Heart Studies Formula Ingredient Actions

Dissolve Homocysteine

Folic Acid, B.6, B-12 & Vitamin E

This is the nutrient team identified in the most recent Harvard University Medical School heart study – the 80,000 person “Nurses Health Study” – as published in the February 4, 1998 issue of The Journal Of The American Medical Association.

Homocysteine is a protein that binds-with and enables cholesterol to do its damage. Substantial potencies of these nutrients were shown to be valuable far beyond the RDA. RDA-level potencies of folic acid and B-6 were statistically demonstrated to be fatally low for approximately half of the population.

Displace Lipoprotein(a)

Vitamin C, L-Lysine & L-Proline

This is the nutrient team Identified in 1993 by 92 year old double Nobel Prize winning scientist, Dr. Linus Pauling and the scientists of the Pauling Institute. They demonstrated that this nutrient team becomes a solvent your body uses to prevent fatty plaque from attaching to arterial walls, and to quickly dissolve existing plaques.

Liquefy Cholesterol At Body Temperature

Lecithin, Folic Acid, Niacin, B-6 & B12

This is the nutrient team identified by Dutch chemist, Dr. Jacobus Rinse to liquefy cholesterol.

Cholesterol is a dangerous “crystalline” solid at body temperature. Your body uses this combination of nutrients to lower cholesterol’s melting point so that it becomes a useful fluid at body temperature.

Cholesterol is an essential intermediate component in the construction of hormones. It is therefore essential for your health. Your body can make more cholesterol from scratch than you can probably eliminate from your diet. Even if you could erase all cholesterol from forming, you wouldn’t want to. Your hormones require it.

In addition to a diet wisely low in cholesterol, supplementation of lecithin and these B-complex nutrients will allow your body to convert dangerous cholesterol into a useful form. When enough of the useful form of cholesterol is available, it is unlikely your body will be compelled to either consume or produce so much – and certainly the cholesterol you do have should be safely liquefied and mobilized rather than building up inside your arteries like water crystals on the inside of a freezing pipe.

Good Fats Displace Bad Fats

Flax & Lecithin

These two superfoods are rich sources of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. These are the only two fats your body actually requires. If given these two (along with other nutrients), it can make the more specific ones It desires, whenever it wants, and displace any of the others it doesn’t want. Your body needs these two in order to be able to convert other fats into heat or motion energy -and may also simply dump them directly out of the body through the digestive tract – or even as oil out through the skin.

Collagen Health = Heart Health

Silica, Vitamin C, Acerola, Calcium & Magnesium, Bilberry, Grape Seed Extract Pycnogenols, Sulfur, Vitamin C, Noni And L-Proline

Collagen is the framework throughout the body that holds all of the other nutrients and components in place. Silica and vitamin C are its alloys that give it presence. It is the “mortar” between the molecular “bricks” of calcium in your bones, without it calcium merely comes and goes. It is the structure that attaches muscles and holds organs in place. It is what gives shape and firmness to the skin and deeper flesh of your face. More of it is what your face had when you were a teenager.

Collagen is the source of youthful firmness and resilience everywhere in your body. Wrinkles and sagging are a record of its gradual migration out of your body. If you are past age 30, your aorta and your other arteries contain only a small fraction as much silica as they did when you were young. In its absence these vital structures are becoming porous and brittle.

The solution is simple and entirely within your control. Simply supply more of the raw materials your body needs to restore collagen’s production and protection to youthful levels. If pursued faithfully, the results will meet your expectations -short of actually traveling back in time.

The key: This isn’t an overnight miracle. This is a slow, ongoing process that must be met faithfully every day of your life. The Heart Studies Formula jump-starts the process by filling any huge deficits that may exist. After that, Iridesca is made to cover these needs over the long haul.

Heart Beat

Coenzyme Q10, Taurine, L-Carnitine, Magnesium, Chromium & TFA

Strength of the heart beat itself is a key indicator of circulatory health. A healthy heart will produce a strong, deep beat which fully pumps the blood into and out of the pumping chambers -and it will be able to keep up this pace tirelessly as required, and not quickly “run out of steam.”

