Help for Iodine Deficiency

The two most deficient minerals in America affecting peoples health and wellness

  1. Iodine is not produced by your body, and the only organ that can store it is the thyroid.
  2. And Magnesium that I previously wrote about.

Iodine deficiency can reflect itself in hormonal swings that are especially hard on women, giving rise to all kinds of PMS symptoms

Many areas of the United States, including their mountain regions and many river valleys, have very low iodine content in their soil. Because of this, it is no wonder that there is a great iodine deficiency in the country. Even in areas where iodine content was once high, repeated farming over a century has depleted this soil of the iodine it once had. This means we no longer get the iodine our body needs from the plants we eat.

Iodine was added to table salt, bread and milk when nutritionists figured this out, yet today is no longer added to bread and very little (if any) to table salt. This means you need to find your own ways of getting iodine into your diet. Life Enthusiast recommends Iodine from Sea Plant Minerals whole food organic Iodine that feeds your thyroid gland to control metabolism, disinfect your blood, prevent cardiovascular disease and detoxify heavy metals.

  • Natural Support for Thyroid, Breast, Ovaries and Prostate
  • Helps Regulate Metabolism and Normalize Endocrine Functions
Author: Life Enthusiast