In the average America adult it can be as much as 2 pounds of molecularly tangled fats, proteins and toxins. Think of this in terms of holding a two-pound can of Crisco. Probably you don’t want to put that much solidified fat straight into your blood “all the same day!”

Therefore, a “ramp up” period of two weeks is advisable. This allows your body some much needed room to work to begin reallocating the removed material for useful purposes elsewhere in the body – or to flush the fat and toxins it contains right out of your body. (This is one reason why distilled and structured water is so important to support this process. It is able to haul away much more than water that is already “mineral-loaded.”) Ramping-up gradually gives your body the opportunity to adjust gradually and to back off for a while if you want.

Why Might I Want To Back Off?

Pimples. Good ole adolescent-acne-looking “zits.” When you get more fat into circulation than the body can use, the skin can develop a super saturation of fats and oils trying to find their way out of the body. In this case, it is actually a good sign. It simply means these nutrients are giving your body what it needs to dissolve this “gunk” out of your precious cardiovascular system. It is merely an indicator that you are doing a little more, a little faster, than the rest of your system can utilize or eliminate. Try backing off to half as much for a few days, and then resume ramping up.

It also helps to reduce fat in your diet as much as possible during this time. You may very well discover that your appetite for fat is down somewhat anyway as your body is drawing from up to 2 pounds of fat that is being put back into an accessible form away from your arterial walls. At this same time approximately 10 pounds of old solidified fats will be getting dissolved out of the cells of your body in general – adding substantially to the fat-load trying to find its way out – or looking for something else to do.

Why Ramp-Down?

During the first 6 weeks of the program, your body has been feasting on a super-abundance of special nutrients. This is very important: When your body gets an abundance of vitamin C, every system that has been rationing vitamin C loosens up, readjusts and shifts from rationing into an optimum use mode. This is the mode that is necessary so that “excess” vitamin C is available for the crucial task of dissolving sticky fats of arterial plaque.

If nutrient delivery suddenly stops too abruptly, your body has insufficient opportunity to shift from the abundance-mode back down to the survival-rationing-level – and then several vitamin C dependent systems may falter temporarily. Though the effect isn’t life threatening, it is entirely avoidable. Just remember to never abruptly stop any supplement, most especially supplements with large amounts of certain nutrients. A two-week ramp-down accommodates a seamless transition back down to the “survival” level of the RDA.

Important: Adjust the following suggestions as comfortably as possible to accommodate your own existing schedule.

  • If you are taking the formula once per day, then it is ideal to aim for taking it first thing in the morning just ahead of breakfast.
  • If you are taking the formula twice per day, then aim for first thing before breakfast, and then again around 6:00PM.
  • If you are taking it three times per day, then aim for first thing before breakfast, again around noon, and again around 6:00PM or 9:00PM.
  • If you are taking 1 teaspoon, 6 times per day, then aim for 6:00AM, 9:00AM, 12:00Noon, 3:00PM, 6:00PM and 9:00PM. This is the ideal schedule for maintaining optimal steady blood levels of the key nutrients.

Middle ground: Try 2 teaspoons 3 times per day around 6:00AM, Noon and 6:00PM.

Answers to Questions

Q: What if I forget and skip a serving?

A: No problem.

Q: Can I make it up on the next serving?

A: Yes.

Q: Do I have to make it up?

A: No, but it is probably best that you do. If not, then “no worries”. Simply forget about it and pick up where you left off.

Q: What if I get up later and my schedule doesn’t accommodate a noon serving? Can I take double at 8:00AM and skip the Noon serving?

A: Yes. Please don’t become a slave to the schedule.

It is merely a suggested guideline. Adjust it freely to suit your needs. Just try to keep up with the total dose each day, and spread your servings out from the beginning to the end of the day.

Q:Which Juice To Use?

A:You may use any type of juice you like. There is a huge variety of different juices available. It is a good idea to try different juices and combinations to see which ones you like best. Some of the favorites are orange-pineapple, ruby red-tangerine, V8 splash, cran-strawberry and cran-currant – or be creative and make up your own blends. The abundance of calcium and magnesium in the formula tends to moderate the acid effect of citrus juices bringing them within reach of people who otherwise can’t tolerate the acidity.

Shaking The Formula Into A Bottle Of Juice

If you don’t have access to a blender, you may wish to purchase a bottle of juice from a vending machine or a convenience store. Just take a sip of juice off the top sufficient to allow room for addition of the powder and some air space so mixing can take place. Put the cap back on straight and tight – and then shake. That simple. Your drink is ready to go anytime and virtually any place.

Sediment In The Glass

The Heart Studies Formula contains the minerals calcium and magnesium in large quantities. It contains natural fibers from the acerola cherries, noni fruit and flax seeds. We have invested considerable effort into keeping every component of the formula in suspension in a variety of liquids. This is to help minimize “settling out” and assure that you get every nutrient in the potencies intended. Depending upon the juice you use for blending, and how long you let your juice sit before drinking, some of these particles inevitably try and settle to the bottom of your glass. It is important to keep stirring these back into the juice as you are sipping so you get all of these precious nutrients. We have found it easiest to use a drinking straw that can also be used as a stirrer. Those who have tried the straw method quickly come to prefer it over stirring with a spoon or swirling the bottom of the glass.