Weak, shallow beats are inefficient and actually require the heart to work faster.

The amino acid taurine Is the most important and abundant amino acid in the heart, surpassing the quantity of all others combined.

It is essential for heart muscle contraction strength. In addition, taurine works with calcium and magnesium to generate the nerve signal, which triggers each heartbeat. Many people don’t get an abundance of taurine in their diets, nor sometimes, does their body make enough.

Coenzyme Q10 and the amino acid L-Carnitine are essential for the release of energy at the molecular level within each heart muscle cell. Numerous studies have shown these nutrients to be below average in heart patients, and that heart performance improves upon administering these supplements – even for athletes.

Transferulic acid (TFA) is a super antioxidant nutrient concentrated from rice. It supports generation of solid muscle tissue. TFA, Q10 and chromium help your heart and other muscles get maximum benefit from any exercise.

Antioxidant Body-Guards

Vitamins A, C & E, Algal Carotene, Grape Seed Extract, Pycnogenols, Red Beet Juice, Bilberry, Silica, Q10, Rice Polish And TFA

These help by protecting all of the structures of the blood vessels, the heart, and especially the heart muscle from free radical oxidation. This is a chemical process similar to rust, or a rubber band turning old and brittle.

Antioxidants sacrifice a portion of their own molecules to satisfy the free radical’s hunger that would normally be chewing away at your cells on a molecular level. These same antioxidants protect fats within the body from being degraded by the free radicals into dangerous toxins, which would otherwise target the cardiovascular system.

A Happy Heart Is A Healthy Heart

Tangerine Oil

This is therapeutic grade aromatherapy oil for happiness. It is soothing and cheering to broken hearts. It helps one realize it is possible to live through heartbreaks. In a world filled with stress, every drop of cheer is a welcome resource. Scientists studying the sense of smell regard it as the most powerful motivator in human behavior.

Remove Cholesterol Faster

Chromium, L-Arginine & Taurine

These nutrients have been shown to help increase your body’s ability to dispense with excess cholesterol. This in turn means the other nutrients have less of It to grapple with and can be more effective in removing it from the arteries.

Researchers at the Division of Cardiology at Bordeaux-Gradignan in France concluded that “An upper level for blood chromium apparently exists beyond which the likelihood of developing coronary artery disease or heart disease is improbable.” This is at a level of approximately 8 times that of the average American getting only 50 mcg to 200 mcg of chromium per day.

Regulate Cholesterol Synthesis


Little known trace mineral your body uses to regulate assembly of cholesterol from other molecules in your foods. The less cholesterol that is produced, the easier It is for your body to manipulate the cholesterol that remains into useful purposes for your body The level of vanadium in our diets has been steadily declining for decades and is exacerbated by soil erosion and food processing.

Build The Protein Right And Strong


Essential “catalyst” in the creation of nucleic acids and the assembly of proteins and enzymes essential for the entire cardiovascular system, zinc isn’t necessarily the main player in any one function, but it is essential at some level either directly or indirectly to nearly every function. Without it in the formula, the effectiveness could have been compromised for people who are marginally deficient.

Dozens Of Other Eager Helpers

Exsula Iridesca

This is our flagship full-spectrum optimization formula. All of the different aspects of your health are connected. It is a given that if every system in your body is healthy, that your cardiovascular system and all of the nutrients that support It will be less stressed.

Though it certainly will work smashingly well without Iridesca, the Heart Studies Formula was specifically designed to be added on top of Iridesca’s superfood foundation. Iridesca adds Ginkgo, Hawthorn, Spinach Octacosanol, Ginger and many other legendary cardiovascular-supporting phytonutrients.

Iridesca contains an incredible 173 superfoods in meaningful potencies. These in turn contain hundreds of phytonutrients that support every possible nutritional aspect simultaneously. Iridesca is the perfect foundational formula before, during and after your Heart Studies Formula program.

Author: Life Enthusiast Staff