One of the reasons Americans are not getting as much folic acid as their circulatory system needs, is that folic acid looses potency rapidly at room temperature or above. By the time their vitamin supplement or fortified food is produced, trucked, warehoused and on display for weeks at a retail store – and then sits for weeks more in their kitchen cabinet – it may have lost much of its potency. The Heart Formula contains lecithin and flax. Oils in these Superfoods are necessary for a healthy circulatory system.

However, even in the super saturation of antioxidants in the Heart Studies Formula, these essential fatty acids will keep better longer if kept cool and in the dark. Coenzyme Q10 and brown rice membrane TFA are also light sensitive and should be kept cool and dark for best effectiveness. This being said, the Heart Studies Formula actually travels quite well, and even survives temporary exposure to high temperatures just fine. It is far more important that you take it with you to protect your heart than to leave it in the refrigerator at home to protect itself.

  • Best #1. Freezer

Interference & Interactions

Q: I am taking several other supplements and medications for different purposes. Is anything I’m taking, going to interfere with the Heart Studies Formula?

A: These may interfere with the effectiveness of Heart Studies only slightly, if at all. However, there is a possibility that certain nutrients disrupt the “velocity” of certain drugs – and if you are on medication, this is a matter that you should take up with your physician before beginning any supplement program.

Reality Check

Do you mean to say we have been struggling along here for decades, spending a fortune on surgeries, drugs, supplements and gym memberships – and making “painful” changes to our diets, only to have a “relatively minor” impact on heart and circulatory disease – and that for only a dollar a day, at the maintenance level, with this new program, we can gain several times the benefits? Yes. This is very good news. If you supplement with this program on top of good things you are already doing, it fills in the missing 80% or so, getting you all the way up to 90%-plus of full potential (probably 95% to 97% if you continue at the higher levels of intake).

This is the breakthrough. Any new supplement ingredient that comes along now can be of no more significance than icing on the cake. And if you look into the details of Iridesca and the Heart Studies Formula, you will see that our “cake” is already very nicely finished indeed. The significance of these breakthroughs means a 90%-plus elimination of half of the causes of all deaths. And at a reasonable price for all who choose to obtain it – and almost regardless of what level of health you are at when you begin!

Are All Of The ingredients In This Formula From Plant Sources As In Other Exsula Products?

Yes. These amino acids have been entirely isolated and purified to pharmaceutical-grade standards. They are basic chemical building blocks of life not distinguishable from isolated free-form amino acids from any source. A portion of the calcium and magnesium is from mined mineral sources (as are 99% of the mineral supplements on the market – including those added to enrich foods such as breakfast cereals).

Medical History

If you are taking any medication, or if you have any history of heart or circulatory problems, it is wise to consult your physician before embarking upon any supplement program.

A Word About Vitamin C and “Bowel Tolerance” or “Transit time”

The Heart Studies Formula delivers 3,000 mg of vitamin C per day. It is perfectly normal that some persons may utilize very large amounts of vitamin C to generate a “cleansing response” or a loosening and quickening in the intestines. Nutrition enthusiasts may welcome this as an opportunity for “cleaning house” without need for colonics. Others, however, may find it disturbing if it was not anticipated. In the event it occurs and you find it too uncomfortable or disruptive to your daily routines, simply take a little less vitamin-C containing product until routine is restored. Then gradually increase again at a pace that you find comfortable.

Who Should Not Take This Formula

This formula is not designed to be a balanced source of nutrition for growing children, pregnant women or nursing mothers. It is vital that a supplement program be specifically designed and balanced for people in these categories. Therefore a physician should be consulted before any person in these categories begins this or any other supplement program not expressly designed for their unique needs.

Anticipated Notables During The Course

1. Blood cholesterol may actually go up temporarily as up to 2 pounds of it is taken out of the arterial plaque and put into solution to be utilized or eliminated.

2. Blood levels of aluminum may go up temporarily as these are taken out of the plaque and out of the cells and put into solution to be eliminated from the body. Drink distilled water to help carry aluminum out of your body and prevent it being redeposited in other systems.

3. Digestive transit time may speed up – partially in response to the Increase in vitamin C and partially in response to the increase in cholesterol being eliminated through the intestines.

4. Pimples may manifest for a day or two as dissolved fats and cholesterol exceeds cellular capacity to utilize it or excrete it through the digestive system.

These signs are actually good news indicating that the nutrients in the formula have given your body what it needs to go to work.

If any of these signs of your body reactivating its circulatory-protecting mechanisms becomes uncomfortable, it is no problem to reduce intake, or to back-off almost entirely, for a day or two. Allow your cells some “breathing room” to catch-up in their processing of the recently dissolved fats and toxins.

A Word About Safety

Each of the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids in the Heart Studies Formula is found within the foods of your current diet, so your body has been getting them everyday already. They are also found at higher amounts within hundreds of different vitamin supplements taken in perfect safety by millions of Americans for decades. Each of these nutrients has been tested extensively for safety by numerous US and international authorities, and are regarded as very safe even in quantities far beyond what we are employing here. The Heart Studies Formula merely provides an abundance, and the specific profile of these nutrients your body requires for optimum performance by your heart and your circulatory system. If you have any history of heart or circulatory problems, or are taking medication for any reason, it is wise to consult your physician before embarking upon any supplement program.

Author: Jevari Oberon